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Mabel Tainter Chautauqua Title: Mabel Tainter Chautauqua Records, 1978-1989
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Stout Mss 13
Abstract: Records of a Menomonie, Wisconsin community celebration and arts festival begun in 1979, including minutes of meetings, treasurer's reports and financial records, news releases and other publicity, and other files related to organizing the event. Correspondence with the Mabel Tainter Literary, Library and Educational Society documents transfer of festival responsibility from the volunteer Chautauqua committee to that body.
Mabel Tainter Literacy, Library and Educational Society (Menomonie, Wis.) Title: Mabel Tainter Literary, Library and Educational Society Records, 1890-1947 , 1965
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Stout Mss H
Abstract: Records of the Society, a corporation which owns the Mabel Tainter Memorial Building in Menomonie, Wisconsin, which includes a library, auditorium, and meeting rooms. Records consist of correspondence, clippings, and reports of the librarian and the building and finance committees.
MacArthur, Charles, 1895-1956 Title: Charles MacArthur Papers, circa 1920-1957
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (3 archive boxes) and 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 90AN; MICRO 585
Abstract: Papers of a noted playwright and screenwriter, consisting of scripts and related notes for motion pictures such as Gunga Din (RKO, 1939), Wuthering Heights (UA, 1939), and The Senator Was Indiscreet (Universal, 1947), and for plays such as Lulu Belle (1926). Several titles relate to MacArthur's successful collaboration with Ben Hecht in stage and screen writing.
MacArthur, Daniel S., 1859-1941 Title: Daniel S. MacArthur Papers, 1852-1940
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Wis Mss 8PB
Abstract: Papers of Daniel S. MacArthur, a La Crosse, Wisconsin, physician and surgeon and other members of his family. MacArthur's correspondence contains information on his work as an insurance company examiner, his service in the medical corps during World War I, and his membership in Masonic and medical organizations. The collection includes two account books kept during the years 1868-1889 by his father, Dr. P. S. MacArthur, who also practiced medicine in La Crosse. Several Civil War letters are present written by P. Fox Cook, Co. A, 31st Regiment Wisconsin Infantry.
MacDonald, J. Fred, collector Title: Comic Book Archive of the Popular Culture Resource Center, 1942-1982
Quantity: 22.2 cubic feet (22 records center cartons and 1 archives box)
Call Number: PH 3699
Abstract: Comic Book Archive of the Popular Culture Resource Center, 1942-1982, assembled by Professor J. Fred MacDonald of Northeastern Illinois University, for students enrolled in his course “The History of Popular Culture,” consisting of issues of comics books based on works of classic literature; crime and detective series; the wild west; cartoon characters, such as Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny; horror; romance; satire; superheroes; teen life; underground; war; and others.
MacDonald, Margaret Title: Margaret MacDonald Colletion on the Grand Army of the Republic Wilson Colwell Post Number 38 of La Crosse, Wisconsin
Physical Description: 1.8 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 033
Abstract: Information gathered by Margaret ("Peggy") MacDonald primarily about members of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Wilson Colwell Post No. 38, La Crosse, Wisconsin, and a few members belonging to the John Flynn Post No. 77 of the North Side of La Crosse. Also some history of Civil War regiments having connections to La Crosse veterans. The Colwell Post was formed in July 1882 and the last member died in Sept. 1939.
MacDonald, Philip A, 1889-1961 Title: Philip A. MacDonald Papers, 1912-1957
Quantity: 1.8 c.f. (3 archives boxes and 3 card boxes), 1 tape recording, and 26 photographs
Call Number: Stevens Point Mss AS; Tape 228A; PH 3740
Abstract: Papers of a pioneer forest ranger of the Wisconsin Conservation Department, primarily documenting his work for the state in establishing the Wisconsin fire protection program and in forest land acquisition and mapping and his private timberland activities. Included are detailed diaries, which cover the full period of his state employment; correspondence with C.L. Harrington and other departmental officials concerning the development of the fire protection program during the 1920's and land acquisition and mapping during the 1950's. Correspondence also of the 1950's with the Nekoosa-Edwards Paper Co. details his private ownership of timberland. The early days of the Wisconsin Forestry program are documented in an oral history interview and in a few photographs. Miscellaneous records include biographical clippings and personnel material; an article concerning the early Wisconsin Forestry program written by MacDonald; forest survey notes of Vilas and Douglas counties and other unidentified areas; and detailed reports from the 1920's concerning fire protection activities and expenses.
MacDowell Music Club (Green Bay, Wis.) Title: MacDowell Music Club, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Scrapbooks and Other Material, 1927-2012
Quantity: 4.2 c.f. (6 flat boxes and 3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 176
Abstract: Sixteen scrapbooks, 1927-2012, compiled by Green Bay members of a women's musical organization, named after Edward MacDowell, American composer and pianist, formed in 1934 by Cecelia Rosman. Contents consist of letters, brochures, photographs, news clippings, programs, member lists, awards, meeting minutes (1945-1995), and other miscellaneous material. The object of the MacDowell Club was to promote friendly association among musically interested persons, to encourage musical education, and to work for the advancement of music in America. The scrapbooks document the meetings and activities of the club which included annual sponsorship of National Music Week, an annual scholarship to the summer session of the music clinic at the University of Wisconsin, support for the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra, Christmas caroling at local hospitals, and hosting foreign exchange students. Also documented are individual members' lives, the club's connection to the MacDowell Colony and Marian MacDowell, and their annual picnic and mother-daughter meeting. The club disbanded in 2012.
MacMillan, Thomas, 1847-1920 Title: Thomas MacMillan Papers, 1848-1968
Quantity: 0.4 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 38
Abstract: Papers of Thomas MacMillan, a Scottish immigrant who worked as chief engineer of power plants for the City of Milwaukee for many years. Contains correspondence, clippings, and photographs.
MacMillin, Frederick N. (Frederick Nelson), 1899-1988 Title: Frederick N. MacMillin Papers, 1923-1988
Quantity: 2.9 cubic feet (7 archives boxes and 1 oversize folder) and 13 photographs (1 folder)
Call Number: Mss 1040; PH 6538
Abstract: Papers of Frederick N. MacMillin, the first executive secretary of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities (LWM), who lobbied and advocated for the rights of municipal governments. MacMillin administered the Wisconsin Retirement Fund, from 1943 to 1966, which provided retirement and insurance benefits for Wisconsin's public employees. MacMillin also served on the Wisconsin Investment Board, the Governor's Retirement Study Commission, and several professional organizations related to municipal government and retirement. In addition, MacMillin taught political science courses at the University of Wisconsin. The papers touch on most aspects of his career and include speeches, correspondence, articles, clippings, reports, lectures, and notes. The photographic portion of the collection includes images of Frederick MacMillin in various professional settings throughout his career.
MacNeil, Robert, 1931- Title: Robert MacNeil Papers, circa 1950-2007
Quantity: 8.6 cubic feet (20 archives boxes and 1 record center carton), 70 tape recordings, 4 compact discs, 5 films (16 mm), 103 photographs and 5 negatives; plus additions of 39.4 cubic feet, 13 photographs, 109 videorecordings, and 15 DVD recordings
Call Number: U.S. Mss 115AF; Audio 1182A; PH 3682; AC 274-AC 275; AE 354; CA 901; DD 401; M88-131; M89-124; M93-223; M94-304; M96-050; M2002-008; M2010-039
Abstract: Papers of Robert MacNeil, 1953-2007, broadcast journalist and author best known as co-anchor of public television's The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour. The papers contain mostly professional papers consisting of scripts of programs, manuscripts of books and other publications, correspondence including viewer mail and other papers relating to his programs and publications including photographs, videos and sound recordings. Subjects covered include President Kennedy's assassination, the Goldwater presidential campaign, the Watergate hearings, Cuba, Ronald Reagan, September 11, 2001, as well as other world events from the 1960s through the beginning of the 21st century. Other subjects include journalism, television and politics, the English language, and Canadians and Americans. Scripts of programs include: NewsHour, The Story of English, Do You Speak American? and America at a Crossroads. Manuscripts of his fiction and nonfiction works include: Breaking News, Burden of Desire, Looking for My Country, The People Machine, The Right Place at the Right Time, The Voyage, The Way We Were, and Wordstruck: A Memoir. Also includes a small amount of personal material.
MacVane, John Title: John MacVane Papers, 1935-1977
Quantity: 5.2 cubic feet (13 archives boxes), 15 reels of microfilm (35 mm), 45 tape recordings, 10 disc recordings, 0.1 cubic feet of photographs (1 folder), and 12 films
Call Number: U.S. Mss 125AF; Micro 626; Audio 612A; Audio 928A; Disc 145A; PH 3749; CA 524-CA 526; DC 776-DC 777; DC 952-DC 958
Abstract: Papers of John MacVane, a radio-television news broadcaster noted for his coverage of World War II and the United Nations. The bulk of the collection consists of scripts written for NBC, ABC, NET, CBC, and the Voice of America; speeches; and writings. The scripts chiefly concern the North African theater during World War II and the development of the United Nations, 1950-1977, and were written for such programs as ABC Evening News, Issues and Answers (ABC), News Around the World (ABC), United or Not? (ABC), and Army Hour (NBC). This work is supplemented by films and recordings. Among MacVane's most prominent correspondents are Dean G. Acheson, Warren P. Austin, Bernard Baruch, Omar N. Bradley, Madame Chiang Kai-shek, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Charles de Gaulle, Andrei Gromyko, James C. Hagerty, Louis Johnson, John L. Lewis, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., Elmer W. Lower, Georgi M. Malenkov, Merrill Mueller, Bernard Montgomery, Richard M. Nixon, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Eleanor Roosevelt, William Sheehan, and Niles Trammell.
Madden, Marilyn Title: Marilyn Madden Genealogical Information on Henry Green(e) and Thomas L. Vought Families
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 159
Abstract: Genealogical information on the Henry Green(e) and Thomas L. Vought families of La Crosse, Wisconsin, as compiled by Marilyn Madden.
Madison Altrusa Club (Wis.) Title: Madison Altrusa Club Records, 1923-2007
Quantity: 6.6 c.f., 161 photographs, and 13 negatives
Call Number: M97-076; M2007-074
Abstract: Records of the Madison Altrusa Club, a service organization of and for professional and business women founded in 1923 in Madison, Wisconsin. The records document club meetings, finances, membership, project and program materials, committee work, publicity, and social and professional activities.
Madison Anti-Apartheid Coalition (Wis.) Title: Madison Anti-Apartheid Coalition Records, 1968-1992
Quantity: 1.6 c.f. (3 archives boxes and 3 card boxes), 10 photographs, and 10 transparencies
Call Number: Mss 836; PH Mss 836
Abstract: Records, mainly 1970-1973 and 1987-1991, of a student organization at the University of Wisconsin originally formed in 1969 as the Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa (MACSA) to lobby, educate the community about events in South Africa, and provide assistance to liberation movements. In 1985 the committee reorganized as the Madison Anti-Apartheid Coalition. Included are minutes and background information, correspondence, financial records, promotional records, several research publications, photographic copies of posters, and miscellaneous files. There is also documentation on two other local organizations with related interests in South Africa: the Free Namibia Committee and the African Students Union. The records contain some information on the campaigns which resulted in the divestment of holdings in South African businesses by the University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Retirement Investment Trust. The correspondence includes contacts with churches, labor organizations, and national organizations such as the North American Anti-Imperialist Coalition. Promotional records include flyers and handbills, posters, position papers, and information on publication sales.
Madison Area Community of Churches Title: Madison Area Community of Churches Records, 1930-1976
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (10 archives boxes and 1 flat box) and 3 photographs
Call Number: Mss 468; PH Mss 468
Abstract: Records of a local ecumenical organization in Madison, Wisconsin, formed in 1931 and originally known as the Madison Council of Churches, then the Madison Area Council of Churches, and finally the Madison Area Community of Churches (MACC). MACC dissolved in 1976. Included are constitutions and background information, directories, minutes of meetings of assemblies and various administrative committees, and correspondence and papers of several officers including Robert Borgwardt, Michael B. Petrovich, and Paul Hoornstra. There are also financial reports; minutes and miscellaneous records of committees active during the late 1960's and early 1970's; files on projects sponsored by MACC such as the Ecumenical Information and Resource Center and special ministries to prisoners and to the elderly; and general information on topics of interest to the organization such as the use of audio-visual materials in religious education and religious retreat centers in Wisconsin or about organizations with which MACC was involved such as the Madison Area Lutheran Council and the Interfaith Dialogue.
Madison Area Council of Parent-Teacher Associations Title: Madison Area Council of Parent-Teacher Associations Records, 1938-1971
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 352
Abstract: Records of the Madison Area Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, an organization which acted as liaison between local units and national and state Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) and worked to promote the welfare of children and to encourage cooperation between educators, parents, and the general public. Composed of the principals of member schools, and the president and a delegate of each local parent-teacher association, the council functioned until June 1972, when it was superseded by a parents' advisory group established by the Madison, Wisconsin, superintendent of schools. The records are comprised of correspondence; administrative material, including annual reports, bylaws, directories, yearbooks, and minutes; an activities file; committee reports; publications; clippings; and miscellany.
Madison Area Library Council (Wis.) Title: Madison Area Library Council Records, 1970-1981
Quantity: 1.8 c.f. (1 record center carton and 2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 975
Abstract: Records of the Madison Area Library Council (MALC) formed in 1970 by Louis Kaplan, Bernard Schwab, and other Madison, Wisconsin librarians in response to a study of cooperation among libraries by Charles A. Bunge. Sauk and Green counties later joined the organization. In 1986 MALC merged with the South Central Library System (SCLS). The collection includes reports on user needs, minutes, and committee files reflecting activities such as continuing education, promotion of cable television, and development of interlibrary services. MALC newsletters, directories, and union lists provide detailed comparative information on library holdings. Also in the collection are a few papers about other regional library organizations in Wisconsin.
Madison Area Peace Action Council (Wis.) Title: Madison Area Peace Action Council Records, 1969-1973
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 195
Abstract: Records of the Madison Area Peace Action Council, a coalition of more than 50 Madison, Wis., anti-Vietnam War organizations. Present are organizational papers, fragmentary files of minutes and correspondence, committee reports, financial records, mailings, publicity material, and clippings relating to various local and national demonstrations, marches, and meetings. Many of the organization's records reflect the involvement of one of its founders, Patrick M. Quinn.
Madison Area Technical College (Wis.) Title: Madison Area Technical College Annual Reports, 1913-1974
Quantity: 27 reels of microfilm (16mm)
Call Number: Dane Series 80
Abstract: Annual reports of the Madison Area Technical College for the years 1913-1974.
Madison Area Technical College (Wis.). Department of Media Relations Title: Madison Area Technical College (Wis.). Department of Media Relations: Records, 1926-1991
Quantity: 25.0 c.f. (22 record center cartons, 2 flat boxes, and 1 volume)
Call Number: C2014/043
Abstract: Information disseminated to the public documenting all aspects of the Madison Area Technical College, including school activities (academic and social) and recruitment. Records consist of primarily of news articles and publicity arranged by department, circa 1940-1980; news clippings, 1940-1986; MATC and Central High School newspapers, 1930s-circa 1960s; course catalogs, 1926-1970s; annual reports, 1960s-1970s; photographs, 1960s-circa 1972-1974; photographs and slides, 1974-1991.
Madison Art Guild Title: Madison Art Guild Records, 1914-1994
Quantity: 4.0 cubic feet (3 archives boxes and 5 flat boxes), 16 photographs, and 10 transparencies
Call Number: Mss 597; PH Mss 597
Abstract: Records of the Madison Art Guild, an organization of amateur and professional women artists in Madison, Wisconsin, founded in 1914 to support and encourage art and artists. Prior to 1914 the organization was known as the Madison Studio Club. Included are constitutions and by-laws, minutes (1914-1968, 1986-1988), financial records, press materials, clippings, correspondence, volunteer information, catalogs for the annual juried salon exhibitions (1967-1994), scrapbooks (1945-1976), and photographs.
Madison Audubon Society (Wis.) Title: Madison Audubon Society Records, 1937-2014
Quantity: 4.2 cubic feet (9 archives boxes and 1 flat box) and 11 photographs; plus additions of 4.6 cubic feet (4 records center cartons and 2 archives boxes) and 0.2 cubic feet of photographs (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 1009; PH 6461; M2014-079; M2018-097
Abstract: Records, 1937-2014, of an organization founded in 1935 as the Madison Bird Club, which in 1949 changed its name to the Madison Audubon Society. Subjects documented include the formation and running of the Wisconsin Audubon Camp (now Hunt Hill Nature Center and Audubon Sanctuary); protests of the Echo Park damming project, Garrison Pass project in North Dakota, DDT usage to combat Dutch Elm disease, and Horicon Marsh; efforts in land conservation and scholarship; and complete documentation of the Film series the organization hosted for many years. Also included are records of the annual seed sale and financial and administrative records of the Goose Pond Sanctuary, a preserve operated by the Society. The Society's interaction with other conservation organizations such as the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Wisconsin Audubon Council, North Central Audubon Council, and the National Audubon Society is also documented.
Madison Bus Company Title: Madison Bus Company Records, 1884-1971
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (10 volumes); plus additions of 4.4 c.f. and 35 photographs
Call Number: Mss 200; M99-035; PH 3423
Abstract: Records of the Madison Bus Company, a private corporation which operated a street railway and, later, bus service in Madison until financial problems led to its purchase by the City of Madison in the 1960s. Includes minutes, reports, scattered correspondence, notices and applications, lists of stock and bond holders, lists of employees, and financial records. Also included is material for the historical novel, Keep 'em Rolling, and photographs of street cars and buses.
Madison Business College (Madison, Wis.) Title: Madison Business College Records, 1882-1999
Quantity: 2.6 c.f. (2 record center cartons and 1 flat box), 231 photographs (1 archives box and 1 oversize folder), and 1 drawing
Call Number: M2002-112
Abstract: Records, 1882-1999, of Madison Business College, a business college located in Madison, Wisconsin. The records document the operations of the college, including student recruitment and admissions, college governance, and alumni relations.
Madison Catholic Woman's Club (Wis.) Title: Madison Catholic Woman's Club Records, 1858-1988
Quantity: 2 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 1179
Abstract: Records of the Madison Catholic Woman's Club, a Madison, Wisconsin women's charitable organization formed in 1914. Included are minutes of the executive board and of general meetings, financial statements, rosters of members, and a brief history.
Madison Citizens for a Vote on Vietnam (Wis.) Title: Madison Citizens for a Vote on Vietnam Records, 1967-1968
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 296
Abstract: Records of an ad hoc Madison, Wis., organization that sponsored a 1968 referendum on U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam, mainly consisting of correspondence and publicity. In addition to letters, the correspondence includes internal memoranda, notes, instructions to ward chairmen, minutes, news releases, and exchanges with sponsors, citizens, and nationally-prominent political candidates. Also present are financial records, clippings, copies of petitions, and background information on an abortive referendum effort in January 1967 and the Dow demonstration of October 19, 1967. Especially useful are the analytical notes made by Paul Hass, a leader of the organization, commenting on the progress of the MCVV.
Madison Civics Club Title: Madison Civics Club Records, 1916-2011
Quantity: 2.0 cubic feet (5 archives boxes); plus additions of 4.6 cubic feet and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Mss 277; Audio 1819A; M2011-054; M2012-001
Abstract: Records of the Madison Civics Club, a women's organization founded in 1912 which holds lunch meetings to discuss state and local issues. The collection documents the club's structure and activities through its articles of incorporation and by-laws, correspondence, minutes, luncheon meeting records, reports by presidents and secretaries, financial records, membership records, activity records, records of the Public Affairs Committee, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings.
Madison Coalition Against Registration and the Draft (Wisconsin) Title: Madison Coalition Against Registration and the Draft Records, 1979-1980
Quantity: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: M81-425
Abstract: Records of the Madison Coalition Against Registration and the Draft (MCARD), a student run organization formed in 1980 (and dissolved early 1981) to protest President Carter’s call, and subsequent bill, for the reinstitution of draft registration. Along with other anti-draft groups throughout the nation, MCARD held rallies and organized canvassing to support their cause. The collection documents this effort on a local and broader level through pamphlets, informational bulletins, and flyers distributed by MCARD and other organizations. Other materials include background information on the draft legislation, speeches, statements, and press releases by members of MCARD, correspondence, news clippings related to the organization and the anti-draft movement, and a scrapbook put together by Curt Pawlisch, a MCARD organizer.
Madison Committee to End the War in Vietnam (Wis.) Title: Madison Committee to End the War in Vietnam Records, 1965-1971
Quantity: 1.6 c.f. (4 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 503
Abstract: Records of a Madison, Wisconsin, organization that promoted educational and political activities in opposition to U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam. Aligned with the National Student Mobilization Committee, MCEWVN formally changed its name to the University of Wisconsin Student Mobilization Committee in 1969. In the collection are administrative, activity, and subject files; publicity; and writings.
Madison Film Productions Title: Madison Film Productions: This Week's News in Review Films, 1956
Quantity: 10 film reels (16 mm)
Call Number: AE 355-AE 358; CC 648-CC 653
Abstract: Weekly news program for broadcast on television stations in Madison and the surrounding area. The program includes interviews with local figures and reporting on local interest events. Commercials for the sponsors are also included in the episode. Topics vary by episode, but include county fairs, high school football games, state and county government, local crime reports, and anniversaries of local groups and landmarks.
Madison General Hospital School of Nursing (Wis.) Title: Madison General Hospital School of Nursing Records, 1925-1982
Quantity: 14.8 c.f. (26 archives boxes and 5 record center cartons), 1 reel of microfilm (35mm), 1 tape recording, 10 photographs, and 85 transparencies
Call Number: Mss 742; Micro 1131; Tape 1198A; PH 3787; PH 3787 (3)
Abstract: Records, mainly 1966-1982, of the Madison General Hospital School of Nursing, a diploma school of nursing in Madison, Wisconsin, that operated from 1902 to 1982, and a few records of the hospital with which it was associated. Nursing school records include historical materials (some of which are available only on microfilm) and files on accreditation, administration, courses, faculty, organizations, the registrar, students and alumni. Administrative files include annual reports (1954-1982); minutes and related papers for committees on admissions, curriculum, planning, and other topics; correspondence, memoranda, and reports of the director and the assistant director; and budgets, monthly management reports (1964-1979), and files on grants especially grants concerning the school specialization on gerontology. Extensive course materials, 1976-1982, consist of course descriptions, handouts, and examinations. The faculty records include files on committees and minutes, contracts, and reference material concerning affiliation with the Wisconsin Nurses Association and the United Professionals for Quality Health Care. Files from the registrar's office include an index to the microfilmed student transcripts held by Meriter-Madison General Hospital. Other student records include information on alumni activities, questionnaires, and printed material.
Madison History Forum (1976 : Madison, Wis.) Title: Madison History Forum, Madison, Wisconsin, Session Recordings, 1976
Quantity: 54 tape recordings and 0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: Audio 650A; SC 1135
Abstract: Tape-recorded sessions and near-print material from the Madison History Forum, May 15-16, 1976, one of seven forums held internationally concerning "history by and for the people;" including discussions of history and professionalism, women workers, day care, Native Americans (in particular, the Menominee Indians), prisons, the anti-war movement, the working class, agriculture, and Puerto Rico. Also includes campaign speech by presidential candidate Fred R. Harris.
Madison Institute for Social Legislation (Wisconsin) Title: Madison Institute for Social Legislation Records, 1974, 1978-1987
Quantity: 2.9 c.f. (2 record center cartons, 2 archives boxes, and 1 oversize folder), 31 photographs, and 25 negatives
Call Number: M88-357
Abstract: Records of the Madison Institute for Social Legislation, an advocacy group concerned with equal treatment and opportunities for alternative families (unmarried family partners) particularly at the local level in Madison, Wisconsin, relating to insurance, housing, child care, health care, and employment. The collection includes correspondence, memoranda, research materials (pamphlets, brochures, reports), surveys, minutes of meetings, notes, summaries of court proceedings and other legal documents, proclamations, awards, and posters, one of which depicts a protest for equal rights.
Madison Institute (Madison, Wis.) Title: Madison Institute Records, 1984-2004
Extent: 1.4 cubic feet (1 records center carton and 1 archives box)
Call Number: M2006-114
Abstract: Records of the Madison Institute (TMI), a public policy research center in Madison, Wisconsin, which advocated for progressive change. The collection documents the center's programs and activities, including the publication of a book titled Wisconsin at the Crossroads (1989). There is also some material relating to the Progressive Round Table.
Madison Jewish Community Council (Wis.) Title: Madison Jewish Community Council Records, 1940-2009
Quantity: 10.8 c.f. (27 archives boxes), 2 reels of microfilm (35 mm), and 122 photographs; plus additions of 65.0 c.f., 2110 photographs, 603 negatives, and 316 transparencies
Call Number: Mss 795; Micro 643; Micro 668; PH 3976; M92-209; M95-202; M99-072; M2002-157; M2005-066; M2014-048
Abstract: Records of the Madison Jewish Community Council, an organization formed in 1940 as the Madison Jewish Welfare Fund to coordinate fundraising for the United Jewish Appeal, a national Zionist organization. After 1945, its role expanded to include funding, developing, and providing local social welfare services, education, and cultural activities within Madison's Jewish community. The records document the organization, administration, and activities of both the council and its affiliated programs. The programs include Camp Shalom, a day camp for Jewish children; Senior Adult Services; Jewish Social Services; Madison Midrasha, a high school program; Gan HaYeled, a Jewish nursery school; Women's Service Organization; and the Jewish Cultural Series Committee.
Madison Literary Club (Wis.) Title: Madison Literary Club Records, 1877-2009
Quantity: 5.8 c.f. (14 archives boxes and 2 card file boxes); plus additions of 2.2 c.f. and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Mss 879; M2000-004; M2000-141; M2006-129
Abstract: Records of the Madison Literary Club, a literature society in Madison, Wisconsin, documenting its history and activities. The records include minutes of meetings, news clippings describing club meetings and activities, membership records, and occasional correspondence; a few treasurer's reports; speeches by an unidentified president of the club [possibly Charles N. Brown]; yearbooks and programs for special events; research and publications concerning the history of the club; and copies of members' presentations at club meetings, including papers recognizing deceased members (filed by date of death).
Madison Maennerchor (Wis.) Title: Madison Maennerchor Records, 1865-2008
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (4 archives boxes); plus additions of 1.8 c.f., 3 photographs, 11 transparencies, 1 videorecording, and 1 compact disc
Call Number: Mss 496; Audio 1650A; M2003-037; M2008-042
Abstract: Records, 1865-2008, of Madison Maennerchor, the oldest male chorus in Wisconsin, founded by German immigrants in 1852, including correspondence, proceedings, financial and membership records, programs, clippings, and other information documenting local and regional choral activities.
Madison Measure for Measure Title: Madison Measure for Measure Records, 1965-1977
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (1 record center carton) and 2 tape recordings
Call Number: Mss 493; Tape 782A
Abstract: Records of Madison Measure for Measure, a Madison, Wisconsin organization (1965-1976) which provided economic assistance for Southern Blacks during the late 1960's and early 1970's. Included are correspondence, minutes, financial records, clippings, publicity, and sound recordings. The collection documents fundraising activities in Madison and contacts with civil rights leaders in Mississippi and Arkansas such as Fannie Lou Hamer, L.C. Smith, and Lee Bankhead. Particularly extensive is the correspondence with Lee Thornton of the North Bolivar County Farm Cooperative. The tape cassettes are of two speeches given in Madison in 1976 by Mrs. Hamer under the sponsorship of Measure for Measure.
Madison Optimist Club (Wisconsin) Title: Madison Optimist Club Records, 1924-1973
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (1 record center carton and 1 archives box)
Call Number: M75-430
Abstract: A complete run, 1924-1973, of the weekly bulletin of the Madison Optimist Club chartered in 1924, an affiliate of Optimist International whose mission states that by providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in kids. Local clubs address the needs of their community through service programs. The weekly bulletin letters, called the “Madison Optigram”, include information on club members, officers, and board members, on the program of the week with a review of past programs, and on current activities of the organization. The bulletins are contained in ten volumes chronologically.
Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association Title: Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association Records, 1893-1938
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 1011
Abstract: Records of the Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association, a Madison, Wisconsin organization formed by business and civic leaders to establish scenic drives and parks in and near the city. In 1931, the Madison Park Commission was created and the Association gradually transferred its property and resources to the Commission. Included are minutes, papers on a 1915 legislative lobbying campaign, lists of contributors, and miscellaneous other records.
Madison People's Bicentennial Commission (Wis.) Title: Madison People's Bicentennial Commission Records, 1974-1976
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 783
Abstract: Records of the Madison, Wisconsin affiliate (1974-1976) of the People's Bicentennial Commission, which was formed in 1971 to focus attention on the democratic and revolutionary aspect of the break from Great Britain in 1776 and the dominance of big business in contemporary American society. Present are correspondence; an office log; clippings; notes; and press releases, posters, leaflets, and handouts. The correspondence is quite fragmentary, but it includes a lengthy letter to the national staff concerning planning priorities and “Economic Democracy,” a manuscript by Jeremy Rifkin, head of PBC, sent to the Madison office for criticism. Also of interest are material on surveys of public attitudes toward the capitalist system and an attempt during the 1976 presidential campaign to focus attention on the issue of economic democracy.
Madison Policemen's Protective Association (Wis.) Title: Madison Policemen's Protective Association Records, 1927-1964
Quantity: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 258
Abstract: Records, mainly 1940-1964, of a labor organization (1927- ) of the policemen of Madison, Wisconsin that also provided insurance and legal support and social and fraternal activities. The collection consists primarily of minutes of the Board of Directors (1940-1964; published minutes 1927-1932 are available in the Historical Society Library), together with financial records and miscellany.
Madison Press Connection (Wis.) Title: Madison Press Connection Records, 1977-1980
Quantity: 3.4 cubic feet (8 archives boxes and 1 flat box) and 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm)
Call Number: Mss 777; Micro 1184
Abstract: Records of the Madison Press Connection, a Madison, Wisconsin, organization which produced a daily newspaper first published in 1977 as a strike paper during a labor dispute with Madison Newspapers Inc. The paper ceased publication in 1980. Included are minutes of administrative and departmental meetings concerning operations as a worker-managed cooperative; microfilmed clippings about the history of the paper and the strike; stock, circulation, and business records; and reporters' research files concerning sports and other topics.
Madison Teachers Incorporated Title: Madison Teachers Incorporated Records, 1960-1975
Quantity: 17.2 c.f. (43 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 421
Abstract: Records of Madison Teachers Incorporated (Madison, Wisconsin), an organization founded in the 1930s and affiliated with the Wisconsin Education Association Council and the National Education Association and composed of teachers in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Until the 1960s it included both administrators and teachers, but it became a labor organization in 1964, acting as the exclusive collective bargaining agent for Madison teachers. The collection includes minutes, 1964-1971, of the organization's highest governing body, the Representative Council; Board of Directors minutes, 1966-1971; correspondence of Executive Director John Matthews and subject files, 1960-1975; records of grievances and employment complaints filed by members, 1965-1974; and records, 1964-1969, of the Professional Negotiations Committee, the committee responsible for contract negotiation.
Madison Tenant Union Title: Madison Tenant Union Records, 1970-1976
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 526
Abstract: Records of a Madison, Wisconsin, organization representing renters in negotiations with landlords. Included are building inspection forms and some photographs from the downtown student neighborhood from the mid-1970's; research material on various landlords; printed matter relating to several rent strikes authorized by the union; and minutes, drafts, and notes pertaining to a fair housing ordinance proposed by the Madison Building and Housing Code Study Committee.
Madison Torske Klubben Title: Madison Torske Klubben Records, 1978-2008
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (1 record center carton), 110 tape recordings, and 4 videorecordings (in 1 archives box)
Call Number: M2008-050
Abstract: Records of the Madison Torske Klubben (Cod Club), a social club for those of Norwegian descent whose members meet once every month (September-April) for a lunch of cod and a visit by a special speaker. The records document the formation of the club as well as the various programs and speakers the club has organized. The bulk of the records consist of the 110 tape recordings documenting the club's meetings between 1978 and 2007. The videorecordings document the 10th, 20th, and 25th anniversary celebrations of the club.
Madison Turners (Wis.) Title: Madison Turners Records, 1855-1950
Quantity: 2.8 c.f. (10 archives boxes including 17 volumes)
Call Number: Wis Mss QQ
Abstract: Records of the Madison Turners or Turnverein, a society founded in 1855 to stress physical education and “rational ideas,” including minutes and correspondence, 1855-1952; financial and membership reports, 1889-1940; and miscellaneous committee records, clippings, and memorabilia. The majority of the records predating 1935 are in German.
Madison Urban League (Wis.) Title: Madison Urban League Records, 1962-1966, 1971
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 492
Abstract: Fragmentary records of the Madison, Wisconsin, chapter of the National Urban League. Included are correspondence and related material pertaining to the efforts of the Madison Friends of the Urban League to determine if a chapter was necessary in Madison and to the mechanics of establishing a chapter. Also present are minutes of meetings, 1962-1964, a copy of proposed by-laws, and flyers promoting branch activities.
Madison Veterans for Peace (Wis.) Title: Madison Veterans for Peace Records, 1967-1972
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box), 5 photographs, 4 negatives, 5 pieces of ephemera
Call Number: Mss 316; PH Mss 316
Abstract: Records of the Madison, Wis., chapter of a loosely-knit national organization of veterans from all wars who opposed U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam. Present are minutes, correspondence, membership materials, and other organizational records; drafts and printed copies of flyers and publications; and files on a 1970 convention that drafted a national constitution. Photographs show protests by veterans and a veteran at an airport. The ephemera includes holiday cards made by the group.
Madison (Wis.). Assessor Title: Madison (Wis.). Assessor: Property Appraisal Cards, 1934
Quantity: 23.6 c.f. (59 archives boxes)
Call Number: Dane Series 48
Abstract: Printed cards completed by Works Projects Administration (WPA) workers, c. 1934, as an aid to the city assessor in making more accurate appraisals of residential and merchantile properties. For each parcel of property the cards show the names and addresses of owners and tenants; the location of the property and its dimensions; the distance of the property from the center of the city, from car or bus lines, and from schools; the total assessed value of the property; and factors affecting building values including dimensions, age of the building, and type foundation, roof, flooring, plumbing, and utility connections. The card also includes a floor plan of the building.
Madison (Wis.). City Attorney Title: Madison (Wis). City Attorney: City Attorney's Files, 1932-2004
Quantity: 5.0 cubic feet (13 archives boxes); plus additions of 17.2 cubic feet and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Dane Series 6; C2013/001; C2013/035; C2013/064; C2014/019; C2018/021; Audio 1974A
Abstract: Correspondence, resolutions, reports, contracts, and leases; copies of court proceedings and hearings before the Public Service Commission regarding proposed changes in bus service and telephone and bus rates; and files on salary increases for city employees, airport and railway facilities, and other legal matters involving the City of Madison.
Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development Title: Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development: Preservation Planner’s Records, 1883-1999
Quantity: 7.4 c.f. (7 records center cartons and 1 archives box)
Call Number: C2009/043
Abstract: The records of Preservation Planners in the City of Madison Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development, documenting the process of designating various city neighborhoods and buildings as historic, providing guidelines for their preservation, and providing outreach to the community.
Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development. Office of Community Services Title: Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development. Office of Community Services: Child Care Program Accreditation Files, 1996-2004
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (1 record center carton)
Call Number: C2013/076
Abstract: Files documenting the review and evaluation of child care centers and preschools that voluntarily applied for City of Madison accreditation. Accreditation is based on direct observation of the program in action to assure that standards are being met.
Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Development. CitiARTS Commission Title: Madison (Wis.). Department of Planning and Development. CitiARTS Commission: CitiARTS Funded Grant Files, 1990-2001
Quantity: 10.4 cubic feet (10 records center cartons and 1 archives box)
Call Number: C2008/016; C2009/003
Abstract: Financial account status reports, press releases, administrative memoranda and agreements with grant recipients. Each grantee file typically contains the grant agreement stating the terms under which the project will be carried out, the grant application describing the project, supporting materials, programs, publicity, and a formal report assessing the project. Annually the Common Council authorizes its approval for CitiARTS Grant awards as recommended by the CitiARTS Commission. Grant support is awarded to independent artists, arts organizations and neighborhood groups for arts and cultural projects which will take place in Madison between June 1 and May 31 of the year. City funds are augmented by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board Re-Grant Program, with funds from the State of Wisconsin.
Madison (Wis.). Mayor Title: Madison (Wis.). Mayor: Correspondence and Subject Files, 1921-1969, 1997-2011
Quantity: 57.4 cubic feet (144 archives boxes); plus additions of 134.2 cubic feet
Call Number: Dane Series 5; C1981/169; C2008/010; C2009/002; C2010/006; C2011/002; C2015/065; C2017/053; C2018/022
Abstract: Correspondence and subject files of the mayor of Madison and files concerning a wide range of subjects including activities, budgets and reports of city departments, newsletters, pamphlets, legislation, labor disputes, relief, schools, the war effort, municipal ownership, and the city auditorium.
Madison (Wis.). Metro Transit System Title: Madison (Wis.). Metro Transit System: Director's Files, 1982-2006
Quantity: 15.0 c.f.
Call Number: C2007/008; C2014/023
Abstract: Files of director Paul Larrousse, documenting the delivery of transportation services to the Madison Metro Area. Most of the reports, correspondence, and meeting minutes document bus service, but also include information on plans for light rail, neighborhood planning, and regional transportation system planning. This series also contains some material of the American Public Transportation Association, in which Larrousse was active.
Madison (Wis.). Park Commission Title: Madison (Wis.). Park Commission: Minutes, 1932-1980
Quantity: 3 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Dane Series 118
Abstract: Microfilmed records of the Commission consisting of minutebooks, 1932-1980, and brief miscellaneous other records, 1932-1952.
Madison (Wis.). Parks Dept. Title: Madison (Wis.). Parks Dept.: Forest Hill Cemetery Deeds, 1850-1988
Quantity: 5.6 c.f. (20 volumes in 15 archives boxes)
Call Number: Dane Series 311
Abstract: Deeds of conveyance, quit claim deeds, and indentures which record the selling of burial lots in the city-owned and operated Forest Hill Cemetery to individuals. Records include individual's name, fees paid, and amounts contributed to the Care and Maintenance Fund, lot and section number of specific burial lot, and official and witness signatures. The Parks Department is responsible for the control and maintenance of the cemetery.
Madison (Wis.). Police Department Title: Madison, Wisconsin, Police Department Tavern Files, 1951-1972
Quantity: 7.0 cubic feet (14 card file boxes)
Call Number: Dane Series 332
Abstract: Primarily files for taverns with class "B" combination beer and liquor licenses. Files for each tavern consist of police department inspection reports giving the type of license, type of permit, and devices on the premises (juke boxes, games, pinball machines), list of owners and employees. Files also contain police incident reports giving date and type of incident, name of complainant, and details of incident.
Madison (Wis.). Redevelopment Authority Title: Madison Redevelopment Authority (Wis.): Urban Renewal Project Records, 1954-1975
Quantity: 11.8 cubic feet (29 archives boxes and 1 index card box), 2.2 cubic feet of photographs (6 archives boxes and 1 folder), and 2 negatives
Call Number: Dane Series 326
Abstract: Records of the Madison Redevelopment Authority Urban Renewal projects, 1954-1975. Most of the documentation is from the period when the projects were planned and property acquired by the Redevelopment Authority. Projects consist of the Triangle Project (Greenbush neighborhood) and the Brittingham Project.
Madison (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Madison (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1839-1967
Quantity: 238 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Dane Series 89
Abstract: Microfilmed tax and assessment rolls showing property owner's name, description of land, valuation of real and personal property, amount of tax levied, and total taxes paid. (The original volumes no longer exist.)
Madison (Wis.), Common Council Title: Madison, Wisconsin, Common Council: Correspondence, 1998-2013
Quantity: 30.0 cubic feet (30 records center cartons)
Call Number: Dane Series 341
Abstract: Correspondence from Common Council alderpersons primarily to and from other members of the Common Council, with some to and from constituents.
Maertz, John P. Title: John P. Maertz Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.8 linear ft. (2 archives boxes) of papers and 0.4 linear ft. (1 archives box) of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 901
Abstract: Letters, diaries, and photographs of John P. Maertz, a photo laboratory technician with the 9th Bombardment Division (Medium) during World War II. Collection contains large amount of correspondence between Maertz and girlfriend La Verne Tramitz, who he married in June 1943. The letters written by John describe his training in various stateside airfields from 1942 through 1943, including his duties developing photographs, his anticipation for their wedding, and his love for her. Letters written from Europe reflect his awareness of censorship and reveal few specific details about his service. He writes about seeing movies, the frequency with which he received letters and packages from home, his feelings for La Verne, and vague comments about his duties as a photographer. La Verne's letters to John describe happenings at home, including her work in a factory supporting the war effort. Two letters written to John from a pastor discuss Maertz's pending conversion from Catholicism to Lutheranism for his marriage to La Verne. Also included are two small diaries kept by Maertz during his service, the latter of which mentions his reaction to V-E Day. Photographs include numerous snapshots taken by Maertz during his stateside and European service. There are pictures of Maertz in uniform, including a wedding photograph showing La Verne with a wedding dress made partially of parachute material. More than a dozen photographs depict the German concentration camp Buchenwald after its liberation by Allied soldiers. Shots show torture victims, emaciated corpses, and some survivors. A booklet contains photographs showing the duties performed by Maertz's unit during the war in Europe. Other pictures show recreational activities in Europe, basic training, Maertz's first assignment at Pocatello, Idaho, and numerous fellow servicemen.
Maggiore, Anthony Title: Anthony Maggiore Papers, 1975-2004
Quantity: 2.2 cubic ft. (3 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 244
Abstract: Papers of a UWM faculty member in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare from 1990 to 2001. The collection documents Maggiore's involvement in local, regional, state, and national organizations dealing with energy use, particularly with the issue of energy assistance for low-income people. Upon becoming a faculty member at UWM in 1990, Maggiore served as the research director for the Milwaukee Homicide Project, an initiative undertaken by the UWM Department of Geography.
Maier, Henry W., 1918-1994 Title: Henry W. Maier Papers, [circa 1936]-1948, 1990
Quantity: 1 cubic ft. (2 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 71
Abstract: Contains miscellaneous papers of Henry Maier, mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1960-1988, including family photos; high school assignments; clippings (from disbound scrapbooks) of his unsuccessful 1948 mayoral campaign, the New Milwaukee Committee (1947-1948), a citizens' planning group that studied the future of the city; an unpublished autobiography (ca. 1990); and undated newspaper quotes about Maier.
Mailes, Eugene Title: Eugene Mailes Papers, 1934-1948, 1971
Quantity: 0.2 cubic feet (1 archives box) and 10 tape recordings
Call Number: U.S. Mss 195AN; Audio 1037A
Abstract: Records collected by Eugene Mailes pertaining to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) and to labor problems in the film industry. Many of the papers are photocopies created, with the tape recordings, by the American Film Institute for a proposed show.
Malopolan Club, Milwaukee Chapter (Wis.) Title: Malopolan Club, Milwaukee Chapter Records, 1954-1979
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder)
Call Number: Milwaukee SC 105
Abstract: Partial records of the chapter, including minutes, dues records, and a 10th anniversary program.
Maltz, Albert, 1908-1985 Title: Albert Maltz Papers, 1932-1985
Quantity: 7.2 c.f. (18 archives boxes and 1 flat box), 3 reels of microfilm (35mm), 3 tape recordings, and photographs, posters, and sketches
Call Number: U.S. Mss 17AN; Micro 279; Micro 2009; Tape 1239A
Abstract: Papers of a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and blacklisted member of the Hollywood Ten. The collection emphasizes his screenwriting and consists of variant drafts for early successes (Destination Tokyo, Pride of the Marines, and This Gun for Hire); later works for which he received no credit (Broken Arrow and The Robe) or from which he was fired (Exodus and The Execution of Private Slovik) because of the Blacklist; and numerous unproduced titles. Work for the Theatre Union during the Depression is documented by script drafts (primarily of unproduced plays) and microfilmed clippings. General writings include microfilmed clippings about his short stories and novels, and speeches and statements, many of which concern the Hollywood Ten and related political issues. Also about the Hollywood Ten are minutes and information pertaining to meetings, legal and public relations materials, and recordings of memorial services for Herbert Biberman and Adrian Scott. Correspondence covers the period 1936 to 1985 and provides information on development of some films and writings, Maltz's imprisonment for contempt of HUAC and response to the Blacklist, and his continued relations with other members of the Ten such as Alvah Bessie, Lester Cole, Ring Lardner, Jr., and Dalton Trumbo. Other prominent correspondents include Michael Blankfort, Frank Capra, Raymond Clapper, Howard Fast, Albert Kahn, Robert Kenney, Emmett Lavery, Carey McWilliams, Alexander Meiklejohn, Frank Ross, Frank Sinatra, George Sklar, Philip Van Doren Stern, Shepard Traube, Robert Penn Warren, and Glenway Westcott. Papers of Maltz's first wife, Margaret Larkin Maltz, consist of files collected as executive secretary of the Theatre Union, letters of Maltz while he was in prison, and speeches she made in his defense. Her theatrical files include many press releases about various theatre Union productions (including many Maltz plays and Berthold Brecht's Mother), a financial statement, and other writings about the theater.
Mandel, David, 1947 March 19- ;
Dahl, Andreas Larsen, 1844-1923
Title: Settlers of Dane County Photographs, 1985
Quantity: 0.2 cubic feet of photographs (1 archives box) and 20 negatives (1 folder)
Call Number: PH 6933
Abstract: Original photographs (prints and negatives) made by David Mandel and corresponding prints from negatives from the Andreas Larsen Dahl collection produced for the book Settlers of Dane County: the photographs of Andreas Larsen Dahl, 1985. All images are of sites in Dane County, Wisconsin, primarily residences. Each Mandel photograph identifies contemporary residents and is matched with a Dahl image taken in the same location, circa 1870s. The 1985 photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Kelly was not published in the book.
Mandel, Loring, 1928-2020 Title: Loring Mandel Papers, 1942-2006
Quantity: 21.3 cubic feet (51 archives boxes and 3 flat boxes); plus additions of 39.8 cubic feet (31 record center cartons, 20 archives boxes, 1 card box, and 1 flat box), 170 photographs (1 archives box), 46 video recordings, 31 audio recordings, 2 compact discs (data), and 1 diskette (3.5 inch)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 164AN; M87-112; Audio 1578A; M2000-030; M2002-154; M2006-124; video call numbers
Abstract: Papers of Loring Mandel, writer for television, theater, and motion pictures. Most of the collection focuses on his professional career and consists of script materials such as outlines, treatments, and variant scripts; correspondence; research materials; notes; production materials; and clippings. Miscellaneous writings, musical composition, and some personal correspondence with family and friends complete the collection. Among television programs represented are anthologies such as Armstrong Circle Theater (“Kidnap Story: Hold for Ransom”), CBS Playhouse (“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”), Kaiser Aluminum Hour (“Arm Game”), Lux Video Theatre (“A House of His Own”), Playhouse 90 (“Project Immortality”), and Studio One (“Shakedown Cruise”); made for TV movies The Coming Asunder of Jimmy Bright and The Trial of Chaplain Jensen, Breaking Up and Conspiracy; mini-series Sandburg's Lincoln and The Lives of Benjamin Franklin; and the soap opera series Love of Life. Materials are also contained on the plays Advise and Consent and Project Immortality and the motion pictures The Children's Hour and Countdown. Notable correspondents include Ralph Bellamy, Burton Benjamin, Gilbert Cates, Hume Cronyn, Melvyn Douglas, Allen Drury, Hugh Hefner, John Houseman, Bob Newhart, John Scali, Jack Warner, and Morris L. West. Also includes research material for the film The Lemon Eaters which contains Mandel's notes and impressions of group encounter sessions which he attended.
Mandel, William M. Title: William M. Mandel Papers, 1942-1995
Quantity: 6.4 c.f., 12 tape recordings, and 1 videorecording
Call Number: M92-076; M96-225; Audio 1466A
Abstract: Papers of William M. Mandel, a self-educated expert on the Soviet Union best known for his many books and articles about Soviet life and culture, and also for his weekly radio broadcasts reviewing the current Soviet press on various Pacifica stations. His membership in the Communist Party and anti-establishment portrayal of the Soviet Union earned him the enmity of anti-communists such as Joe McCarthy in addition to characterization by many conservative thinkers as an apologist for the Soviet Union, although his intention was the promotion of peace through education of the American public. The collection documents his many activities, his point of view, and the controversy that surrounded him particularly in the 1950s and 1960s. There is also material concerning his activism in civil rights issues, anti-Semitism, the free speech movement, and the anti-Vietnam War movement.
Maniaci, Bridget Title: Bridget Maniaci Papers Relating to Edgewater Hotel Redevelopment, 2009-2014
Quantity: 1.2 cubic feet (2 archives boxes and 1 flat box)
Call Number: M2015-075
Abstract: Papers of Bridget Maniaci, an alderperson serving District 2 on the City of Madison Common Council, documenting the dispute over the Edgewater hotel redevelopment project. The dispute centered around the historic neighborhood (Mansion Hill Historic District) and views of Lake Mendota versus the potential boost to tourism and easier lakefront access. In 2012 the redevelopment plans were approved and the project was completed with the opening of the hotel in 2014. The papers consist of Maniaci's copies of project correspondence, meeting minutes, legal actions, hotel redevelopment plans, and architectural drawings.
Manitowoc Company, Inc. Title: Manitowoc Company Inc. Records, 1867-1978
Quantity: 39.0 cubic feet (40 archives boxes, 2 records center cartons, and 61 flat boxes), 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm), and 67 reels of microfilm (16 mm)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 152; Green Bay Micro 4; Green Bay Micro 59; Micro 4
Abstract: Records of the Manitowoc Company Inc., a Wisconsin manufacturer of ships, submarines, cranes, freezers, and ice cube making machines, dry cleaning machinery, and pulp paper machinery. The collection documents primarily the financial aspects of the company and of several subsidiaries and acquired companies. Record types include administrative, production, physical plant, patent, and financial records. Although the records span a substantial period of the company's history, the collection is very fragmentary and the 16 mm microfilm is of poor quality.
Manitowoc Coordinating Committee (Wis.) Title: Manitowoc Coordinating Committee Records, 1938-1941
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box) and 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 32; Green Bay Micro 9; Micro 546
Abstract: Records of the Committee, an organization founded in Manitowoc, Wis., to aid Jewish refugees emigrating from Nazi Germany to the United States. Records include correspondence, affidavits, financial materials, and minutes of the Manitowoc committee, plus fragmentary minutes of the Wisconsin and the National Coordinating Committees.
Manitowoc County Insane Asylum (Wis.) Title: Manitowoc County Insane Asylum (Wis.): Manitowoc County Board Committee on the Insane and Insane Asylum Board of Trustee Records, 1859-1913
Quantity: 1.2 cubic feet (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 86
Abstract: Court orders and Board of Supervisors' orders regarding alleged insane persons, 1859-1871; Committee on the Insane records, 1877-1913; and Asylum Board of Trustees records, 1883-1913. In the absence of admission logs, the bills of costs and other records in this series serve as a record of Asylum residents until circa 1887 when annual reports and the County Board Proceedings list patient names. The Board of Supervisors, the Committee on the Insane, and the Board of Trustees, cooperated to govern and manage the institution.
Manitowoc County (Wis.). Clerk Title: Manitowoc County (Wis.). Clerk: Agricultural and Dairy Statistics, 1877-1965
Quantity: 1.0 cubic foot (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 85
Abstract: Statistical summaries and statements from town assessors as required by state law. Gives the amount of principal crops grown during the preceding year, acreages growing during the reporting year, the number and value of dairy products and livestock (1877-1904, 1911-1917, 1940-1965); and lists of creameries, cheese factories, and milk condenseries (1903-1916).
Manitowoc County (Wis.). Clerk Title: Manitowoc County (Wis.). Clerk: Registers of Health Services Professionals, 1897-1976
Quantity: 1.0 cubic foot (7 volumes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 80
Abstract: Record of the registration of physicians, nurses, chiropractors and optometrists authorized to practice in Manitowoc County per Wisconsin state laws. The name, place of residence, date of licensing or certification, filing date, and often the school and graduation date are given for the persons listed. Each volume contains a name index.
Manitowoc County (Wis.). Clerk Title: Clerk, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, Maps, Plans, and Building Specifications, 1930-1980
Quantity: 26 maps and building plans on 200
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 74
Abstract: Maps of the City and Town of Manitowoc, as well as a collection of plans for County Buildings within Manitowoc County.
Manitowoc County (Wis.). Soldiers Relief Commission Title: Manitowoc County (Wis.). Soldiers Relief Commission: Records, 1861-1987
Quantity: 0.8 cubic feet (1 archives box and 3 volumes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 75
Abstract: Records including reports, minutes, financial statements, claims for aid, names of aid recipients (primarily Civil War veterans and their dependents), and lists of veterans buried in county cemeteries including name of cemetery, rank and command, and conflict. Includes a few records from its predecessor office, the Volunteer Relief Fund, 1861.
Manitowoc County (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Treasurer, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, Tax Rolls
Quantity: 226.0 cubic feet (56 archives boxes, 1147 volumes, and 1 flat box)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 89
Abstract: Tax rolls for Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, showing date, town, owner, land description, acreage, valuation of real and personal property, amounts of taxes, total tax, and payment.
Manitowoc Education Association (Manitowoc, Wis.) Title: Manitowoc Education Association Records, 1974
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (1 archives box and 1 flat box)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 159
Abstract: Records of the Manitowoc Education Association, the union for teachers in the Manitowoc, Wis. public schools, primarily concerning their January 1974 strike. Included are reports, meeting minutes, strike instruction sheets, notes from telephone surveys, newspaper clippings, and a scrapbook containing additional clippings, correspondence (mostly telegrams), and flyers. This collection documents the strike methods and procedures and local newspaper coverage of the strike. Also documented are public attitudes towards the union, the teachers, the school board, and the strike itself. Most of the materials date from January 1974. However, there are a number of newspaper clippings dating from the following months, documenting opinions following the strike as well as the election of the Manitowoc Board of Education.
Manitowoc Memorial Hospital Auxiliary (Manitowoc, Wis.) Title: Manitowoc Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Records, 1948-1991
Quantity: 2.8 c.f. (6 archives boxes and 1 card box), 2 reels of microfilm (35mm), and 58 photographs
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 132; Green Bay Micro 54; PH Green Bay Mss 132; Micro 2046
Abstract: Records of a non-profit women's volunteer organization in Manitowoc, Wis., formed in 1953 to support the Manitowoc Memorial Hospital. Included are by-laws, minutes of the board of trustees, audits and financial reports, membership records, newsletters, microfilmed clipping scrapbooks, photographs, records of fundraising activities, and information on Candy Stripers and other volunteer programs. About Manitowoc Memorial Hospital there are incomplete files of correspondence, audits, board minutes, administrator's reports, brochures, and additional microfilmed clippings. Several manuals issued by the Wisconsin Hospital Association Auxiliaries are also included. The photographs mainly concern fundraising activities, the Candy Stripers program, and staff at work. The organization dissolved in 1991 when the hospital merged with Holy Family Hospital to become Holy Family Memorial Medical Center.
Manitowoc School District (Wis.) Title: Manitowoc School District (Wis.): Predecessor School Records, 1859-1910
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (2 archives boxes and 6 separate volumes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 62
Abstract: Records of the clerks and treasurers of Joint School Districts 1, 2, 4, and 7, City and Town of Manitowoc. The districts were consolidated into Manitowoc School District in 1910. The series consists of Clerk’s and Treasurer's books from each district. Clerk's books contain primarily meeting minutes (annual, board, regular, and special), resolutions, and some financial information. Treasurer's records typically contain receipts and expenditures, including lists of teachers and other employees. The series does not contain student records.
Manitowoc (Wis.). Clerk Manitowoc (Wis.). City Council Title: Manitowoc City Council Proceedings, 1912-2020
Quantity: 3.2 cubic feet (8 archives boxes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 53
Abstract: Printed proceedings of the Manitowoc City Council. Included are minutes of meetings, resolutions, and petitions submitted to the Council. The file is incomplete.
Manitowoc (Wis.). Relief Dept. Title: Manitowoc (Wis.). Relief Dept.: Relief Case Files, circa 1936-circa 1943
Quantity: 33.0 c.f. (19 record center cartons and 35 archives boxes)
Call Number: Manitowoc Series 51
Abstract: Individual case files documenting the monetary assistance given to persons in need through the use of city funds. Files include applications for relief, field worker's report sheets which contain narrative accounts of case background, face sheets containing factual information about the applicant, financial disbursement sheets, correspondence, and related documents.
Manke, John Title: John Manke Financial Records, 1901-1949
Quantity: 1.6 cubic feet (4 archives boxes)
Call Number: La Crosse Mss BN
Abstract: Daybooks, cashbooks, ledgers, and one miscellaneous financial volume of John Manke, a blacksmith and iron-worker in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Mann Valley Lutheran Church (Wis.) Title: Mann Valley Lutheran Church (Wis.) Records, 1881-1949
Quantity: 0.6 cubic feet (1 flat box including 2 volumes)
Call Number: River Falls Mss AG
Abstract: Partial records of Mann Valley Lutheran Church, a Pierce County Lutheran church founded about 1881. The records include a photocopied minute book, with minutes of church meetings, 1886-1931, and a short history of fundraising and building plans for the first church, 1881-1885 (both in Swedish); a membership roll listing members born as early as 1848; Ladies' Aid Society minutes (mainly listing newly-elected officers) and an expense book; and miscellaneous papers.
Mansfield Family Title: Mansfield Family Papers, 1777-1908
Quantity: 0.4 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 39
Abstract: Papers of the Mansfield family, primarily Jared and his son Edward. Collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, legal documents, and publications.
Manz, Thomas R.R. Title: Thomas Manz Slide Collection, 1925-1972
Quantity: 0.3 cubic ft. (2 boxes)
Call Number: Milwaukee Historic Photo Collection 45
Abstract: The collection contains 459 black and white and color slides, mainly depicting streetcars and trains, primarily from the Chicago & North Western Railway (C&NW) and The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company (TMER&L). Also included in the collection are a small number of slides of the Milwaukee Harbor, the General Mitchell International Airport, and images of the Milwaukee lakefront.
Maple, Mary Title: Mary Maple Genealogies of Balzer and Bishop Families
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 199
Abstract: Genealogical histories of the Balzer and Bishop families of La Crosse, Wisconsin, as compiled by Mary Maple. Collection also includes over 100 images of family members; most available in electronic format only.
Marathon County (Wis.). Board of Supervisors Title: Marathon County (Wis.). Board of Supervisors: Proceedings, 1850-1902
Quantity: 2 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Marathon Micro Series 1
Abstract: Microfilmed minutes of the meetings of the Board.
Marathon County (Wis.). Clerk Title: Marathon County (Wis.). Clerk: Nonresident Poor Relief Record, 1936-1959
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (9 volumes)
Call Number: Marathon Series 12
Abstract: Record of notices received by the county clerk regarding aid given by other local units to non-residents of that locality who claimed legal settlement in Marathon County or listed Marathon County as a previous residence. Entries show the name of the clerk, the notice of relief granted to the recipient, type of relief, date of entry, legal statement by the recipient, including his or her age, residence, names of spouse and children, when moved, what aid received, previous residences, and legal settlement, and official certifications of the information. Wisconsin Laws 1929, Chapter 140, required persons obtaining relief to make a sworn statement concerning his place of settlement. Wisconsin Laws 1903, Chapter 319, required the clerk of the county providing aid to notify the clerk of the recipient's county that aid was provided.
Marathon County (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Marathon County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1859-1995
Quantity: 102.2 c.f. (652 volumes), 51 reels of microfilm (35 mm), and 147 sheets of microfiche
Call Number: Marathon Series 7
Abstract: Record of the assessed value and the amount of taxes levied and collected on each parcel of real estate in Marathon County. Tax rolls typically include a description of the property, name of the owner, assessed valuation, tax levied, and a record of payments. For the period 1965 to 1995 only every fifth year has been preserved. The records present are of widely scattered date and include some for 1859, 1936, and various years between 1940 and 1980.
Marble, Delia West Title: Delia West Marble Scrapbooks, 1874-1890
Quantity: .4 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: AGSL Manuscript Collection 9
Abstract: This collection consists of two scrapbooks, compiled by Delia West Marble. One scrapbook relates to Arctic exploration from 1874 to 1884; the other to exploration in Africa from 1889 to 1890.
Marceau, Marcel, contributor Title: The Art of Silence Films, 1975
Quantity: 13 film reels (16 mm)
Call Number: AD 528-AD 532; AD 551-AD 556; CB 926-CB 927
Abstract: Thirteen shorts in the series The Art of Silence, featuring mime Marcel Marceau.
March on Milwaukee Oral History Project
[Digitized content]
Title: Oral History Interviews of the March on Milwaukee Oral History Project, 2007-2008
Quantity: 1.4 cubic ft. (3 boxes including 28 audio cassettes) 108 digital files (33.3 GB)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 281
Abstract: Collection consists of abstracts and audio recordings of interviews conducted as a class oral history project at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The interviews concern the open housing marches that took place in Milwaukee in 1967 and 1968, and general civil rights issues in Milwaukee.
March, Fredric, 1897-1975 Title: Fredric March Papers, 1899-1970
Quantity: 2.8 c.f. (7 archives boxes), 4 reels of microfilm (35mm), 7 disc recordings, 3 tape recordings, 1692 photographs, 1 negative, 3 pieces of ephemera, and 1 drawing
Call Number: U.S. Mss 123AN; Disc 39A; Disc 191A; Tape 189A; Tape 199A; Micro 1183; PH see contents list
Abstract: Papers of the award-winning stage, screen, and television actor, including correspondence, scripts, and microfilmed clippings and scrapbooks. Coverage is best for the later years of March's career, with some papers also concerning the career of his actress-wife Florence Eldridge. Scripts, some bearing annotations bearing on character development, comprise the most important section of the collection. There are also numerous photographs and some miscellaneous production materials in the collection. Among the best represented productions are The Desperate Hours (1955), Hombre (1967), The Iceman Cometh (1973), and Gideon (1961). Similar files exist for radio and television performances. Several dramatic readings and speeches are available in recorded form. The correspondence is fragmentary and chiefly comprised of fan mail concerning One Foot in Heaven, Long Day's Journey into Night, and other productions.
Marcou, David J.;
Western Wisconsin Technical College. Writing for Publication Class.
Title: Western Wisconsin Technical College, Writing for Publication Class Papers Relating to Celebrate! and Celebrate II: A Collection of Stories, Reminiscence, Poetry and Photography
Physical Description: 0.6 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 113
Abstract: David J. Marcou, a native of La Crosse, Wisconsin, has worked as a writer, journalist, editor and photographer. He was the Western Wisconsin Technical College teacher and class advisor on the projects. This collection consists of drafts and proofs of the books Celebrate! A Collection of Stories, Reminiscence and Poetry (1997) and Celebrate II: A Collection of Stories, Reminiscence, Poetry and Photography (1999) both published by the Harry J. Olson Senior Center of La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Marcou, David J.;
Pauls, Barbara A.
Title: David J. Marcou and Barbara A. Pauls Papers Relating to America's Heartland Remembers: Words and Pictures Before, During and After Septemeber 11, 2001
Physical Description: 0.6 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 112
Abstract: David J. Marcou, a native of La Crosse, Wisconsin, has worked as a writer, journalist, editor and photographer. Barbara A. Pauls, now living in the Coulee region, was a student in Marcou’s Writing for Publication class at Western Wisconsin Technical College. This collection consists of drafts and proofs (2002) of the book America’s Heartland Remembers: Words and Pictures Before, During and After September 11, 2001, published by Writer’s Collective, 2002, co-edited by David J. Marcou and Barbara A. Pauls. Many authors contributed to the work, including students of the Writing for Publication class. Papers include a copy of the copyright registration form.
Marcou, David J. Title: David J. Marcou Papers Relating to Spirit of La Crosse: A Grassroots History
Physical Description: 0.8 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 110
Abstract: David J. Marcou, a native of La Crosse, Wisconsin, has worked as a writer, journalist, editor and photographer. This collection consists of drafts and proofs (1999-2000) of the book Spirit of La Crosse: A Grassroots History published by Western Wisconsin Technical College, 2000, and edited by Marcou. Many authors contributed to the work.
Marcou, David J. Title: David J. Marcou Photographs of La Crosse, Wisconsin
Physical Description: 0.8 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 075
Abstract: David J. Marcou, a native of La Crosse, Wisconsin, has worked as a writer, journalist, editor and photographer. This collection of photographs taken by Marcou includes over 650 images of La Crosse, Wis., people, places, and events, roughly covering 1988-2005. Marcou has identified most of the photographs in the collection and his notes are included with the photographs. The photographs have been grouped by subject and include art, bridges and the Mississippi River, buildings, celebrities, churches, events, libraries, miscellaneous, parks, people, residences, schools, sports, streets and alleys, and transportation.
Marculescu-Stern, Yolanda Title: Yolanda Marculescu-Stern Papers, 1949-1997
Quantity: 2 cubic ft. (4 boxes) 18 safety film negatives
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 234
Abstract: Collection of a UWM Music Department faculty member which largely focuses on the UWM International Festival of the Art Song. The collection includes correspondence, newspaper articles, programs, and photographs from 1981 to 1992. The collection also contains biographical materials documenting Yolanda Marculescu-Stern's career as an opera singer in Bucharest, Romania, including photographs and correspondence, and materials of her involvement in Romanian Radio Television from 1957 to 1969. Videocassettes of the First, Third, and Fifth International Festival of the Art Song, as well as videos of recitals and interviews, are also included.
Marcus Corporation Title: Marcus Corporation Records, 1938-1992
Quantity: 36.2 c.f. (29 record center cartons, 5 archives boxes, 2 flat boxes, and 16 rolls) and 13 tape recordings
Call Number: M2009-060
Abstract: Corporate records, 1938-1992, consisting of files related to Marcus Theatres and other Marcus Corporation properties documenting film distribution, property sales and management, and advertising.
Margolis, Barbara Title: Barbara Margolis Documentary Films and Research, 1930-1990
Quantity: 106 film reels; plus additions of 4.0 cubic feet, 345 photographs, and 58 negatives
Call Number: AD 044-AD 106; CB 750-CB 792; M2008-027
Abstract: Documentary filmmaker Barbara Margolis' (1948- ) collection of newsreel film compiled for her documentary about the Cold War entitled Are We Winning, Mommy? America and the Cold War (1986). The footage consists principally of newsreel film from Paramount News and Universal Newsreel for the period 1942 through 1953. Additions, 1930-1990, include research notes and still photographs relating to films or film projects including, When the People Awake (1973), To the People of the World (1975), On the Line (1977), Puerto Rico: Paradise Invaded (1977), Are We Winning, Mommy? America and the Cold War (1986), and Adam Clayton Powell (1989).
Margulies, Herbert F. Title: Herbert F. Margulies Research Files on Irvine L. Lenroot, 1955-1999
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes); plus additions of 1.0 c.f.
Call Number: Mss 508; M2002-146
Abstract: Research papers of Herbert F. Margulies related to his biography of Irvine L. Lenroot, a Wisconsin legislator, Republican Senator, and Progressive political associate of Robert M. La Follette. The files consist of Margulies' research notes, considerable correspondence with Lenroot's daughter, Katharine Lenroot, and a typescript copy of the unedited version of the biography entitled Progressivism, Patriotism and Politics: The Life and Times of Irvine L. Lenroot. Also included is additional correspondence and writings of Margulies concerning the progressive movement in Wisconsin.
Marilyn Scholtz Schuler Title: Marilyn Schuler Papers, 1979-2004
Quantity: 0.8 cubic feet (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: UWP Manuscript Collection 50
Abstract: This series contains genealogical information compiled by Marilyn Sholtz Shuler, consisting of correspondence with her relatives and historical institutions, copies of vital records, family group sheets, photographs and mementos, and a published family history. In addition to the Sholtz family, this series includes information on the Polan and Babcock families, among others.
Mariner, John W., 1868-1930;
Mariner, Mary, 1869-1952
Title: John W. and Mary Mariner Papers, 1881-1946
Quantity: 7.4 c.f. (12 archives boxes and 13 volumes) and 10 photographs; plus additions of 2.0 c.f.
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss D; PH Milwaukee Mss D; PH 2883; M78-288
Abstract: Business papers of John W. Mariner and papers of his wife Mary Mariner concerning her leadership of the National League for Woman's Service in Wisconsin. The business papers relate to firms with which Mariner, a Milwaukee realtor, was associated. These included the Ontonagon and Brule River Railroad Company of Michigan, the J.J. Hof Land Company of Shawano County, Wisconsin, the Northern Colonization Company, and the Mariner and Kurtz Land Company, predecessor of the Mariner Realty Company. The National League for Woman's Service was a patriotic organization for which Mrs. Mariner served as state chairman during World War I. More than half of the collection concerns the records of this organization, which consist largely of correspondence with the national office of the league, with local chairmen, and with the Council of Defense, the Liberty Loan, and other committees with which the league cooperated.
Marinette and Menominee Hospital (Marinette, Wis.) Title: Marinette and Menominee Hospital Records, 1883-1953
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm) and 0.3 c.f. (1 folder and 1 volume)
Call Number: Green Bay Micro 40; Micro 1029; Green Bay SC 108; Mss 1019
Abstract: Records of a Marinette, Wisconsin hospital, which was founded in 1883 as the Menominee River Hospital, later merged with the Wisconsin and Michigan Hospital, and which closed in 1940. Includes patient record books for the Menominee River Hospital, 1883-1885, and for the Wisconsin and Michigan Hospital, 1883-1908; (Military) Pension Examining Board record books, 1893-1897, 1903-1913; and miscellaneous items, 1896-1953. In paper form is one of the microfilmed volumes and an insurance ticket, Feb. 13, 1908, issued to Joseph Kratochivill entitling him to treatment at the hospital.
Marinette County (Wis.). Clerk Title: Clerk, Marinette County, Wisconsin, Committee Minutes, 1964-1996
Quantity: 4.4 cubic feet (4 records center cartons and 1 archives box)
Call Number: Marinette Series 39
Abstract: Minutes pertaining to select county committees for Marinette County. Included are minutes for Agriculture, Economic Development, Forestry, Health and Human Services, Law Enforcement, Social Services, and Zoning.
Marinette County (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Marinette County. Treasurer: Tax Sale Records, 1879-1935
Quantity: 9.6 c.f. (33 volumes)
Call Number: Marinette Series 4
Abstract: Lists of lands sold for unpaid taxes describing land, assessment years, tax and charges, to whom the land was sold, the amount of sale, by whom the land was redeemed, date and amount of redemption, and, if deeded, to whom the land was deeded and date.
Marinette County (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Marinette County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1879-1982
Quantity: 46.0 cubic feet (241 volumes) and 37 reels of microfilm (16 mm)
Call Number: Marinette Series 5
Abstract: Tax rolls containing a record of the assessed value and the amount of taxes levied and collected on each parcel of real estate in Marinette County. Typically included is a description of the property, name of the owner, assessed valuation, tax levied, and a record of payments. Records for 1879-1909 are generally complete; beginning in 1910 only every tenth year has been preserved through 1930, and selected years from 1915 to 1982.
Marjorie and Mondell Stewart Title: Marjorie and Mondell Stewart Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.8 linear ft. (2 archives boxes and 1 flat box) of papers and 2 folders of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 894
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Marjorie Johnson Stewart and Mondell Stewart, who both served in the armed forces during World War II and married during the war. Marjorie Johnson Stewart was a member of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), which later became the Women's Army Corps (W.A.C.) and did clerical work. Mondell Stewart served as a medic for the Army Air Force at various stateside air fields. The collection consists largely of the letters exchanged between the two following Marjorie's discharge due to pregnancy. In her letters to her husband, Marjorie described her pregnancy, her loneliness for him, and the conditions at home. After the birth of their daughter, Marsha, she described her feelings about motherhood and her struggles adapting to having a baby around the house. Mondell's letters to his wife describe his day-to-day life on several different air fields in the United States in the final months of the war and the first months after its end. He, too, expresses his feelings of loneliness and his impatience to return to her. Also in this series is a large binder containing the training materials Marjorie received and used during her first months in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. Photographs consists of a photograph of Marjorie in W.A.C. uniform and another of her and Mondell, both in uniform, on their wedding day. Also included are small picture postcards of WAAC training at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.
Mark Avery Photography
[Digitized content]
Title: Mark Avery Photography Records, 1977-2002
Quantity: 7.2 cubic ft. (19 boxes) 2,296 digital files (52.2 GB)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 155
Abstract: This collection of Mark Avery's photographs documents theatrical performances of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater Company, the Florentine Opera Company, and other local Wisconsin artistic companies, including UWM. Comprised of negatives and slides, it is generally arranged by production name, and includes images of performances and rehearsals, individuals, groups and theater buildings.
Mark Curtis Defense Committee Title: Mark Curtis Defense Committee Records, 1983-1996
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (4 record center cartons), 63 photographs, and 3 videorecordings
Call Number: M96-233
Abstract: Records, 1983-1996, of a committee formed to support the legal defense of Mark Curtis, an activist in the Socialist Workers Party in Des Moines, Iowa, who was involved in labor/political strife in the packinghouse industry and who was arrested and jailed on false charges to remove him from influence. The collection consists of the organizational records of the Committee as well as legal documentation of Curtis’ defense.
Markel, Lester, 1894-1977 Title: Lester Markel Papers, 1936-1978
Quantity: 25.7 c.f. (25 record center cartons, 1 archives box, and 1 flat box)
Call Number: MCHC77-005
Abstract: Papers, 1936-1978, of Lester Markel, Sunday editor of the New York Times from 1923 to 1964. In 1951, he founded the International Press Institute to foster the free flow of information and freedom of the press in general and in 1964, he became associate editor of the New York Times and head of its department of public affairs. The collection documents Markel's work and involvement in each of these capacities through subject and reference files, correspondence, financial records, speeches, book drafts, clippings, reports, transcripts, and his personal writings. Two separate alphabetical runs of subject files are present and materials are interfiled throughout files.
Markham, William H., 1888-1958 Title: William H. Markham Papers, 1933-1948
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Oshkosh Mss BT
Abstract: Papers of Markham, Horicon, Wis., a lawyer and state senator (1928-1934); including information on the Wisconsin Farm-Labor Party, the American Farmers Foundation, milk strike cases, and other farm issues; material on campaigns by Markham and by William H. Dietrich; and other papers.
Marquardt, Ralph, collector Title: Ralph Marquardt Collected Photographs, 1860-1925
Quantity: 1.5 cubic feet of photographs (2 archives boxes, 1 flat box, and 1 oversize folder) and 47 photographs
Call Number: PH 380; PH 385
Abstract: Photographs collected by Ralph Marquardt, related to his ancestors who primarily came from the region around Sauk City, Wisconsin, and to the Civil War, particularly the 9th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Also included are images of the Sauk City Dramatic Society and portraits of Ralph Marquardt.
Marquette County (Wis.). Superintendent of Schools. Title: Marquette County (Wis.). Superintendent of Schools: County Superintendent's Records, 1906-1943
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Marquette Series 12
Abstract: Miscellaneous correspondence, reports, work sheets, and lists.
Marquette County (Wis.). Treasurer Title: Marquette County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1892-1965
Quantity: 17.0 c.f. (186 volumes)
Call Number: Marquette Series 7
Abstract: Tax rolls showing highway, real estate, and personal property taxes, and also weed-control assessment. Gives name of owner, description of property, the amount of state, town, and school taxes and total taxes, the name of the payer, and the date paid. Tax rolls are present for 1892, 1900, and every tenth year from 1900-1940, and every fifth year thereafter beginning with 1945.
Marquette Neighborhood Association (Madison, Wis.) Title: Marquette Neighborhood Association Records, 1968-1985
Quantity: 5.1 cubic feet (11 archives boxes, 1 flat box, and 1 oversize folder) and 1 photograph
Call Number: Mss 1068; PH 6623
Abstract: Records of the formation and first several years of the Marquette Neighborhood Association (MNA) of Madison, Wisconsin. An earlier, less formal group took on a more formal purpose in 1968, initially focused on keeping its neighborhood elementary school from closing. MNA also succeeded in residential rezoning and traffic redirection efforts for the neighborhood, first defined by Blair Street on the west, East Washington Avenue on the north, the Yahara River on the east and Lake Monona on the south. The eastern boundaries moved to First Street, from East Washington Avenue to Eastwood Drive to Division Street to Lakeland Avenue to Dunning Street. The neighborhood is also known as Wil-Mar, for Williamson-Marquette, and the Sixth Ward. MNA launched the local development corporation Common Wealth Corporation, co-sponsored first Alternate Parade of Homes, sponsors the annual Orton Park Festival, and MNA members were involved with launching the Willy Street Festival. Records consist of correspondence, newsletters, reports and neighborhood plans (produced by and commissioned by MNA, as well as several gathered from University of Wisconsin-Madison students, the City of Madison and others), newspapers clippings, posters, maps, and one photograph.
Marsh, Cutting, 1800-1873 Title: Cutting Marsh Papers, 1802-1860
Quantity: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes) and 2 reels of microfilm (35 mm)
Call Number: Wis Mss AU; Micro 1016; Micro 23
Abstract: Correspondence and diaries of Cutting Marsh, a missionary to the Stockbridge Indians in Wisconsin. Also included are volumes in which Marsh jotted down memoranda on his reflections while a student, his missionary work at Maumee, Ohio, in the winter of 1829-1830, and his eighteen years among the Stockbridge people, with many comments on Indian life, vocabulary, and his own experiences. Diaries, 1830-1848, contain a narrative of his religious work at Statesburg and Stockbridge; and an expedition in the summer of 1834 to the Sauk and Fox Indians at Rock Island and up the Des Moines. Additional diaries, 1848-1856, concern his preaching career in the Wisconsin pineries, with headquarters at Waupaca.
Marsh, Eleanor, 1896- Title: Eleanor Marsh Papers, 1902-1998
Quantity: 1.8 cubic ft. (5 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 162
Abstract: The collection contains the papers of Eleanor Marsh who was raised on and ran a farm with her husband Elwin for over forty years. The personal journals detail her daily life as a farm wife in rural Winnebago County, Wisconsin. The early journals were sporadically kept and contain mostly farm and household accounts. The collection also contains school composition books used by Marsh and an older sister, a few letters from family and friends written after she was no longer running the farm, and newspaper clippings from her 100th and 102nd birthdays.
Marshall, Philip G., 1906-1978 Title: Oral History Interview with Philip G. Marshall, 1976 December 8
Quantity: 2 tape recordings and 0.1 c.f. (1 folder)
Call Number: Tape 595A; SC 1150
Abstract: Tape-recorded and transcribed interview conducted December 8, 1976, by James Cavanaugh of the Historical Society staff with Philip G. Marshall, Milwaukee, a former socialist who in the 1940s helped launch the Democratic Organizing Committee, the vehicle which reformed the Wisconsin Democratic Party; plus correspondence and other papers, 1947-1976, from his political activities.
Marshall, Philip G., 1906-1978 Title: Philip G. Marshall Papers, 1946-1978
Quantity: 12.4 c.f. (12 record center cartons and 2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 732
Abstract: Papers of a Milwaukee labor arbitrator consisting of briefs, contracts, correspondence, notes, memoranda, grievance forms, statements, rulings, and other legal papers. The cases handled represent many industrial and manufacturing firms, most notably involving International Harvester, as well as a large number of Wisconsin municipalities and school districts. A separately-cataloged oral history, transcript, and a few related papers concern his involvement in the Wisconsin Democratic Party during the late 1940s.
Marshall, Samuel, 1820-1907 Title: Samuel Marshall Papers, 1841-1946
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (2 archives boxes including 11 photographs)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss AQ
Abstract: Papers of Marshall, a Milwaukee pioneer banker, including Marshall's letters to his brother describing his 1841 move from Philadelphia to Milwaukee and his early involvement in the banking business, Milwaukee transportation, and commodity prices. Also present are materials on Marshall's role in the founding of the State Bank (Madison, Wisconsin) and the Marshall and Ilsley Bank of Milwaukee; the Marshall family genealogy; description of travel in Europe and the Near East in 1855-1856; diaries; and some correspondence from the 1940s concerning the preservation of Marshall's papers. Also included are photographs of Marshall and of his sister, Elizabeth.
Marshfield (Wis.). Clerk Title: City of Marshfield, Wisconsin, Assessment Rolls, 1980-2000
Quantity: 9.0 cubic feet (23 volumes)
Call Number: Wood Series 40
Abstract: Assessment and personal property rolls for the City of Marshfield. Marshfield is primarily located within Wood County, Wisconsin, but the northern portion of the city extends into Marathon County, Wisconsin. Assessment rolls cover the years between 1980-2000, while personal property rolls cover 1985-2000. Only every fifth year was transferred for each subseries.
Marshfield (Wis.). Justice of the Peace;
Marshfield (Wis.). Municipal Court
Title: Marshfield (Wis.) Justice Court and Municipal Court Dockets, 1887-1962
Quantity: 14.6 cubic feet (66 volumes)
Call Number: Wood Series 22; Wood Series 23
Abstract: Dockets from the Marshfield Justice of the Peace and from the Municipal Court for both civil and criminal cases. Recorded are the names of plaintiff and defendant, attorneys, and judge; date; record of the complaints entered or charges filed, warrants issued, date of warrant's return; verdicts; costs incurred; and other information.
Martin J. Rosenblum, 1946- Title: Martin J. Rosenblum Papers, circa 1965-2006
Quantity: 5.6 cubic ft. (14 boxes) 1 oversize folder 2 audio cassettes 2 digital files (1.37 GB) 7 safety film negatives
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 304
Abstract: The collection consists largely of correspondence between Rosenblum and friends and colleagues, many of them poets and writers. This collection also contains the only final manuscript of Rosenblum's unpublished critical biography of Objectivist poet Carl Rakosi, Rosenblum's research materials relating to Rakosi and other Objectivist poets. Research materials on Rakosi include a recorded interview and rare photographs of Rakosi at his home both dating from the summer of 1974.
Martin, M. L. (Morgan Lewis), 1805-1887 Title: M. L. Martin Papers, 1645-1931
Quantity: 6.4 c.f. (15 archives boxes and 1 flat box) and 20 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 140; Green Bay Micro 50; Green Bay Micro 51; Micro 36; Micro 528
Abstract: Papers of a Wisconsin pioneer and land speculator who served in the Wisconsin Territorial Council, as Washington representative for Wisconsin Territory, president of the state constitutional convention, member of the state legislature, United States Army paymaster, Indian agent, and Brown County judge, including correspondence, diaries, accounts, land patents and other legal and business records, reminiscent articles by Martin, and reminiscences and a brief diary by Mrs. Martin.
Martin, Paul L., 1912-1978 Title: Paul L. Martin Papers, 1933-1977
Quantity: 0.6 cubic feet (2 archives boxes), 3 reels of microfilm (35 mm), and 17 photographs
Call Number: U.S. Mss 189AF; Micro 1122; PH U.S. Mss 189AF
Abstract: Papers of Paul L. Martin, a former head of the Gannett Group's Washington Bureau and editor with the U.S. News and World Report consisting primarily of writings and typed and handwritten research notes and memoranda concerning monopolies within the media, the alleged liberal bias of the press, presidential politics of the 1960s and 1970s, welfare, and other topics. Of special note among the writings are microfilmed scrapbooks, teletype articles, his background report on the civil rights movement in 1963, and writings based on his coverage of Vice-President Nixon's 1959 trip to Russia. Photographs include images of Martin and images from a scrapbook concerning Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy, kept by Martin's wife.
Martin, Roy L., collector Title: Roy L. Martin Collected Railroad Photographs, circa 1871-1948
Quantity: 276 photographs (9 folders), 0.4 cubic feet of negatives (2 negative boxes), and 1.2 cubic feet of photographs, negatives and ephemera (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: PH 191-PH 195; PH 544 (3); PH 2222; PH 2286; PH 2700; PH 2721; PH 2892; WHi(M302); WHi(M304); WHi(M3042); WHi(M305); WHi(M306)
Abstract: Photographs of trains, depots, shops, roundhouses, bridges, track, personnel, wrecks, and railroad construction projects, collected by Roy Martin, circa 1871-1948. The photographs are primarily related to the Wisconsin Central and Chicago, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie railroads.
Martindale, Stephen Title: Stephen Martindale Letter to Daniel Roberts
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 106
Abstract: Letter from Stephen Martindale to Daniel Roberts, 29 March, 1853. Martindale studied law with Roberts in Vermont before coming to La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Martinez, Elizabeth Sutherland, 1925- Title: Elizabeth Sutherland Martinez Papers, 1964-1966
Quantity: 2 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 790
Abstract: Papers of Elizabeth Sutherland Martinez, editor of the book Letters from Mississippi (1965) which concerned the civil rights activities of Freedom Summer and particularly the COFO voter registration drive. Present are editorial correspondence, letters from volunteers, research material, drafts, and promotional material relating to the book.
Marts & Lundy Title: Marts & Lundy Records, 1943-1964
Quantity: 2.6 c.f. (7 archives boxes) and 10 photographs
Call Number: U.S. Mss 18AF; PH 3936
Abstract: Miscellaneous records of Marts & Lundy, a firm which specializes in fundraising and public relations for philanthropic organizations and institutions. Indexed transcripts of staff conferences, 1945-1964, comprise the bulk of the collection and contain information on international philanthropy and the history and development of the firm. Also present is one box of papers of Arnaud C. Marts, founder and chairman of the board, 1935-1952. These papers consist of a small amount of correspondence and notes on the history of philanthropy, a booklet on Marts' experiences with religious fundraising, and a paper and photographs on the history of Boy Scouting.
Marty Family Title: Marty Family Collection, 1900-1960
Quantity: 0.4 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 185
Abstract: Collection of scrapbooks from the Marty family, which was involved in the cheese-making industry in Wisconsin.
Marx, Groucho, 1891-1977 Title: Groucho Marx Papers, 1928-1971
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 70AN
Abstract: Papers of an actor, comedian, and writer, including correspondence and copies of scripts for Animal Crackers (Para., 1930), Duck Soup (Para., 1933), A Night at the Opera (MGM, 1935), and eight other Marx Brothers films, the originals of which are held by the Library of Congress. The correspondence is between Marx and his friend, Dr. Samuel Salinger, the donor of this portion of the collection. Generally personal in nature, the letters contain references to socialized medicine, World War II, and Marx's career.
Marxist-Leninist Party, USA Title: Marxist-Leninist Party, USA Records, 1972-1995
Quantity: 1.8 c.f.
Call Number: M95-102; M2002-077
Abstract: Records of the Marxist-Leninist Party, USA and its predecessor organizations, the American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist) and the Central Organization of U.S. Marxist-Leninists, describing itself as “a militant voluntary communist organization.”
Mason, Frank E., 1893-1979 Title: Frank E. Mason Papers, 1931-1945
Quantity: 2.8 c.f. (7 archives boxes)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 42AF
Abstract: Papers of a NBC vice-president in charge of information who served as a special assistant to Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox during World War II. Included are correspondence, 1931-1945; telephone logs and appointment books, 1941-1944; speeches; and reports. The correspondence is primarily personal, but during 1939 and 1940 corporate matters become more prominent. Included here are letters and memoranda relating to NBC's development of short wave facilities, international broadcasting, and planning for wartime broadcasting. Some later letters refer to his activities in the Navy Department. Also part of the collection are speeches on newspaper-radio relations, short wave broadcasting, and propaganda; mimeographed copies of Knox's news conferences; and reports, not by Mason, concerning reconversion of industry after the war.
Mason, John Title: John Mason Papers, 1836-1865
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: U.S. Mss AQ
Abstract: Papers of John Mason, a Washington, D.C. lawyer, including correspondence, copies of legal papers, genealogies, and receipts. The collection concerns chiefly the disbursement of the estates of three men: A.S. Heilemann, Mason's cousin; Thomas Jennings, an Englishman; and Richard B. Mason, the first military and civil governor of California.
Massachusetts ACORN (Organization) Title: Massachusetts ACORN Records, 1974-2000
Quantity: 1.6 c.f.
Call Number: M2006-022; M2011-058
Abstract: Records of ACORN's Massachusetts office consisting of general administrative and subject files including executive board meeting agendas and budgets, promotional materials, and ACORN's activities on specific local issues such as housing, employment and a living wage, rape, and other topics. Also included are national and multi-regional documents, such as organizational policy materials; memos from the founder of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), Wade Rathke, and nationwide social and political campaign materials.
Massachusetts Welfare Rights Organization Title: Massachusetts Welfare Rights Organization Records, 1968-1972
Quantity: 1.8 c.f. (4 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 373
Abstract: Records of the Massachusetts branch (1968-1973?) of the National Welfare Rights Organization. Documentation of internal operations is limited, consisting mainly of requests presented to various funding sources. About MWRO's efforts to publicize its positions and its efforts to win supplemental aid for welfare recipients there are numerous photocopied clippings, notices, and publications. There are also position papers, and files on the Massachusetts Democratic Party and on state and national welfare legislation. The latter contains copies of legislation and administrative documents and critiques of the legislation. Other welfare organizations in the area are represented by correspondence, reports, and printed matter.
Massie, William, 1741-1862 Title: William Massie Papers, 1749-1931
Quantity: 3.2 c.f. (8 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 152
Abstract: Photostat copies of papers (primarily dating 1847-1862) of William Massie and his father, Major Thomas Massie, both Nelson County, Virginia planters, consisting of correspondence, diary extracts, plantation and slave records, and legal records for Nelson County, Virginia. The collection includes photostatic copies of estate inventories and maps for the Massie's Pharsalia plantation, recollections of the major's service in the Continental Army of Virginia, 1775-1781, containing an account of the Battle of Monmouth, and maps and account books for a plantation. The originals of these papers are at the University of Texas.
Matchette, Franklin J., 1863-1943 Title: Franklin J. Matchette Papers, 1893-1958
Quantity: 7.6 c.f. (20 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 313
Abstract: Papers of Franklin J. Matchette, a successful hotel manager, inventor, and philosopher, relating primarily to his scientific interests and the development and propagation of his Absolute-Relative Theory as a metaphysical basis for the universe. Included is correspondence, notes, writings and speeches, and records of the Matchette Foundation which supported his theory after his death. Correspondents include Horace J. Bridges, Edward Macomb Duff, Mary Anita Ewer, I.I. Rabi, Alan W. Watts, and Dudley Zuver.
Mathematics Research Center (United States. Army) Title: Center for Mathematics Science Records
Quantity: 3 Linear Feet 3 record cartons
Call Number: Accession 1993/064
Abstract: This collection includes materials created by the Army Mathematics Research Center located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Specifically, the collection includes correspondence, consultations and inquiries, background and history, and items relevant to the bombing of Sterling Hall on August 24th, 1970.
Mather, John R., 1923-2003 Title: John R. Mather Papers, 1949-2000
Quantity: 3 cubic ft. (5 boxes)
Call Number: AGSL Manuscript Collection 30
Abstract: Papers of John R. Mather, a geographer and climatologist. Mather worked with Charles Warren Thornthwaite and his research company, C.W. Thornthwaite Associates, and was also the head of the geography department at the University of Delaware. Collection contains correspondence, teaching materials, and various writings.
Mathews, Stella S., 1868?-1949 Title: Stella S. Mathews Papers, 1919-1949
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (5 folders)
Call Number: Milwaukee SC 84
Abstract: Papers of Mathews, a Milwaukee nurse who served with the Army and American Red Coss in France, Poland, and Greece, and then was a hospital nursing superintendent in Hawaii; including letters, citations, and award certificates; a biography; a list of Milwaukee people who served at base hospital 22 near Bordeaux, France; and minutes of the Wisconsin State Nurses Association, Districts 4 and 5, District Headquarters Committee, 1930-1933.
Matson, Roy L., 1908-1960 Title: Roy L. Matson Papers, 1903-1960
Quantity: 1.6 c.f. (4 archives boxes) and 98 photographs
Call Number: Mss 238; PH Mss 238
Abstract: Papers of Roy L. Matson, editor of the Wisconsin State Journal (1942-1960), in Madison, Wisconsin. Papers consist of correspondence, articles, speeches, memorabilia, and three subject files, including photographs. The subject files, which comprise the bulk of the collection, concern a Department of Defense-sponsored tour of Europe and the Near East in 1952, a 1958 seminar on the American press in India sponsored by the State Department, and a local controversy on the West Washington Avenue underpass. Included are correspondence, background information, newspaper clippings, and other related material.
Matty, Richard P., 1932- Title: Richard P. Matty Papers, 1984-1987
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (4 record center cartons)
Call Number: M87-360
Abstract: Constituent correspondence of Richard P. Matty, a Republican assemblyman from Crivitz, Wisconsin, from 1972 to 1988. Formerly a small businessman, Matty was active in many civic organizations with a particular interest in conservation.
Mauldin, Bill, 1921-2003 Title: Bill Mauldin Political Cartoons, 1965-1969
Quantity: 48 drawings (1 flat box)
Call Number: PH 6495
Abstract: Political cartoon prints, 1965-1969, created by Bill Mauldin for the Chicago Sun-Times lampooning racism, the Ku-Klux-Klan, Jim Crow laws, and the Vietnam War.
Maurer, John J., 1922- Title: John J. Maurer Papers, 1975-1984
Quantity: 3.4 c.f. (3 record center boxes and 1 archives box)
Call Number: Parkside Mss 74
Abstract: Papers, mainly 1981-1984, of a former Democratic legislator (Senate, 1975-1984) from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Included are bill files, correspondence, press releases, speeches, and subject files.
Max M. and Katherine Ehrhart Smith, Title: Max M. and Katherine Ehrhart Smith Papers,
Quantity: 0.4 linear ft. (1 archives box and 1 oversize folder) of papers and 0.6 linear ft. (2 archives boxes) of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 525
Abstract: Papers and photographs of Max M. and Katherine Ehrhart Smith, who both served in World War II, met while in service, and married after the war. Max Smith was a doctor in the 6th Constabulary Regiment and Katherine Ehrhart was a physical therapist with the Women's Medical Specialist Corps (WMSC) at various stateside military hospitals. Almost entirely composed of service records, this collection documents the details of their military service such as pay rates, promotions, transfers to different locations, and their dates of enlistment and separation from the military. Also included are letters written to Katherine by her brother Vincent, who served in the Navy during the war. Stationed in Hawaii one month after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Vincent described recreational activities available to the servicemen and his pursuit of a promotion. The photographs, which are almost entirely unidentified, were taken before their marriage and thus are clearly separated into his and hers. His include shots of the constabulary headquarters in Europe. Hers include nurses and patients at Schick General Hospital in Clinton, Iowa. There are three photographs, undated, of the two together.
May family Title: Tobias and Louisa May Family Records
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 011
Abstract: Records of the Tobias and Louisa May family, 1866-1891. All materials are in German.
May, Florence E., 1917- Title: Florence E. May Papers, 1965-1983
Quantity: 16.4 cubic ft. (17 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 24
Abstract: Papers of a University of Wisconsin-Extension professor of nursing. Consists of program files for short courses and workshops covering medical and nursing administration topics taught at the University of Wisconsin-Extension (1965-1983) and professional committee materials (1971-1983).
May, Jacques M. (Jacques Meyer), b. 1896 Title: Jacques M. May Papers, 1943-1960
Quantity: 2.5 cubic ft. (6 boxes)
Call Number: AGSL Manuscript Collection 3
Abstract: This collection contains professional and personal papers of Jacques M. May when he was the director of the Medical Geography Department at the American Geographical Society. The collection includes research for the Atlas of Disease, which was a series of maps, or plates, published by the American Geographical Society during the 1950s. Medical statistics, preliminary maps, epidemiology of diseases, bibliographies, and academic studies of diseases are included as research for the Atlas of Disease. The Atlas of Disease was originally to contain 25 plates; only 17 were published. Each plate corresponds to a specific disease, or group of diseases. Other professional activities of Jacques M. May are documented in the collection, along with a small amount of personal correspondence and family photographs.
Mayer, Harold;
Mayer, Lynne Rhodes
Title: Harold and Lynne Rhodes Mayer Collection, 1955-1985
Quantity: 4.6 cubic feet (12 archives boxes); 5 videotape reels (1-inch), 9 videocassettes (3/4-inch), 1 videocassette (BetacamSP), 14 videocassettes (VHS), 10 videodiscs (DVD-R), 4 audio reels (1/4-inch), 179 film reels (16 mm), 14 film reels (35 mm), and 1 computer disc (4 3/4-inches)
Call Number: M2015-015; AE 583-AE 584; DG 188-DG 189; CC 931; CC 937-CC 938; CC 948-CC 951
Abstract: Papers and audiovisual material of Harold and Lynne Rhodes Mayer, documentary filmmakers.
Mayers, Andrew Title: Andrew Mayers Records, 1856-1892
Quantity: 0.7 cubic feet (1 archives box and 2 oversize volumes) and 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm)
Call Number: Wis Mss KQ; Micro 38
Abstract: Records preserved by Andrew Mayers, Madison, Wisconsin, druggist and general merchant, consisting of minutes of meetings, 1856-1892, of the Madison branch of St. George's Society, a benevolent society for Englishmen; minutes of meetings, a cashbook, and ledger of the Mendota Club, 1891-1901, incorporated for the purpose of maintaining a shooting preserve; and a stock certificate book of the Madison Sportsmen's Association, 1913-1928. A diary, 1869-1870, describes Mayers' train journey to California and then by ship around the “Horn” to England and back to the U.S.
Mays, James N., 1928- Title: James N. Mays Papers, 1960-1967
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes), 18 photographs, and 12 negatives
Call Number: Mss 404; PH Mss 404
Abstract: Papers of James N. Mays, a civil rights activist and field representative for the National Sharecroppers Fund. Mays worked for the NSF in Mississippi and Alabama, drawing on his experience as a small farmer. His papers include typewritten and printed form letters; miscellaneous notes and speech fragments; photographs; and flyers, leaflets, and near-print material from a number of civil rights organizations in the South. Among the most interesting records are his reports as Mississippi field representative for the NSF, minutes of farmers' meetings, and his Council of Federated Organizations files on Freedom Schools. There are also a few items concerning anti-Vietnam War protest.
Mayville Historical Society;
Mueller, Edgar G.
Title: Mayville Historical Society Photographs, 1910-1935, circa 1950-1988
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. of photographs (1 record center carton and 1 archives box)
Call Number: M2003-064
Abstract: Four photographic collections donated by the Mayville Historical Society (MHS): 1) black & white prints, circa 1950-1988, documenting Mayville and its surrounding area that were taken by Edgar G. Mueller (1913-2001), a photographer for the Mayville News and a stringer for the Milwaukee Journal; 2) “Busheys,” a homemade photo album, documenting the activities of students at Bushey Business College in Appleton during the 1920s; 3) an album with views of the Solvay Coke plant in Milwaukee, circa 1920; 4) two travel albums, circa 1910-1935, probably related to the Vernon Engel family, depicting attractions in the western and southern U.S., and Wisconsin, including Wisconsin Dells and Milwaukee.
Mazzuchelli, Samuel Charles, 1806-1864 Title: Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli Papers, 1825-1869
Quantity: 3 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Platteville Micro 30; Micro 849
Abstract: Microfilm copy of papers of a Catholic priest in southwestern Wisconsin who founded several churches, schools, and a community of Dominican Sisters. Included is a sermon diary; account books and sacramental records for parishes in Sinsinawa, Benton, Cuba City, and New Diggings and for Benton Academy; organizational records for Sinsinawa Mound College and an order of Dominican sisters; handmade notebooks Father Mazzuchelli made when he was a student in Rome in 1825-1928; and other items. A few volumes contain unrelated material that was added in later years by an unknown hand.

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