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Kabler, Beatrice, 1928- Title: Beatrice Kabler Papers, 1966-1982
Quantity: 2.8 c.f. (2 record center cartons and 2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 705
Abstract: Papers, mainly 1967-1972, of Beatrice Kabler, a Madison, Wisconsin housewife and Republican politician who was a founder and chairman of Wisconsin Citizens for Family Planning, a statewide organization formed in 1966 to revise Wisconsin's restrictive birth control law. The papers, which comprise her files as an officer and lobbyist for that organization, consist of correspondence of Kabler and Marylu Raushenbush, another founder and officer of WCFP; minutes; mailings and informational material issued by WCFP; an extensive reference file concerning family planning, abortion, pregnancy, and related topics; drafts of legislation, public statements, and other material relating to lobbying; information pertaining to the position of Wisconsin Protestant and Catholic churches on the issue; and xeroxed clippings concerning birth control in Wisconsin. Prominent correspondents include Gene Boyer, Kathryn Clarenbach, Alan F. Guttmacher, Robert Kastenmeier, and Gaylord Nelson.
Kading, Charles A., 1874-1956;
Kading, Charles E., 1907-1992;
Kading, Elizabeth Holste, 1877-1925
Title: Charles A., Elizabeth, and Charles E. Kading Papers, 1893-1976
Quantity: 5.2 c.f. (13 archives boxes and 1 oversize folder); plus additions of 0.4 c.f., 343 photographs, 6 transparencies, and 1 drawing
Call Number: Wis Mss TX; Mss 426; M75-382; M78-495; M93-252; PH 1173
Abstract: Papers of Charles A. Kading, a Watertown, Wisconsin lawyer and Progressive Republican Congressman; of his wife, Elizabeth, a lawyer and president of the Wisconsin State Board of Control, and of their son, Charles E., a lawyer and county court judge. The senior Kading's congressional career is documented in correspondence demonstrating his constituents' concerns and his contacts with the Fox River Improvement Association, the Portage Deep Waterway Committee, and the United States Federal Radio Commission. Also present are speeches and other material related to the elder Kadings' employment as educators with the Theresa, Wisconsin school system, which ended in 1900. The Charles E. Kading papers pertain to his Naval training in World War II, his years as a member of the Watertown City Council, and his fight as a Jefferson County court judge against a rule requiring complete financial disclosure by judges.
Kaftan, Arthur Title: Arthur Kaftan Papers, 1929-1972
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (3 archives boxes) and 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 88; Green Bay Micro 36; Micro 930
Abstract: Papers of a Green Bay, Wis., attorney and environmentalist documenting his work against water pollution in the Fox River and Green Bay. Most of the collection concerns two pollution campaigns, one in 1949 led by members of the Brown County Izaak Walton League which resulted in stronger state laws on sewage and industrial pollution, and another in 1968 following a complaint filed with the Department of Natural Resources against the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District charging inadequate action. Included are newsclippings, hearing transcripts, legal documents, correspondence, reports of the state Committee on Water Pollution and the Board of Health, and other papers.
Kahlenberg, Louis, 1870-1941 Title: Louis Kahlenberg Papers, 1900-1939
Quantity: 2.4 c.f. (12 archives boxes)
Call Number: Wis Mss LS
Abstract: Correspondence of Louis Kahlenberg, a member of the department of chemistry of the University of Wisconsin and for eleven years its chairman, dealing with problems of research, administration, publications, and placement of students through a period of important development in scientific studies and methods. Also present is a transcription of a family record page (1868-1927) from a family Bible.
Kahn, Arthur David, 1920- Title: Arthur Kahn Papers, 1920-2009
Quantity: 5.6 cubic feet (14 archives boxes) and 204 photographs (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 1067; PH 6622
Abstract: Papers, 1920-2009, of Arthur David Kahn, communist author and politician, journalist, classics scholar and professor, and gay rights activist. As a World War II officer for the Office of Strategic Services and a chief editor and reporter for United States occupation journals, Kahn observed political developments of post-Nazi Germany and upon return to the United States he expounded a pro-communist and anti-imperial political philosophy with speaking tours, articles, pamphlets, and books, resulting in his eventual blacklisting. The papers largely consist of journal manuscripts encompassing his lifetime of occupations and interests, most notably his classics scholarship, and correspondence, particularly with potential publishers. Notable correspondents include blacklisted publishers and friends Albert Kahn (no relation), Angus Cameron, and Hungarian Marxist philosopher Georg Lukacs. Clippings or photocopies of articles by or about him, extensive travel diaries, particularly the eastern Mediterranean, and personal correspondence make up much of the rest. The Freedom of Information Act files highlight government monitoring of his activities from 1947 into 1967.
Kahn, Gordon, 1902-1962 Title: Gordon Kahn Papers, 1944-1950
Quantity: 1.1 c.f. (3 archives boxes and 1 oversize folder)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 118AN
Abstract: Papers of a journalist and screenwriter blacklisted for his support of the Hollywood Ten in his book Hollywood on Trial (1948). Included are general correspondence, research files on the Ten, papers relating to the Screen Writers' Guild, and copies of several articles.
Kaiser, Frank Title: Frank Kaiser Papers, Still Images, and Moving Images,
Quantity: 0.5 linear ft. (1 archives box, 1 map drawer folder, 1 folder, and 2 CD-Rs) 14 photographs : color (1 folder) 992 digital image files, 32 digital video files.
Call Number: WVM Mss 2071
Abstract: Papers, still images, and moving images pertaining to the service of Frank Kaiser, a Mauston, Wisconsin, resident who served with the 128th Air Control Squadron, Wisconsin Air National Guard during the War in Afghanistan. The collection covers Kaiser's deployment in 2003 and includes letters, email, greetings from school children, photographs, and digital images and videos. Letters and email are a mix of those written to Kaiser from family and friends. The majority of letters are written by Jeff Carnes, a soldier serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq in 2003 and was in a relationship with Kaiser at the time. The letters discuss Carnes' love and concern for Kaiser, the stress faced by having a couple deployed in two different hot zones, and the burden Don't Ask, Don't Tell put on them during the stressful time. School children greetings include patriotic greetings, brief letters, and an oversized mural thanking Kaiser for his service. Still images are primarily digital photographs taken by Kaiser while stationed in Afghanistan and include depictions of the terrain, base, military aircraft and other equipment, local residents, and fellow airmen. Other photographs are generally of family members he displayed in his locker while in Afghanistan. Videos are short films of deployment to Afghanistan, various aircraft, interactions with local residents, and a few montage segments of the deployment.
Kaltenborn, H. v. (Hans), 1878-1965 Title: Hans v. Kaltenborn Papers, 1883-1964
Quantity: 92.6 cubic feet (215 archives boxes, 2 card file boxes, 28 volumes, and 2 packages), 5 reels of microfilm (35 mm), 586 disc recordings, and 2 films; plus additions of 2.2 cubic feet, 26 tape recordings, 293 photographs, and 14 drawings
Call Number: U.S. Mss 1AF; SC 1054; Micro 443; CA 528; CA 529; Disc 50A; Audio 221A; Audio 244A; Audio 324A; Audio 364A; Audio 770A; PH 102; PH 311; PH 1497; PH 1582; PH 2754; MCHC66-118; M87-470; M93-251
Abstract: Papers of H. v. Kaltenborn, the “Dean of American Radio Commentators” who introduced editorial analysis to radio news broadcasting. The bulk of the collection is made up of correspondence, scripts, and recordings, but there are also business and professional papers, book and article manuscripts, notes, and scrapbooks.
Kalwitz, John R.;
Milwaukee (Wis.). Common Council.
Title: John R. Kalwitz Aldermanic Records, 1962-2000
Quantity: 54.2 cubic ft. (136 boxes)
Call Number: City of Milwaukee Archival Collection 43
Abstract: Records of Common Council Alderman John Kalwitz, who served Milwaukee's 2nd District from 1968-2000. Contains correspondence, clippings, photographs, and reports.
Kaminski, Jan Nepomucen, 1777-1855 Title: Skalmierzanki Script, undated
Quantity: .2 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 68
Abstract: Undated script in Polish of Skalmierzanki, an operetta of the women of Skalmierz village, by dramatist Jan Nepomucen Kaminski (1777-1855). Musical score for the operetta was written by Karol Kurpinski (1785-1857), a prominent composer of Polish operettas and musicals.
Kaminski, John G., 1893-1960 Title: John G. Kaminski Papers, 1912-1960
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (1 archives box, 1 flat box, 6 oversize folders)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 146
Abstract: Papers of a stunt flyer who was the first Polish-American aviator and the first licensed pilot in Wisconsin. His flying career, which spanned 1912-1919, included exhibition flying for the Curtiss Exhibition Company and service with the 7th Aero Squadron, based in Panama, during World War I. Included in the papers are advertising posters, correspondence, interviews, legal documents, news clippings, programs, photocopied scrapbooks, and a few artifacts. Photographs document his Curtiss Model D pusher aircraft and other planes, his crashes at Tomahawk, Wis., and at the Milwaukee Yacht Club, and his aircraft and fellow pilots in Panama.
Kamps, Harold Title: Harold Kamps Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 1.6 linear ft. (4 archives boxes and one oversized flat folder) of papers, 0.4 linear ft. (1 archives box and 21 negative flaps) of still images, and 2 VHS tapes (98 min).
Call Number: WVM Mss 2000
Abstract: Papers and photographs pertaining to the service and disappearance of Harold Kamps, a Coleman, Wisconsin, resident who served as an airman second class in the United States Air Force during the Cold War. The collection was compiled by Harold's brother, Raymond, in an attempt to discover what happened to Harold. Kamps was on a reconnaissance mission in 1958 while flying over Soviet Armenia when the plane was shot down. Kamps and all members on board were killed, however neither the United States or Russian government were willing to release any information regarding the status of the crew. The collection includes Government crash reports and memorandums, Russian crash reports, correspondence with government officials, news reports of the crash, and additional research into similar shoot downs during the Cold War, Korean War, and the Vietnam War. In addition there are some personal papers relating to Kamps, which include biographical information and service records. The photographs primarily document the C-130 dedication, and crash site. In addition, there are family photographs, photographs of Kamps while in service, and the reinterment ceremony for his remains. Of particular interest are photographs taken by the Russian military during the shoot down.
Kander, Simon, Mrs. Title: Lizzie Black Kander Papers, 1875-1960
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (3 archives boxes), 2 reels of microfilm (35 mm), and 20 photographs
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss DN; Micro 548; PH 4179
Abstract: Papers of Lizzie Black Kander, whose social work among Russian Jewish immigrants in Milwaukee earned her the sobriquet “the Jane Addams of Milwaukee.” Relating to her founding and operation of the settlement house that ultimately became the Jewish Community Center of Milwaukee are reports, correspondence, promotional brochures, clippings, materials used in publishing a cookbook used for fund-raising purposes, and minutes. Also present is correspondence of her niece, Irma Greenthal, dealing mainly with the 1948 dedication of the Kander Auditorium and with biographical information on her aunt. Photographs include portraits of Kander, images of her family, group meetings, and the exterior of the Jewish Community Center of Milwaukee.
Kanter, Hal, 1918- Title: Hal Kanter Papers, 1937-1977
Quantity: 18.0 c.f. (45 archives boxes) and 12 cartoons.
Call Number: U.S. Mss 140AN; PH 4171; PH 4172
Abstract: Papers of a writer-producer-director of numerous television comedies. Included are scripts, correspondence and fan mail, contracts, production files, and ratings. Among the best represented series which Kanter created, wrote, produced, or directed are All in the Family (CBS), Bob Hope's Chrysler Theatre (NBC), Chico and the Man (NBC), The George Gobel Show (NBC), The Jimmy Stewart Show (NBC), Julia (NBC), Valentine's Day (ABC), and numerous specials and Academy Award presentations. Writings for other media include correspondence, drafts, and promotion for his novel Snake in the Glass (1971); scripts for radio programs such as ABC's Beulah Show; and scripts for The Children's Hour (UA, 1962), Let's Make Love (20th Century-Fox, 1960), Once upon a Horse (Universal, 1958), Pocketful of Miracles (Paramount, 1961), and eight other motion pictures. Also present are general correspondence and files on various professional organizations and committees of the Democratic Party. Of special interest are Kanter's scripts for Democratic telethons, 1972-1974, and materials on campaign groups supporting Eugene J. McCarthy and George S. McGovern. Also included are cartoons drawn and collected by Kanter. The subjects covered by Kanter's cartoons include the military, crime, and people in hard luck situations. Included are two cartoons drawn by John A. Ruge.
Kaplan, David, 1905- Title: David Kaplan Papers, 1941-1965
Quantity: 2.2 c.f. (6 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 233
Abstract: Papers of David Kaplan, a labor economist who organized the research department of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America and served as their chief economist. Included is personal correspondence and lecture material; correspondence, newsletters, reports, and legal and subject files from his work with the Teamsters, including files created as trustee of Milk Drivers and Dairy Employees Local No. 584; and a small amount of material from the Economics of Distribution Foundation, of which he was the first president. Correspondents include Dave Beck, Thomas Flynn, and Dan Tobin.
Kaplan, Richard, 1925- Title: Richard Kaplan Papers, 1905-2006
Quantity: 53.6 cubic feet; 95 tape recordings, 31 videorecordings, 60 cans of film, 45 film reels (16 mm), 70 photographs, 12 negative strips, 26 negatives, and 12 transparencies
Call Number: M87-025; M87-269; M94-166; M94-357; M97-052; M99-024; M2003-053; M2004-107; M2006-118; M2007-065; M2011-091; M2012-117
Abstract: Papers of Richard Kaplan (1925-), a documentary film and television writer, director, and producer. Included in the manuscript collection are production and distribution files consisting of research notes, grant information, scripts, work logs, transcripts, reviews, publicity materials, and photographs. Also included are tape recordings, videotapes and film (including soundtracks) from his career, including the documentaries A Look at Liv and King: Montgomery to Memphis; television projects, including They Came for Good, on the history of Jews in the United States; and feature films, including projects on Varian Fry, an American journalist involved in the Emergency Rescue Committee (later known as the International Rescue Committee), which assisted refugees during World War II.
Kaplow, Alicia, 1945- Title: Alicia Kaplow Papers, 1964-1968
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes) and 2 photographs
Call Number: Mss 507; PH Mss 507
Abstract: Papers of Alicia Kaplow, a lawyer who headed the UW Friends of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, a SNCC support group, while she was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Although the largest portion of the collection consists of general material, mainly printed SNCC mailings regarding activities in Mississippi, chapter records consist of a constitution, notes of its first meetings in October 1964, flyers relating to programs and meetings, correspondence with the national SNCC headquarters and with SNCC volunteers in the South, mailing lists, and dues and contributions receipts. There is also a folder of flyers pertaining to anti-Vietnam War protests, and two photographs, including one of Alicia Kaplow.
Kappa Delta Pi. Beta Omicron Chapter (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) Title: Kappa Delta Pi, Beta Omicron Chapter Records, 1929-1982
Quantity: 1 cubic ft. (3 boxes) 1 scrapbook
Call Number: UWM Archival Collection 112
Abstract: Records of the UWM chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national honorary society in education. The collection contains a constitution and by-laws, annual reports, correspondence, minutes, initiation and chapter activity materials, membership cards and lists, scrapbooks, financial records, and other miscellaneous materials.
Kappa Epsilon Title: Kappa Epsilon Records, 1921-1999
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (4 record center cartons) and 58 photographs
Call Number: M2003-155
Abstract: Records of Kappa Epsilon (KE), a professional pharmacy fraternity, founded by Zada M. Cooper on May 13, 1921 in Iowa City, Iowa, with the intent of promoting pharmacy as a career for women. Kappa Epsilon supports scholastic and professional development of its members through awards, scholarships, and fellowships, and with the establishment of the Kappa Epsilon Foundation in 1992. Collegiate and alumni chapters are active nationwide. The collection documents the fraternity's advocacy activities on behalf of women in the pharmaceutical profession.
Karcher, Selma Title: Oral History Interviews with Selma Karcher, 1982-1983
Quantity: 7 tape recordings
Call Number: Tape 1071A
Abstract: Interviews, 1982-1983, conducted by John Karcher with his grandmother Selma, age 93, in Walworth County, Wisconsin. They discuss her pre-World War I youth in the Lorraine province of Germany, war and post-war experiences after Lorraine became part of France, immigration to the U.S. in the 1920's, the great Depression, World War II memories, a trip back to Wolfskirchen in the late 1940's, and family and general information.
Kasson, D. N. Title: D. N. Kasson Letters, 1862, 1879-1881
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder)
Call Number: File 1862 August 19
Abstract: Letters and telegrams, 1879-1881, between Captain D. N. Kasson, Milwaukee, Wis., and General U. S. Grant, inviting Grant to a Wisconsin soldiers' reunion; letters to Grant from others recommending Kasson for the job as pension agent in Milwaukee; and an 1862 certificate appointing N. Monroe Dodson the Examining Surgeon for Green Bay, signed by Governor Edward Salomon.
Kasten, Robert W. Title: Robert W. Kasten Papers, 1974-1992
Quantity: 26.0 c.f., 789 reels of microfilm (in 20 half record center cartons), 237 videorecordings and 1 film (in 11 record center cartons), and 3 tape recordings
Call Number: M78-637; M93-010
Abstract: Papers of Robert W. Kasten, Jr., Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, 1974 to 1978, and then Senator from 1980-1992. Kasten served on the House Select Committee on Intelligence and the Small Business Committee in the Senate. Other legislative interests include product liability and environmental issues. The collection documents both Kasten's Congressional and Senate careers, although coverage for the latter is more extensive.
Kasten, William A., 1956- Title: William A. Kasten Papers, 1982-1986
Quantity: 4.8 c.f. (12 archives boxes)
Call Number: Stevens Point Mss BM
Abstract: Legislative papers of William A. Kasten, a Republican representative of Wisconsin's 62nd and 86th Assembly Districts from 1982 to 1986. The collection mainly consists of subject files arranged alphabetically, with emphasis on agricultural topics such as Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH), groundwater contamination, dairy price supports, and agricultural waste runoff. Files include correspondence, clippings, brochures, reports, press releases, speeches, and notes. There is also a small series of general correspondence dating 1984-1986 with constituents, staff, lobbyists, and other legislators.
Kastenmeier, Robert Title: Robert Kastenmeier Papers, 1950-1990 (bulk 1959-1990)
Quantity: 263.4 c.f. (255 record center cartons and 26 archives boxes), 0.2 c.f. of photographs, negatives, and transparencies (1 archives box), 27 tape recordings, 1 film, and 20 videorecordings (in 1 archives box and 2 video boxes)
Call Number: M91-048; Audio 1644A; AE 220
Abstract: Papers of Robert Kastenmeier, a longstanding Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives for Wisconsin's Second District, documenting his career in Congress (1959-1991). As a member of the House Judiciary Committee and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Courts, Civil Liberties, and the Administration of Justice, the papers reflect Kastenmeier's interests and work on copyright and patent laws, intellectual property rights, civil rights, civil liberties, the courts, criminal code, prison reform, and prisoners' rights. The papers also document Kastenmeier's involvement in the impeachment proceedings of Judge Harry E. Claiborne and President Nixon; and his leadership role in the Liberal Group and the Democratic Study Group. Included are correspondence files, bill files, publicity and press files, legislative and committee files, and campaign related materials (including sound, film and video recordings).
Katanyan Bank (La Crosse, Wis.). Title: Katanyan Bank Bank Notes
Physical Description: 0.2 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 004
Abstract: Bank notes, 1857-1861, of the Katanyan Bank, La Crosse, Wisconsin's first bank. The bank was owned by La Crosse resident Wilson Colwell. When Colwell was killed in a Civil War battle in the fall of 1862, the bank crashed. There are no other records with this collection other than the ephemeral bank notes.
Katharine Martindale Family Title: Katharine Martindale Family Papers, 1699-1977
Quantity: 20.4 cubic feet (51 archives boxes)
Call Number: La Crosse Mss BD
Abstract: Papers collected and generated by Katharine Martindale (1890-1977), the last member of a family which settled in La Crosse, Wisconsin in the 1850s. After graduation from Smith College in 1912 Miss Martindale taught home economics for several years before returning permanently to La Crosse and carrying on the family insurance business. She spent the later years of her life researching and collecting family history and working to preserve the family home at 10th and Cass Streets (now listed in the National Register of Historic Places). The collection includes not only her own papers and those of her immediate family, but also those of her grandparents, great-parents, Vermont ancestors and others. The papers consist primarily of correspondence; business and financial papers; eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century estate settlements; legal documents; detailed eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Vermont farm records; and papers related to the Martindale home. Most of the correspondence is among family members and reveals the details of their daily lives: births, courtships, travels, college life, illnesses, deaths, family business matters, personal problems, and accounts of mundane activities such as washing, sewing, cooking, plowing, gardening, etc. The majority of the business and financial papers are the extensive records (circa 1850-1950) for the family's insurance firm, but there are also records from real estate, lumbering, and merchandising concerns. Further papers of interest are the school papers for various family members and eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Congregational Church records from Tinmouth, Wallingford, and Benson, Vermont, as well as La Crosse.
Katkov, Norman, 1918- Title: Norman Katkov Papers, 1930-1968
Quantity: 14.0 c.f. (34 archives boxes, 1 volume)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 130AN
Abstract: Papers of Norman Katkov, a journalist and writer of short stories, novels, screenplays, and teleplays. Included are scripts primarily relating to his television work, non-theatrical writings, and correspondence. Although Katkov has written for many dramatic television series, most of these programs are represented only by scripts for single episodes. Larger files are present, however, for Ben Casey (ABC), 87th Precinct (NBC), The Loner (CBS), Maya (NBC), The Outlaws (NBC), Slattery's People (CBS), The Virginian (NBC), and Wanted: Dead or Alive (CBS). Screenplays consist almost entirely of outlines and proposals for unproduced works, the exceptions to this being multiple script drafts for It Happened to Jane (Col., 1959) and Strangers When We Meet (Col., 1960). Non-theatrical writings include a manuscript and related materials for The Fabulous Fanny (1953), Katkov's biography of Fanny Brice; multiple drafts of the novel Eric Mattson (1964); and short stories and columns for the New York World-Telegram and the North American Newspaper Alliance. There are also biographical materials and informative correspondence made up of both incoming and outgoing letters about personal and business matters.
Katz, Myer, 1910-1993 Title: Myer Katz Papers
Physical Description: 2.2 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS P
Abstract: The papers consist of research materials, notes, and drafts generated by Katz during preparation of his book, Echoes of Our Past, a collection of vignettes about La Crosse history.
Katz, Myer, 1910-1993 Title: Myer Katz Letter to Robert Bruegmann Concerning the History of the Burlington Northern Depot at 2nd and Pearl Streets, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 019
Abstract: Letter from Myer Katz to Robert Bruegmann, June 6, 1980, covering the history of the Burlington Northern Depot at 2nd and Pearl Streets in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Katz, Stanley Nider Title: Stanley N. Katz Research Files, circa 1959-1963
Quantity: 0.8 cubic feet (6 card file boxes)
Call Number: Mss 187
Abstract: Research files of Stanley Katz, a historian of the American Colonial period, consisting of notes and a bibliography for Newcastle's New York (1968), on Anglo-American politics in New York, 1732-1753, especially concerning governors Cosby and Clinton; and notes for A Brief Narrative of the Case and Trial of J.P. Zenger (1963).
Kaub, Verne P., 1884- Title: Verne P. Kaub Papers, 1908-1950
Quantity: 5.1 c.f. (5 record center cartons and 1 oversize folder), 54 photographs, and 1 drawing
Call Number: M2004-198
Abstract: Papers, 1908-1950 (primarily 1927-1949), of Verne P. Kaub, a Wisconsin newspaperman, publicist, and religious activist. In the 1930s Kaub’s concern focused on the influence of communism and socialism on American religion, government, and free enterprise. Much of the material in the collection documents his efforts to combat what he saw as the growing strength of communism within the Congregational Church, especially the Church’s Council for Social Action, and in American Protestant churches in general. In 1949 these concerns, among others, led to his founding of the American Council of Christian Laymen.
Kaufman, George S. (George Simon), 1889-1961 Title: George S. Kaufman Papers, 1912-1958
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes) and 4 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 12AN; Micro 1198
Abstract: Papers of a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and director, consisting primarily of correspondence, scripts, and microfilmed biographical scrapbooks. The correspondence contains originals or copies of letters from Fred Allen, Winthrop Ames, George Arliss, Eleanor Belmont, Walter Damrosch, Joseph E. Davies, Robert H. Davis, Theodore Dreiser, James A. Farley, Arthur Hopkins, Otto Kahn, Groucho and Harpo Marx, Adolph Menjou, William Saroyan, Alfred E. Smith, Henry L. Stimson, John Steinbeck, Booth Tarkington, Oswald Garrison Villard, William Allen White, Alexander Woollcott, and others. There are scripts (some annotated) for seventeen produced and unproduced plays and motion pictures including The Butter and Egg Man (1925), The Late George Apley (1944), The Man Who Came to Dinner (1939) and several other works on which Kaufman collaborated with Marc Connelly, Ruth Goodman Goetz, Laueen MacGrath, Morrie Ryskind, Howard Teichmann and others. The remainder of the collection consists of notes pertaining to Of Thee I Sing (1931); scrapbooks (available only on microfilm) concerning Dulcy (1921), The Man Who Came to Dinner, and The Senator Was Indiscreet (1947); and other miscellany. The entire collection is also available on microfilm.
Kaukauna Women's Club (Kaukauna, Wis.) Title: Kaukauna Women's Club Records, 1894-1977
Quantity: 3.6 c.f. (9 archives boxes)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 72
Abstract: Records of the Kaukauna affiliate of the Wisconsin Federation of Women's Clubs, including minutes, yearbooks, financial records, scrapbooks, and publications which document their community health projects, promotion of a public library, and other activities; and records of its predecessor, the Mutual Improvement and Literary Society of South Kaukauna.
Kaynor, Fay Campbell, 1924- Title: Lisle Lester Research Papers, 1851-2001
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (1 record center carton)
Call Number: M2004-051
Abstract: Research papers, 1851-2001, of Fay Campbell Kaynor for her book, Lapdogs and Bloomer Girls: The Life and Times of Lisle Lester. Lisle Lester was born Sophia Walker in Massachusetts but came to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin as a young girl and attended Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Lester was a progressive journalist and editor, author, and champion of women’s rights. Kaynor’s research includes annotated photocopies of publications edited by Lester, columns written by Lester, and articles and reviews about Lester and her publications. Also included are reviews of Lester’s dramatic tours around the country, biographical materials detailing her travels, education, and death, and a copy of Kaynor’s book.
Kayra Title: Kayra Records, 1987-2005
Extent: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes), 401 photographs (1 archives box), 3 videotapes, and 1 cassette tape
Call Number: M2008-010
Abstract: Records of a Madison (Wisconsin) social club for widows and widowers, documenting the activities of the group, including its 25th reunion celebration in 1992. Interviews with founders Irene Hendrickson, Megan Thorstad, and George Lundun are included on videotape and cassette (Hendrickson).
Kaysen, James P. Title: James P. Kaysen Papers, 1922-1980
Quantity: 7.5 cubic feet (4 record center cartons, 2 archives boxes, 10 flat boxes, and 1 roll) and 97 photographs and 70 negatives (in 1 archives box); plus additions of 1.6 cubic feet and 90 photographs
Call Number: M95-226; M96-015; M2002-033
Abstract: Papers of civil engineer and Wisconsin railroad historian James P. Kaysen, consisting of his extensive research files and map collection documenting the history of Wisconsin’s railroads.

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