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Kubly, Herbert Title: Herbert Kubly Papers, 1955-1975
Quantity: 1.6 cubic ft. (4 boxes)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 26
Abstract: Papers of Wisconsin author Herbert Kubly. The collection primarily contains drafts and proofs of some of his works. Some correspondence and clippings are also included.
Kubly, Herbert 1915-1996 Title: Herbert Kubly Papers, 1965-1969
Quantity: 1.6 c.f. (4 archives boxes)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 108AF
Abstract: Papers of Kubly (1915-1996), author, journalist, and playwright, comprised mainly of material about his 1969 book on Greece, Gods and Heroes. Included are interviews with various Greek political, social, and cultural figures; a journal maintained during travels in Greece, 1965-1966; and drafts and a published copy of the book. There are also mimeographed copies of two plays, The Virus and Men to the Sea (1944).
Kucharski, Thaddeus M. Title: Thaddeus M. Kucharski Papers, 1914-1953 , 1960
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 31
Abstract: Collected papers of Kucharski, a Milwaukee resident, documenting his involvement with several parish theatrical groups of St. Hedwig's Catholic Church, his children's school years, and family church activities.
Kuehl, Frank W., 1894- Title: Oral History Interview with Frank W. Kuehl, 1980
Quantity: 2 tape recordings
Call Number: Tape 822A
Abstract: Interview, May 1, 1980, by Dale Treleven of the Historical Society staff with Frank W. Kuehl, concerning his youth in Fountain City, Wis.; political work with John Blaine, Ralph Immell, and Bob La Follette, Sr.; and experiences with Wisconsin's bank stabilization program and with the Reconstruction Finance Corporation in Washington, D.C.
Kuehl, Frank W., 1894- Title: Frank W. Kuehl Papers, 1896, 1911-1981
Quantity: 30.8 c.f. (77 archives boxes), 7 reels of microfilm (35mm), and 3 tape recordings
Call Number: Mss 617; Micro 984; Tape 987A
Abstract: Papers of Frank W. Kuehl, a teacher, lawyer, and bureaucrat active in the Progressive Republican movement in the first half of the twentieth century. He was Governor John J. Blaine's executive secretary and participated in a number of political campaigns in the 1920s, notably the Progressive Republican Al Smith for President Club of which he was secretary. After Blaine's election to the U.S. Senate, Kuehl served as assistant attorney general for the state of Wisconsin, stabilization director for the Banking Department during the early years of the Depression, and secretary to the Committee on Indian Affairs. Kuehl was Blaine's legal counsel during the latter's tenure on the board of governors of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) in Washington, D.C. Kuehl remained with the RFC until 1954 when he became attorney and Washington lobbyist for the American Medical Association. He later served as assistant to the director of the Office of Labor-Management and Welfare-Pensions Reports of the Department of Labor. Since his retirement in 1964, Kuehl actively participated on the Board of Directors of the First National Bank of Rice Lake, Wisconsin; in the affairs of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Washington, D.C.; and in the planning and completion of the Peter J. Muhlenberg Memorial in Washington. The records document Kuehl's professional, political, and civic activities and also include comprehensive personal and family records, memorabilia, letters written between Kuehl and Marion Jeannette (Jane) Sattre before their marriage, and other correspondence with family and friends.
Kukor, Cynthia M.;
Milwaukee (Wis.). Common Council.
Title: Cynthia M. Kukor Aldermanic Records, 1968-1977
Quantity: 2.0 cubic ft. (6 boxes)
Call Number: City of Milwaukee Archival Collection 23
Abstract: Records of Common Council Alderwoman Cynthia Kukor, who served Milwaukee's 11th District from 1972-1979. Contains correspondence, reports, clippings, and photographs.
Kunstbeck, L.J. Title: L.J. Kunstbeck Photographs, 1947-1948
Quantity: .2 cubic ft. (1 box) 56 safety film negatives
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 187
Abstract: Photographs (both negatives and prints) mostly of Milwaukee from 1947 and 1948. Many of the images were taken at the Milwaukee lakefront. Of particular interest are the images of Milwaukee train stations that are no longer standing.
Kunstler, William Moses, 1919- Title: William Moses Kunstler Speech, 1968
Quantity: 2 tape recordings
Call Number: Audio 821A
Abstract: Speech, June 24, 1968, by William Kunstler, a lawyer well known for his defense of radical clients and issues. The speech, which was presented before an unidentified national meeting of Unitarians, concerns political repression of dissent, especially that of black activist H. Rap Brown (Jamil Al-Amin), a Kunstler client.
Kuoni-Reuter Auxiliary Post No. 167, Title: Kuoni-Reuter Auxiliary Post No. 167 Records and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.8 linear ft. (2 archives boxes and 1 oversized folder) of papers and 1 folder of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 749
Abstract: Records of the American Legion, Kuoni-Reuter Auxiliary Post 167, a Sauk City, Wisconsin chapter of a patriotic women's organization devoted to the care of veterans and the promotion of patriotism. Collection consists largely of a near-complete set of meeting minutes. Starting with the first auxiliary meeting in 1926, these minutes relate the names of officers, the activities of the group such as selling poppies, recreational gatherings, and social concerns like promoting patriotism. Also included in the collection are ledgers that provide a glimpse at the financial workings of the auxiliary. Other materials include membership lists from the 1990's and various revisions of the auxiliary's constitution and by-laws. Photographs include two shots of the Sauk Prairie veterans memorial and two shots of unidentified members of the auxiliary.
Kuoni-Reuter Post 167, Title: Kuoni-Reuter Post 167 Records and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.6 linear ft. (2 archives boxes and 2 oversize folders) of papers and 1 folder of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 760
Abstract: Records of the American Legion, Kuoni-Reuter Post 167, a Sauk City, Wisconsin chapter of a voluntary fraternal association of veterans dedicated to veteran's causes, community service, and promoting patriotism. Collection consists largely of meeting minutes and post service records. The minutes begin at the first post meeting in 1922 and run through 1937. They relate the names of officers and the activities of the group such as fund raisers and recreational gatherings. The post service records contain information about the military service of many of the members. Also included are membership lists from the 1990's and some scattered financial records. The photographs consist of two shots of members, one from early in the post's history and one showing aged World War I veterans from the post.
Kuryer Polski (Milwaukee, Wis.) Title: Kuryer Polski Records, 1907-1961
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Milwaukee Micro 29; Micro 881
Abstract: Partial records of the first Polish language daily newspaper in the United States, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1888, and of its founder, Michael Kruszka. Although the collection primarily documents the operation of the newspaper through minutes of board of directors meetings, 1915-1926; a scrapbook, 1907-1916; and subscriber lists, 1960-1961, there are a few letters written by Kruszka to Milwaukee Archbishop Sebastian Messmer which illustrate the lengthy conflict between Kruszka and the Roman Catholic clergy. The scrapbook also includes typewritten and printed directives to employees, office memoranda, payroll records, layout instructions, regulations, and policies. With Kruszka's papers are a photograph of him, other correspondence, articles of incorporation and by-laws of the Kuryer Polski, circulation statistics, subscription information, and advertising policies. Most of the material is in Polish. The collection was compiled by the donor, Szymon St. Deptula.
Kuryer Publishing Company (Milwaukee, Wis.) Title: Kuryer Publishing Company Records, 1893-1961
Quantity: 9 cubic ft. (19 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 46
Abstract: Collection includes records of the Kuryer Publishing Company that printed the Polish language daily newspaper, Kuryer Polski, and managed the Kuryer Agency. Although the collection consists of only partial records of the Kuryer Publishing Company, the material is especially valuable for both documenting the demise of the ethnic press and for a study of inter-war immigration policies. In addition, the collection possesses valuable genealogical material. The Kuryer Agency's records are primarily correspondence in Polish and English relating to the Agency's efforts in assisting its clients in citizenship matters, transmitting funds to Poland, investing in Polish bonds, purchasing steamship tickets to and from Poland, and obtaining immigration visas for relatives in Poland. The Kuryer Publishing Company's records are primarily correspondence and business records concerning the daily operations of the Kuryer Polski. Extensive correspondence with various Polish organizations document the Kuryer's importance in Polish American communities throughout North America. Letters from readers with various requests for information and assistance chronicle the Kuryer's prominence in America's Polonia.
Kutcher Civil Rights Committee Title: Kutcher Civil Rights Committee Records, 1948-1973
Quantity: 4 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 810
Abstract: Records of a committee formed in 1948 which successfully fought James Kutcher's dismissal from government employment because of his membership in the Socialist Workers Party. Included are correspondence, form letters, press releases, speeches, financial records, clippings, legal briefs, hearing transcripts, and a copy of Kutcher's book, The Case of the Legless Veteran (1953). The correspondence relates chiefly to Kutcher's legal defense and to enlistment of union support. Prominent correspondents include Farrell Dobbs, James T. Farrell, Alfred Kazin, Carey McWilliams, Alexander Meiklejohn, Lewis Mumford, Joseph L. Rauh, Jr., I. F. Stone, and Norman Thomas.
Kutler, Stanley I. Title: Stanley I. Kutler Papers, 1984-1988
Quantity: 11.8 c.f. (7 record center cartons and 8 file boxes) and 69 tape recordings
Call Number: M2002-172; Audio 1626A
Abstract: Research papers created and compiled by University of Wisconsin Professor Stanley I. Kutler, while doing research for his book, The Wars of Watergate: the Last Crisis of Richard Nixon (1990). The papers include research files (1984-1988) consisting of correspondence; documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act; research subject files; card file boxes containing note cards, bibliographic citations and photocopies; taped interview files containing correspondence, notes and transcripts; and tape recordings of interviews with Elias Demetracopoulos, Leonard Garment, Charles Lichenstein, Melvin Laird, John Mitchell, Edward Morgan, and Elliot Richardson among others.
Kutzbach, John, Professor Title: John Kutzbach papers
Quantity: 10 Linear Feet Ten record storage cartons Ten linear feet of documents, bound volumes and photographs.
Call Number: uac114
Abstract: The John Kutzbach papers document the academic and professional activities of Professor John Kutzbach at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences between 1966 and 2002 and the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research of which he was at one point the director. Kutzbach's work ranged from analysis of atmospheric circulation to paleoclimate studies in which he investigated the role of earth's orbit in producing climatic phenomena as well as the effects of emerging geographic features on weather patterns. Kutzbach's work included collaborations across a number of academic disciplines and the helped improve the quality of climate models and projections. The unprocessed collection contains four and a half linear feet of Kutzbach's general files, one and half linear feet of course materials, two and a half linear feet of activity reports, one foot of bound publications, and a small number of photographs. The collection also contains 1.09 Gigabytes of electronic material.

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