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Sparrow, Ray, 1915-1985 Title: Ray Sparrow Papers, 1915-1985
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes) and 2 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Mss 300; Micro 2040
Abstract: Papers, mainly 1958-1968, of Ray Sparrow, a Socialist Workers Party leader also known by his pen name Art Sharon. The collection consists almost entirely of correspondence exchanged with SWP leaders such as James P. Cannon and Farrell Dobbs about Sparrow's work as San Francisco branch organizer and with Ernest Mandel about the United Secretariat of the Trotskyist Fourth International. Brief writings include a review of The Power Elite and a broadcast reply to comments made by Seymour Martin Lipset about HUAC. Also included is an obituary and documents pertaining to matters within CPUSA during the late 1950s.
Spartacist League Title: Spartacist League Records, 1964-1974
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 500
Abstract: Brief records of a Trotskyist organization formed about 1962 as the result of a split within the Socialist Workers Party, including minutes of national and New York City chapter meetings, two position papers of its youth group, the Revolutionary Communist Youth, and many printed fliers.
Spaulding, Dudley J., 1834- Title: Dudley J. Spaulding Papers, 1849-1876, 1894-1899
Quantity: 1.2 cubic feet (3 archives boxes including 4 volumes)
Call Number: La Crosse Mss T
Abstract: Papers of Spaulding, a lumberman from Black River Falls, Wisconsin, and an official of Jackson County, Wisconsin. The collection consists mainly of incoming letters, 1856-1875, containing information on Spaulding's lumber business in Iowa, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. Other papers pertain to his operation in Wisconsin of a sawmill, flour mills, a sash, door, and blind factory, a blacksmith shop, and retail stores. Some letters indicate his interests in railroads, farms, and the importation of tobacco. A few papers relate to his work as clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Jackson County, clerk of the circuit court, and contractor for the boarding, lodging, and transportation of Civil War troops in the area. A few papers of his father, Jacob Spaulding, founder of Black River Falls, are included in the collection.
Specht, Raymond Title: Raymond Specht Railroad Depot Records, 1889-1964
Quantity: 117.0 c.f. (110 record center cartons and 14 flat boxes), 29 negatives, and 1 photograph
Call Number: M76-487
Abstract: Railroad depot records, 1889-1964, collected by Raymond Specht, from various railroads serving Wisconsin communities, including the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha Railroad; the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad; the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad (the Milwaukee Road); and the Green Bay and Western Railway.
Special Libraries Association. Wisconsin Chapter Title: Special Libraries Association, Wisconsin Chapter Records, 1931-2007
Quantity: 3.2 cubic ft. (5 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 185
Abstract: Records of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) dating from its formation in 1931. The records include annual, financial, and committee reports, minutes, correspondence, chapter newsletters, program announcements, membership directories and lists, and other materials that document special library issues, chapter activities, and SLA chapter procedures.
Spence-McCord Drug Company. Title: Spence-McCord Drug Company Records
Physical Description: 0.4 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 036
Abstract: Records of the Spence-McCord Drug Company (La Crosse, Wisconsin), consisting mainly of stockholders’ certificates (1921-1969). The collection also includes the amended articles of incorporation (1920), various legal documents (1895-1937) which are mostly mortgages and deeds associated with Spence-McCord land, and a stockholders’ meeting book (1905-1947).
Spence-McCord Drug Company. Title: Spence-McCord Drug Company Records
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 094
Abstract: Records of the Spence-McCord Drug Company in La Crosse, Wisconsin include articles of incorporation (1905) and a trust deed (1937).
Spencer, Joseph H., 1835-187- Title: Joseph H. Spencer Papers, 1861-1881
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (1 archives box and 2 oversize folders)
Call Number: Mss 154
Abstract: Papers of Spencer, a soldier in Co. G of the 1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment and an officer in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, consisting of letters to his sister, 1861-1865, which relate daily experiences of military life, enthusiasm for the Union cause, treatment of the war in the northern press, and attitudes toward Indians on the Minnesota frontier; his commission as a major in the Signal Corps; Military General Order #26; miscellany concerning Spencer and his regiment; and ten 1872 letters written by Spencer while on business trips in Minnesota.
Sperber, A. M. (Ann M.), 1935- Title: A. M. Sperber Papers, 1886-1986
Quantity: 15.5 c.f. (12 record center cartons, 8 archives boxes, 4 card boxes, and 1 oversize folder) and 88 photographs
Call Number: M89-141
Abstract: Research files consisting primarily of Ann M. Sperber's research files and annotated manuscripts related to her work, Murrow: His Life and Times. The research files include materials that document Murrow's early life in Greensboro, North Carolina, his experiences as a war correspondent during World War II, his public feud with Senator Joseph McCarthy, his career with CBS, and his directorship of the United States Information Agency.
Spicer-Buschman Printing Company (La Crosse, Wis.) Title: Spicer-Buschman Printing Company Records, 1894-1915, 1968
Quantity: 0.4 cubic feet (1 flat box)
Call Number: La Crosse Mss AJ
Abstract: Records of the Spicer-Buschman Printing Company consisting of a daybook recording incoming and outgoing monies, 1894-1895; a sample book, 1903-1915; and a 1968 clipping on the history of the company.
Spier, William, d. 1973;
Havoc, June
Title: William Spier and June Havoc Papers, 1931-1963
Quantity: 15.2 c.f. (38 archives boxes)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 97AN
Abstract: Papers of a radio and television producer-director and his actress-wife. Radio material, which is the most complete aspect of the collection, includes files of annotated scripts and correspondence on The Adventures of Sam Spade, Philip Morris Playhouse, Suspense, and other series which Spier produced and directed for CBS. Television files include many scripts which he wrote including an award-winning effort for The Untouchables (ABC). Also present are extensive files on Willy (NBC), which he produced and which starred June Havoc. Her career is also represented in Lady Possessed (Republic, 1952), which Spier also directed, and by a small group of other motion picture and theater scripts.
Spies, Adrian, 1920-1998 Title: Adrian Spies Papers, 1949-1969
Quantity: 10.8 c.f. (27 archives boxes) and 4 reels of film
Call Number: U.S. Mss 61AN; DC 720-723
Abstract: Papers of Spies, a writer for television and film, consisting of notes, synopses, scripts, scene breakdowns, correspondence, clippings, and miscellaneous writings. The majority of the collection focuses on his television and motion picture work and concerns television programs such as Climax (CBS), Desilu Playhouse (CBS), Dr. Kildare (NBC), Robert Montgomery Presents (NBC), Studio One (CBS), The Walter Winchell File (ABC), The Bold Ones (NBC), Felony Squad (ABC), A Man Called Shenandoah (ABC), and Star Trek (NBC); and motion pictures such as Dark of the Sun and Guns for San Sebastian. Also included are many outlines and pilot scripts for other series. A file dealing with the Star Trek series includes several memoranda from Gene Roddenberry, the series creator, which offer general guidelines for writers who authored early scripts and which discuss topics such as the personalities of the running characters, sets, technological devices of the future, and storylines. The films are recordings of his award-winning teleplays “Edge of Truth” for Studio One and “Island in the City” for Climax.
Spirit (Price County, Wis.: Town) Title: Spirit (Price County, Wis.: Town) Records, 1879-1987
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (1 archives box, 1 flat box, and 5 volumes)
Call Number: Price Series 39
Abstract: Records of the Town of Spirit in Price County including the town clerk's financial record books, 1879-1987; treasurer's record books, 1879-1987; election records, 1896-1903; Justice of the Peace dockets, 1882-1951; and a plat book, 1940.
Spitzer, Robert R., 1922- Title: Robert R. Spitzer Papers, 1939-2009
Quantity: 39.4 cubic feet (38 records center cartons, 3 archives boxes, and 1 flat box) and 1.3 cubic feet of photographs (1 archives box, 1 flat box, and 1 oversize folder)
Call Number: M2018-009
Abstract: Papers, 1939-2009, of Dr. Robert R. Spitzer (Burlington, Wisconsin) relating to his life and career as a businessman, author, educator, and an advocate for fighting world hunger. Contains files relating to Murphy Products Company, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), Roundy's Foods, Rotary International, Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA), and other organizations, personal and professional correspondence, drafts and research notes for books, speeches, college course notes, foreign travel material, and photographs.
Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998 Title: Speech and Audience Questions with Benjamin Spock, 1972
Quantity: 1 tape recording
Call Number: Audio 811A
Abstract: Speech and audience questions, October 4, 1972, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by Benjamin Spock, the well-known pediatrician, author, and anti-war activist during the course of his People's Party Presidential campaign. The tape includes an explanation of the party platform and a defense of his views on family life and child rearing against criticism from feminists in the audience.
Spohn, William H., 1889- Title: William H. Spohn Papers, 1918-1952
Quantity: 10.6 c.f.
Call Number: M96-219; M97-147; M2000-003
Abstract: Papers of William H. Spohn, a Madison, Wisconsin attorney active in the field of labor relations and prominent in state and local civic affairs. The collection documents his various professional and personal activities in association with the law firm of Spohn, Ross, Stevens, and Lamb; the National War Labor Board; the Heil Company; the Jean Nicolet Memorial Commission; the Wisconsin Society for Mental Health; the National Recovery Administration’s State Adjustment Board; and the Madison Citizens Committee for Displaced Persons. The collection consists of materials which provide insight into labor history, public welfare development, and wartime conditions on the homefront, and includes correspondence, referee decisions, transcripts or notes of testimony and meetings, reports, clippings, legal briefs, copies of relevant policies and procedures manuals, and speeches.
Sports Car Club of La Crosse. Title: Sports Car Club of La Crosse Records
Physical Description: 1.8 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 093
Abstract: Area car enthusiasts formed Sports Car Club of La Crosse in 1957. The club sponsors many events including rallies, gymkhanas, icekhanas, and social activities. The organization is still active. Most of the collection consists of materials relating to the club’s events such as gymkhanas, rallies, and results from events. Other materials include articles of incorporation, bylaws, financial reports, membership lists, and minutes. A few materials such as articles of incorporation and bylaws are included from a related organization, the Hiawatha Valley Motorsports Council, Ltd. This group coordinated and unified motorsport activities among car clubs in the upper Midwest.
Spott, Barney F. (Bronislaw Francis), 1898-1975 Title: Barney F. Spott Papers, 1906-1975
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes) and 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 41; Milwaukee Micro 34; Micro 907
Abstract: Papers of Spott, a Milwaukee real estate man and State Assemblyman from the 13th District (1927-29) who served in the Polish Army in World War I and was active in various veterans and civic organizations. Included are personal and family biographies and papers, photographs of Spott and other veterans, his World War I journal, financial records, and drafts of his speeches to various civic groups. Also present are legal materials prepared or secured by Spott from the Polish consulate for members of the Milwaukee Polish community, and a microfilmed scrapbook about veterans' affairs.
Sprecher, Melvin, 1911- Title: Oral History Interview with Melvin Sprecher, 1976
Quantity: 7 tape recordings
Call Number: Audio 566A
Abstract: Interview conducted by Dale Treleven of the Historical staff with Melvin Sprecher, a rural Sauk City, Wisconsin, dairy farmer who helped found Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative and served as chairman of the board of Land O'Lakes, Inc.; including discussion of consolidation of various dairy marketing cooperatives, details on the Wisconsin Creameries Association and on Dairy Maid Products Cooperative, service on national agriculture councils, dislike of the National Farmers' Organization, Sauk County school consolidation, his general farming experiences and opinions, and related topics.
Spring Valley Iron and Ore Company (Pierce County, Wis.) Title: Spring Valley Iron and Ore Company Records, 1902-1934
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: River Falls Mss BI
Abstract: Records of the Spring Valley Iron and Ore Company, an iron mining and manufacturing firm in Pierce County, Wisconsin, including correspondence between owner Frederick H. Foote and manager Charles Brown, financial records, and miscellaneous legal documents concerning land sales and a legal suit.

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