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Sobczak, Regina Title: Regina Sobczak Family Papers, 1902-1948
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder)
Call Number: Milwaukee SC 124
Abstract: Correspondence, post cards, photographs, and personal documents of Antoni Plichta, and Edward and Stanislaw Malkowski, father and maternal uncles of the donor, Regina Sobczak, Cudahy, Wisconsin. Included are official documents in Polish, English, and Russian; personal correspondence from Europe; photographs; and biographical notes written by the donor.
Sobel, Bernard Title: Bernard Sobel Papers, 1923-1962
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 52AN
Abstract: Fragmentary papers of a theatrical historian and publicist, mainly consisting of clippings and photographs of people, places, and events, many of which appeared in his pictorial histories. Also included is a manuscript of A Pictorial History of Burlesque (1956); extracts and drafts for A Pictorial History of Vaudeville (1961); and a few related letters, clippings, and articles.
Socialist Labor Party of America Title: Socialist Labor Party Records, 1877-1967
Quantity: 54.1 cubic feet (135 archives boxes and 1 oversize folder), 44 reels of microfilm (35 mm), 1.0 cubic foot of photographs, drawings, posters, and ephemera (1 flat box, 1 archives box and 3 oversize folders), and 1 tape recording
Call Number: U.S. Mss 3A; Mss 399; Micro 462; Micro 730; Micro 986; PH 4876; Audio 1928A
Abstract: Records, mainly 1877-1920, of the national office of the Socialist Labor Party, including files of the national secretary, the national executive committee, the national board of appeals, and the party press. Included are correspondence, letterbooks, membership and financial reports, clippings, leaflets, broadsides, and scrapbooks.
Socialist Party of Milwaukee Title: Socialist Party of Milwaukee, 1896-2015 , 1970-2015
Quantity: 6.6 cubic ft. (11 boxes, including 11 videocassettes and 26 audio cassettes) 9 digital files (955 MB) 1 oversize folder
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 349
Abstract: Records of the Socialist Party of Milwaukee, dating primarily from the 1970s to 2015. Due to their intertwined history, the collection also contains records from the Socialist Party of Wisconsin. The bulk of the collection consists of administrative records, such as correspondence and internal publications, and subject files documenting issues and individuals of interest to the Socialist Parties. Photographs, videocassettes, and audio cassettes, documenting the actions of the Milwaukee and Wisconsin Socialist Parties, are also included in the collection.
Socialist Party of the United States of America Title: Socialist Party of the United States of America Records, 1909-1965
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (10 archives boxes) and 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Mss 12; Micro 2094
Abstract: Records of that branch of American socialism which has gradually moved toward the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. The papers mainly date from the late 1920's to the early 1950's, most are duplicates received from the main collection of Socialist Party materials at Duke University. Included are correspondence and circular letters, minutes of various committees, reports of proceedings of conventions, copies of campaign speeches by Norman Thomas and others, newsletters, press releases, memoranda to the executive committee, resource materials, resolutions, and policy statements and position papers.
Socialist Party of the United States of America;
Socialist Party (Wis.);
Socialist Party (Milwaukee County, Wis.);
Zeidler, Frank P., 1912-2006
Title: Socialist Party Records, 1893-2021
Quantity: 51.5 cubic ft. (151 boxes) 7 oversize folders 3 oversize volumes
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 322
Abstract: This collection contains the records of the Socialist Party, USA, the Socialist Party of Wisconsin and the Socialist Party of Milwaukee County.
Socialist Workers Party Title: Socialist Workers Party Records, 1928-2002
Quantity: 209 reels of microfilm (35 mm) and 2 films; plus additions of 146.2 c.f., 156 tape recordings, 40 disc recordings, 34 photographs, and 1 film
Call Number: Micro 596; Micro 816; Micro 993; Micro 1078; Micro 2015; Micro 2050; Micro 2086; AC 588; CB 131; M74-109; M81-206; M85-006; M92-173; M93-249; M2005-027
Abstract: Records of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), an organization which had its origins in the expulsions of Trotskyists from the Communist Party in 1928, and which has been one of the most prominent radical groups in the United States. The papers document numerous social struggles with which the party was involved, its political organizing, its internal policy and doctrinal disputes, and the lawsuit, “Socialist Workers Party v. the United States Attorney General.”
Society Bersaglieri (Madison, Wis.) Title: Society Bersaglieri Records, 1912-1971
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (1 record center carton and 1 archives box)
Call Number: M86-448
Abstract: Records of the Society Bersaglieri, an Italian men's social and mutual aid society founded in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1912. The records are in Italian.
Society for Ethical Culture Title: Society for Ethical Culture Publications, 1876-1972
Quantity: 2.8 c.f. (7 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 325
Abstract: Publications of the religious fellowship, the Society for Ethical Culture, founded in 1876 by Felix Adler. These include informational material pertaining to the society and its schools, and lectures given by the leaders in the society. Also included are a 60th anniversary book commemorating the Ethical Culture movement, two volumes of school records, and a few examples of educational material published by the society.
Society of American Archivists
[Digitized content]
Title: Society of American Archivists Records, 1935-2018
Quantity: 272.9 cubic ft. (386 boxes, including 16 audio cassettes and 36 videocassettes) 1 oversize folder 8,096 digital files (422.5 GB) 1 film reel 5 microfilm reels approximately 170 books and serial titles plus additions of 13.4 cubic feet (21 boxes and 3 folders), and 2 oversize folders
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 172
Abstract: The Society of American Archivists (SAA) is the oldest and largest national professional association of archivists in North America. The collection contains materials from the organization of the SAA in 1936 to present day. The main record groups document the activities of the SAA officers; councilors; executive directors; the editorship of The American Archivist; and SAA committees, roundtables, sections, and task forces.
Society of Friends. Valton Meeting (Wis.) Title: Society of Friends. Valton Meeting (Wis.): Records, 1855?-1983
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder) and 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: SC 2911; Micro 1008
Abstract: Microfilmed records of the Valton, Wisconsin Meeting of the Society of Friends which was rooted in the Winnesheik Meeting, the Baraboo Meeting, and the Ironton (Friendswoods) Meeting and at one time included the Oaks Meeting. The records include a history of the Meeting and a history of the Valton area written circa 1952 by Gilbert Mortimer; minutes of monthly meetings, 1956-1965; and membership records, circa 1855-1983. The membership records consist of two volumes noting members of Ironton, Oaks, and Valton groups and sometimes including birthdate and place, parents' names, marriage date and place, when and how received into membership, when and how released from membership, and remarks. Also present in paper form is a transcription made from the microfilm by Pam Norvall in 2001 which includes the histories and the membership records.
Society of Women Engineers. Milwaukee Chapter Title: Society of Women Engineers, Milwaukee Chapter Records, 1962-1991
Quantity: .8 cubic ft. (3 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 168
Abstract: Collection contains records of the Milwaukee chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) consisting of correspondence, reports, newsletters, information on conferences and career guidance awards, and photographs. Also included are several SWE publications.
Soglin, Paul, 1945- Title: Paul Soglin Papers, 1967-2003
Quantity: 5.4 cubic feet (12 archives boxes and 1 flat box), 385 transparencies, 176 photographs, 46 audio recordings, 2 compact discs, and 24 videorecordings
Call Number: Mss 1039; PH 6550; Audio 1449A; VCA 258; VFA 009-VFA 010; VGA 001; VHA 603-VHA 622
Abstract: Papers of Paul Soglin, a Madison, Wisconsin student activist (1962-1972), alderman (1968-1973), and mayor (1973-1978, 1989-1997, and 2011-2019), documenting his involvement with student political actions on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus in the 1960s, his role as a former campus radical on Madison's city council in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and his six terms as a politically progressive mayor. Also documented are his mayoral campaigns, including his failed campaign in 2003, and his involvement with the United States Conference of Mayors. The collection does not contain materials from his years as Madison's 57th mayor (2011-2019).
Soil Conservation Society of America. Wisconsin Chapter Title: Soil Conservation Society of America. Wisconsin Chapter: Records, 1953-1970
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 476
Abstract: Records of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Soil Conservation Society of America (1953- ), consisting of meeting files; activity summaries, 1954-1955 and 1962-1964; programs; tour guides; a charter and constitution; a summary of the first ten years of the organization with an update in 1970; papers presented at meetings; membership lists; and miscellaneous correspondence. Also included are the Wisconsin chapter's entries in the annual chapter awards program in 1958 (subject: regional meetings), 1959 (subject: Boy Scout Committee), and 1963 (subject: land-use planning).
Sokaogon Chippewa Community Title: Sokaogon Chippewa Community Tribal Archives Project Collection, 1851-1980
Quantity: 13 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Northland Micro 11; Micro 1033
Abstract: Records assembled by the Tribal Archives and microfilmed under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities; including materials created by the tribal government, the U.S. government, and others. Tribal government records include correspondence (1936-1973); treasurer's records (1935-1969) concerning forestry, road building, and industrial development; a constitution and election materials; census rolls (1822-1968) and other tribal membership materials (1926-1972); inheritance files and materials concerning health, real estate, and natural resources; and economic development plans and studies. U.S. government records include U.S. Court of Claims and treaty materials (1902-1974); and Bureau of Indian Affairs correspondence and memoranda, including materials from the Ashland and Great Lakes Agencies (1894-1974), the Mackinac Agency (1854-1855), and Indian Agent H. R. Wells (1873-1876). The collection also includes correspondence (1874-1956) of Chief Willard Leroy Ackley and (1929-1977) of his sister, Alice Ackley Randall; materials of the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council (1961-1969), National Congress of American Indians (1944-1967), American Indian Fund and Association on American Indian Affairs (1949-1967); the Great Lakes Indian Community Voice(1956-1963); Najinakwe, the Wisconsin Tribal Women's News (1967-1969); an Ojibwa Gospel of John; histories, including The Ojibwa by Donald Murdock, Crandon (1906), and Forest County (1914); clippings and maps; and photographs by William Hagedorn, Lee Dinsmore, Vyrl Wilcox, and Olive Glasgow.
Sokolnicki, Alfred J., 1918-2002 Title: Alfred J. Sokolnicki Papers, 1936-1980
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box and 1 oversize folder), 1 reel of microfilm (35mm), and 1 tape recording
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 39; Micro 910; Milwaukee Micro 37; Milwaukee Tape 7
Abstract: Papers of Sokolnicki, dean of the College of Speech at Marquette University and prominent member of Milwaukee's Polish-American community, consisting of a variety of personal and collected documents. Included in the collection are programs and news clippings regarding the Mazur Polish Dancers; news clippings concerning individuals and groups in the Milwaukee Polish community; and a tape recording of three events: a speech made by President Jimmy Carter at an awards dinner honoring Rep. Clement Zablocki, a 1979 Marquette University Carillon Festival, and music at a 1968 Polish Wedding Mass. On microfilm are a scrapbook of clippings about the Polish Summer School, 1936-1951; and play, radio, and television scripts, in Polish and in English, written by Sokolnicki for presentation by local Milwaukee drama clubs such as the Marshal Pilsudski Club, the Polish Fine Arts Club, student groups, and the Mazur Dancers.
Solar Energy Resource Association Title: Solar Energy Resource Association Records, 1977-1982
Quantity: 2.6 c.f. (7 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 881
Abstract: Records, mainly 1979-1981, of a non-profit membership organization originally formed in 1978 to promote solar energy technology in Wisconsin for the Mid-America Solar Energy Complex and the U.S. Department of Energy. Later the organization turned to information referral, lobbying, publication of the Wisconsin Solar News, conferences, and other project-oriented activities before dissolving from lack of funding in 1982. Included are articles of incorporation; board minutes; policy papers; financial records; correspondence; project and lobbying files; and reference files on the Badger Safe Energy Alliance, the Bailly Alliance, the Black Hills Alliance, Brown County Energy Conservation Center, the Wisconsin Citizens Environmental Council, the Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition, the League Against Nuclear Dangers, the Madison Energy Conservation Committee, Northern Thunder, the Rainbow Alliance, and other state and national energy and social action organizations. Some files document the activities of president Michael Ducey as head of the Alternative Power Alliance. Wisconsin Solar News, the SERA newsletter published in cooperation with the Wisconsin Office of State Planning and Energy, is available in the Historical Society Library.
Soldiers' Relief (La Crosse, Wis.). Title: Soldiers' Relief (La Crosse, Wisconsin) Financial Balance Book
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 097
Abstract: Financial balance of the Soldiers' Relief organization of La Crosse, Wisconsin for 1898, as held by the State Bank.
Soldiers’ Relief Commission of Milwaukee County Title: Soldiers’ Relief Commission of Milwaukee County Records, 1888-1920
Quantity: 8 volumes 1 folder
Call Number: City of Milwaukee Archival Collection 51
Abstract: Records of the Soldiers’ Relief Commission, which was created to help provide financial support to Civil War veterans and their families. Contains ledgers of minutes, applications, and a record of relief given.
Solidarity (Organization : Detroit, Mich.) Title: Solidarity Records, 1986-1997
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (10 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 946
Abstract: The records of Solidarity, 1986-1997, document an independent socialist organization founded in 1986, dedicated to a regrouping of the U.S. socialist left. Solidarity's aims are to organize the unorganized, develop ties between movements, strengthen rank-and-file democracy and build international worker-to-worker links. To accomplish these aims they have supported: labor unions against corporations and “business unionism”; the peoples of many countries, particularly Central America, Indonesia and Palestine, against U.S. aggression and imperialism; reproductive rights and other feminist interests; an ecologically balanced society; and gay rights. They oppose the mainstream political parties and promote the idea of an independent political party whose agenda is determined by its members. The records, spanning the years 1986-1997 (primarily 1986-1992), provide an understanding of the scope of Solidarity as an organization, documenting its formative years, organizational development and growth, and the activities and issues of concern to the membership and leadership. The records also offer insight into the socialist regrouping effort in the U.S. during the late 1980s and into the 1990s.
Solien, William A. Title: William A. Solien Papers and Photographs,
Quantity: 0.8 linear ft. (2 archives boxes) of papers and 0.2 linear ft. (4 folders and 1 flat box) of photographs.
Call Number: WVM Mss 691
Abstract: Papers and photographs of William A. Solien, who went through officer training and served stateside during World War II. The letters exchanged among Solien, wife Elayne, and their parents make up the majority of this collection. Solien wrote about his experiences in the Army, both at classes and in service. The letters between husband and wife are filled with proclamations of love and affection and often contain sentences in Norwegian. His family relayed events from home such as marriages and deaths. Also included in the collection are Solien's discharge certificates and war ballots for the 1944 primary elections in Wisconsin. Photographs include many shots of Solien and Elayne from his furloughs home along with unidentified shots of family and friends.
Somers Civic Association Title: Somers Civic Association, 1975-1985, 1999
Quantity: 1.6 cubic feet (4 archives boxes)
Call Number: UWP Manuscript Collection 46
Abstract: This collection contains the records of the Somers Civic Association from 1975-1985. In addition to financial and administrative documents relating to the Somers Civic Association, the collection also contains various newspaper clippings, photographs and correspondences, many of them pertaining to the Miss Somers competition, which was held annually. The collection also contains documents and photographs relating to various other events organized by the Somers Civic Association, such as Independence Day parades and retirement parties.
Somers (Kenosha County, Wis.: Town). Clerk Title: Somers, Kenosha County, Wisconsin, Town Clerk Records, 1842-1977
Quantity: 4.3 cubic feet (12 archives boxes and 1 flat box)
Call Number: Kenosha Series 108
Abstract: Records of Board of Supervisors, 1842-1954; Clerk, 1914-1942; Treasurer, 1843-1977; Justice of the Peace, 1899-1904; Sanitary District, 1955-1963; and Recreation Council, 1947-1975. Types of records include minutes of town meetings; highway commission papers and road warrants; court docket; records of birth, death, and marriages; assessment rolls; chattel mortgages; financial records; and minutes of the Sanitary District and Recreation Council.
Somers United Church of Christ (Kenosha County, Wis.) Title: Somers United Church of Christ Records, 1842-1985
Quantity: 2.6 c.f. (7 archives boxes and 1 package) and 17 photographs
Call Number: Parkside Mss 67; PH 3676
Abstract: Records of a United Church of Christ (Congregational Church) congregation (1921- ) in the Town of Somers, Kenosha County, Wisconsin, which had its origins in two older congregations of the community: the Somers (Pike Grove) Presbyterian Church, which was founded by the Reverend Stephen Peet in 1839, and the Somers Methodist Episcopal Church founded in 1863. Included are sacramental records, minutes of congregation and committee meetings, lists of members and church officers, publications, annual reports, financial records, and church club records. The sacramental records document only the Presbyterian congregation for the period 1851-1921 and the Congregational Church for the period 1921-1947. The club records, which are particularly extensive, include minutes and account books documenting the Pike Grove Bible Society (1842-1966) and various women's groups.
Somers, Thomas, 1893-1978 Title: Thomas Somers Letters, 1917-1918, circa 1970
Quantity: .8 cubic ft. (2 boxes) 1 nitrate negative
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 197
Abstract: Papers of a Milwaukee native drafted into the Army near the close of World War I. The collection contains correspondence Somers wrote to his mother talking about his training at Camp Greenleaf in Georgia as well as his position as a clerk there and daily life in the Army. Also included are Somers' draft notice, a photograph of him in military dress,a film negative, a Thanksgiving menu from Camp Greenleaf, a Red Cross window flag and a song pamphlet. There is also a small collection of newspaper clippings dating from 1918 to the 1970s talking about Thomas Somers' bowling achievements. This collection contains a few artifacts including a Blue Star Service Banner, a National Army arm band, and a corded shoulder knot.
Somerset Hills PEACE (Bernardsville, N.J.) Title: Somerset Hills PEACE Records, 1970-1980
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 552
Abstract: Records, 1970-1980, of a small, Bernardsville, New Jersey women's organization which was founded in 1970 to oppose the Vietnam War and which continued to work for peace-related foreign and domestic issues in the post-war era. Included are press releases and letters to editors and elected officials written by Eleanor M. Kleinhans, head of publicity, and an undated file of literature distributed by the group.
Sondheim, Stephen, 1930-2021 Title: Stephen Sondheim Papers, 1946-1965
Quantity: 8.0 cubic feet (11 archives boxes and 9 flat boxes); plus additions of 0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 66AN; M94-241
Abstract: Papers of Stephen Sondheim, a composer and lyricist, consisting of correspondence, scripts and drafts, music and lyrics, manuscripts, and miscellaneous writings. Coverage is best for Do I Hear a Waltz? (1965), Gypsy (1957), and West Side Story (1957), for which Sondheim wrote the lyrics, and for Anyone Can Whistle (1964) and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1962), for which he wrote both the music and the lyrics. Also included are small files for several other musicals and television series, both produced and unproduced; a group of miscellaneous songs; and professional correspondence, 1949-1960. Among the prominent correspondents are George S. Kaufman and Oscar Hammerstein II.
Sondreal, Jerry, 1942- Title: Jerry Sondreal Papers, 1961-1978
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (3 archives boxes), 6 photographs, 80 negatives, and 3 pieces of emphemera
Call Number: River Falls Mss CE; PH River Falls Mss CE
Abstract: Papers of the managing editor of the Amery Free Press, Amery, Wis., documenting his work with the newspaper, his service with the Peace Corps in the Philippines (1962-1964), and his community involvement. Papers pertaining to his Peace Corps service include letters from friends in the United States and the Philippines, official memos, training brochures, and photographs. Free Press records consist of reader mail, other correspondence, and clippings. Activity in community work is revealed through the subject file, which contains material on local schools and hospitals, and organizations.
Sons of Abraham Congregation (La Crosse, Wis.) Title: Sons of Abraham Congregation (La Crosse, Wis.) Records, 1918-1958
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: La Crosse Mss AL
Abstract: Minutes, membership and financial records, and miscellaneous papers of the Orthodox Sons of Abraham Congregation in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Included are B'nai B'rith Lodge minutes and a record of cash receipts and disbursements, 1939-1943; Cemetery Association records of dues and disbursements, 1918-1948; and the congregation's minutes, 1924-1938 (in Yiddish), and financial records, 1925-1958.
Sons of Norway (U.S.). Wergeland Lodge No. 28 (La Crosse, Wis.). Title: Sons of Norway, Wergeland Lodge No. 28 Records
Physical Description: 3.8 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 027
Abstract: The Sons of Norway is a national Norwegian-American cultural fraternal organization intended for those of Norwegian decent in the United States. Among the goals of the group are to preserve the history of the Norwegian immigrants and to provide benevolent services to members in need. The La Crosse, Wisconsin, chapter known as Wergeland Lodge #28, began in 1903. Beginning in 1951, members of the Daughters of Norway Ornen Lodge #25 joined with Wergeland. In about 1975, the Coon Valley, Vernon Co., Wisconsin, chapter (Sons of Norway Helgedalen Lodge #199) merged with the Wergeland Lodge #28. Records of the Wergeland Lodge #28 of La Crosse, Wisconsin, include by-laws, constitution (1903; 1989), minutes (1926-1988), financial materials (1967-1987), membership materials (1903-1997), officers (1995), and scrapbooks (1903-2000). The membership lists 1990-1997 are restricted to access by members only and are not to be used as a mailing list. Records of the Helgedalen Lodge #199 of Coon Valley, Wisconsin, are not as extensive and include a financial materials and minutes covering 1920-1975. Some early materials are written in the Norwegian language.
Sons of the American Legion. Alonzo Cudworth Sqaudron 23 (Milwaukee, Wis.) Title: Sons of the American Legion. Alonzo Cudworth Squadron 23: Records, 1933-1941
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (5 archives boxes)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 84
Abstract: Records of a conservative Milwaukee youth organization, formed in 1934, composed of sons of American Legion post members, and dedicated to instilling values of patriotism, discipline, citizenship, and leadership. The bulk of the records pertain to the squadron's Drum Corps, begun in 1935. The materials include correspondence, administrative and financial records, constitution and bylaws, annual reports, minutes of meetings, the squadron's newspaper, and other publicity items. Also included are records documenting state and national conventions, Drum Corps competitions, and materials used for Drum Corps performances. Most of the records were created or kept by the squadron's long-time leader, Joseph Hrdlick.
Soo Line Historical and Technical Society Title: Soo Line Historical and Technical Society Records, 1909, 1915-1988
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (3 archives boxes and 1 flat box)
Call Number: M89-219
Abstract: Records (1909, 1915-1988) of the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society (SLHTS), a volunteer organization formed to document and preserve information about the Soo Line Railroad. Records include SLHTS journals, Soo Line Railroad Company shareholders’ reports, publications, and system maps; reports for the Minneapolis-Saint Paul and Sault Ste. Marie (MStP&SSM) and Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic (DSS&A) Railroads; and blueprints containing specifications for the development of a coaling station in Mellen, Wisconsin; as well as for railway equipment such as wheel gauges, sign standardization, fencing and barriers and signal posts. The collection also includes photographs of Soo Line trains, crossings and stations, and track laying.
Sorenson, Bertha Heibo Title: Bertha Heibo Sorenson Reminiscences
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 100
Abstract: Reminiscences (1942) of Bertha Heibo Sorenson, who was born in Denmark and later moved to Warrens, Wisconsin with her family.
Sosnik, Harry, 1906- Title: Harry Sosnik Papers, 1920-1966
Quantity: 77.4 c.f. (152 flat boxes and 2 card file boxes), 4 tape recordings, and 537 disc recordings
Call Number: U.S. Mss 115AN; Tape 1113A; Disc 94A
Abstract: Papers, primarily comprised of musical scores and parts, of Harry Sosnik, a composer, arranger, and conductor of radio and television music and vice-president in charge of music for the American Broadcasting Company. Included are 176 recordings of programs in the form of air checks, many representing the WNBC-TV program Musical Comedy Time; 319 pressings of Decca recordings arranged and conducted by Sosnik, 1936-1945, featuring such performers as Rudy Vallee, Dick Powell, Bing Crosby, and Judy Garland; and 46 symphonic recordings. On tape are two musical pieces from Playwrights '56 and two from the 1954 Rodgers and Hammerstein Special. The musical scores and parts consist of compositions by Sosnik and music arranged and conducted by him for radio and for television series and specials. Also included are bridges, tags, and playoffs consisting of short pieces used as introductions, lead-ins, or incidental background music.
South Central Federation of Labor (Wis.) Title: South Central Federation of Labor Records, 1881-2003
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box); plus additions of 46.8 c.f., 32 tape recordings, 3 disc recordings, 123 photographs, 50 videorecordings, 1 DVD, and 2 films
Call Number: U.S. Mss 86A; AC 486; M73-143; M73-474; M74-534; M78-335; M85-226; AC 486; M85-515; M88-346; M91-256; M93-126; M94-331; M2001-080; M2002-162; M2010-050
Abstract: Records of the South Central Federation of Labor (SCFL), a consortium of labor union locals in Dane, Sauk, Columbia, and Iowa Counties, Wisconsin, that exists to promote and extend unionism, protect and advance the interests of organized labor, and increase public understanding of the labor movement. The Federation serves as a clearinghouse for organizing efforts, supports local union activities, lobbies on behalf of labor, and plays an active role in politics and the political education of its membership. Included in the collection are materials from the state and national AFL-CIO.
South Community Organization, Inc. Title: South Community Organization Records, 1979-1997
Quantity: 0.3 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 54
Abstract: The South Community Organization was a neighborhood group formed in 1976 whose goal was to strengthen Milwaukee’s Southside community. The collection contains publications, brochures, reports, minutes and a proclamation.
South Side Business Men's Club (Milwaukee, Wis.) Title: South Side Business Men's Club (Milwaukee, Wis.) Records, 1937-1980
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box) and 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 40; Milwaukee Micro 26; Micro 873
Abstract: Records of a Milwaukee Polish-American organization founded in 1936 to protect, promote, and stimulate business and civic life among the membership and the community. Included are minutes of the board of directors, biographies of club members, constitution and by-laws, membership rosters and applications, correspondence, fragmentary financial records, a club history, and records of the Don Bosco High School Athletic Banquet, sponsored by the Club.
Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District Title: Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District: Construction of Milwaukee County Stadium and Miller Park Records, 1883-2001 (bulk 1946-2001)
Quantity: 5.4 cubic feet (12 archives boxes and 1 oversized flat box), 842 slides, 456 architectural drawings in 35 rolls, and 1.96 gigabytes (in 5 folders)
Call Number: Milwaukee Series 53; PH Milwaukee Series 53
Abstract: Records, 1883-2001 (bulk 1946-2001), of the Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District (SEWPBPD), documenting the planning, construction, and maintenance of Milwaukee County Stadium (circa 1924-1996) and the planning and construction of Miller Park (circa 1986-2001). The SEWPBPD is a public corporation established by 1995 Wisconsin Act 56 to “... acquire, construct, maintain, improve, operate and manage baseball park facilities.”
Southeast Wisconsin Regional Library Conference Title: Southeast Wisconsin Regional Library Conference Records, 1961-1986
Quantity: 0.2 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 46
Abstract: The Southeast Wisconsin Regional Library Conference (SEWRLC) was officially created in 1966 to improve libraries and library services in the seven county area of Southeast Wisconsin. This collection includes correspondence, conference materials, meeting minutes, member information and some financial records.
Southeastern Wisconsin Breeders' Cooperative Title: Southeastern Wisconsin Breeders' Cooperative Records, 1945-1975
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box and 1 volume)
Call Number: Parkside Mss 47
Abstract: Records of an organization formed for the purpose of improving the dairy herds of members through a better breeding program, chiefly through artificial insemination. The Cooperative was empowered to lease or own animals, and to employ the technicians necessary for its programs. The records include articles of incorporation, by-laws, and articles of dissolution; fragmentary correspondence; membership records; and minutes of board of directors' and special meetings. Also present are financial records, chiefly audit reports, employment contracts, a few financial and operating statements, and tax returns.
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Title: Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Records, 1960-1983
Quantity: 1.6 cubic ft. (5 boxes)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 109
Abstract: The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission was created in 1960 to work on the planning and design of public works projects, including highways, transit, water supply, and park facilities for Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington, and Waukesha counties. Collection contains meeting minutes, planning reports, publications, meeting notices, correspondence, and reports from various government agencies.
Southern Courier Title: Southern Courier Records, 1965-1967
Quantity: 3 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 484
Abstract: Records of the Southern Courier, a weekly Montgomery, Alabama paper issued by the Southern Educational Conference and founded by civil rights workers to serve the Black community in Alabama and Mississippi. Office files concerned with publishing the paper constitute one half of the collection, with the remainder made up of resource material on Alabama, Mississippi, and various civil rights organizations. The office files include published and unpublished articles and ideas; financial and circulation material; and correspondence, staff mail, and letters to the editor.
Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice Title: Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice Records, 1971-1983
Quantity: 3.8 c.f. (3 record center cartons and 2 archives boxes) and 12 tape recordings
Call Number: M84-143; Tape 1108A
Abstract: Records of the Southern Organizing Committee (SOC), a successor to the Southern Conference Educational Fund, which was co-chaired by Anne Braden and Ben Chavis. The materials document the group’s administrative and organizing activities from 1971 to 1983 through correspondence, newsletters, meeting minutes, work reports, and conference and workshop materials. The files of project director Judy Hand are included in the collection.
Southport Quilters Guild Title: Southport Quilters Guild Records, 1965-2011 (bulk 1981-2011)
Quantity: 2.6 cubic feet (6 archives boxes)
Call Number: UWP Manuscript Collection 19
Abstract: The Southport Quilters Guild was founded in 1981 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and continues to be active, with members from Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois. This collection documents the history of the organization and include meeting minutes, newsletters, event materials, correspondence, directories, photographs, and slides.
Southside Businessmen's Association (La Crosse, Wis.). Title: Southside Businessmen's Association Records
Physical Description: 0.2 cubic foot
Call Number: MSS 145
Abstract: The Southside Businessmen's Association, an organization in La Crosse, Wisconsin, started in 1946. Later, this organization joined the La Crosse Area Business Club. These records include a history of the organization from 1946 to 1983, a membership roster (1961-62), and a booklet of their constitution and by-laws (1971).

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