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1yfir prep /adv

over, about
A. prep (acc)
1. (um hreyfingu/of movement) across, over
hún óð ~ ána
she waded across the river
hann stökk ~ slána
he jumped over the bar
hengdu lampann ~ borðið
hang the lamp over the table
2. (um tíma/of time)
hann verður þar ~ daginn
he will be there for the day
fram ~ jól
until after Christmas
3. (um) about, of
orð ~ e-ð
words to express sth
listi ~ nöfn
list of names
4. (um stöðu/of position)
hann var settur ~ flokkinn
he was put in charge of the group
5. (umfram/in excess of)
sofa ~ sig
það kostar ~ 100 krónur
it costs more than 100 krónur
vera kominn ~ fertugt
be more than forty (over forty years old)
þetta hefur kosti fram ~ hitt
this is to be preferred, this has more to recommend it than the other
B. (dat)
1. (um staðsetningu/of place) over, above
myndin er ~ borðinu
the picture is over the table
lampinn er ~ borðinu
the lamp is over/above the table
hafa kápu ~ sér
have a coat over one's shoulders
2. (um stöðu/of position)
hann er ~ mér í fyrirtækinu
he is above me in the company
biskup ~ Íslandi
Bishop of Iceland
3. (um ástæðu/of cause) on account of, about
reiðast ~ e-u
get angry about sth
gleðjast ~ e-u
be glad about sth
láta vel ~ e-u
be positive about sth
4. phrases
lýsa ~ e-u
declare/announce sth
standa ~ e-m
stand over sby, hang over sby
C. adv
vera í frakka utan ~
wear a coat on top, have a coat on top
komdu hérna ~ til mín!
come over here!
fara ~ um
go overboard, go round the bend, lose control
standa ~
last, be in progress

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