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UWDCC Accessibility Policy

The UWDCC webpages are designed to meet the following validations:

W3C Verified Valid CSS
Valid CSS
Valid XHTML 1.0!
Valid XHTML 1.0
Valid HTML 4.01!
Valid HTML 4.0
Level Triple-A conformance icon, 
          W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
W3C WCAG Triple-A

Pages are also validated for section 508 compliance using the web page evaluation tool bobby and by verifying the manual checkpoints.

Usability Features

Keyboard Shortcuts/Access Key Information

In an effort to provide users a more enjoyable browsing experience; we have included keyboard shortcuts to the various areas of our webpages.

To use these shortcuts:

Windows users: key sequences vary, please see the following listing:

Macintosh users: press the Ctrl + Access key

Access Keys

Access Keys for Inter-page Navigation:

Access Keys for Intra-page Navigation

Access Key Compatible Browsers

The access key feature is currently supported in the following browsers:

Variable Font Size

We have provided the option to increase the font size of our pages. The font size will increase in relation to the text-size setting in your browser; allowing for a wider range of font sizes.

Printer Friendly

Pages have stylesheets to make pages printer-friendly.

Web Accessibility Standards

The University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center is dedicated to providing accessible content for patrons with vision, hearing or other disabilities. All static pages (these do not include the full-text or catalog databases) have been written to comply with w3c, US Government Section 508 Web Accessibility Standards, the accessibility standards set forth by the University of Wisconsin Madison and meet the qualifications to claim compliance with the accessibility standards listed above.

For more information regarding these accessibility policies please see the following websites:

Contact Us

If you have any questions; or have difficulties accessing this page, please contact the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center.