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standa v (stendur; stóð, stóðu, staðið )

1. (vera uppréttur) stand, be standing
2. (vera staðsettur) be situated
3. (vera skrásettur) be written
4. (vara) last, continue, go on
~ sig vel/illa
do well/badly
~ sig
do well, hold one's own
6. impers
mér stendur ótti af honum
I am afraid of him
mér stendur á sama
I do not care, it's all the same to me
honum stendur
he has an erection
7. refl resist, repel
~st freistingu
resist temptation
~st áhlaup
withstand an attack, repel an attack
~st próf
pass an exam
þetta stenst ekki
this cannot be true, this doesn't hold water
~st e-m snúning
be a match for sby
8. phrases
~ á þrítugu
be thirty years old
það stendur á þér
you are making us wait, you're holding us up
á hverju stendur?
what are we waiting for?, what's holding you up?
það stendur vel/illa á fyrir mér
this suits me well/badly
~ á eigin fótum
be independent, stand on one's own two feet
~ á rétti sínum
stand on one's rights
~ á öndinni
be out of breath
~ að e-u
be behind sth
~ e-n að verki
catch sby redhanded
~ vel/illa að vígi
be in a good/bad position
~ straum af e-u
pay the cost of sth
~ af sér skúr
wait for a shower to stop
vindur stendur af hafi
there is an onshore wind, the wind is blowing from the sea
~ vel af sér
be favorable/(UK) favourable
~ fram undan e-u
stick out from underneath sth
láta hendur ~ fram úr ermum
roll up one's sleeves and go at it
~ fyrir e-u
be responsible for sth, be in charge of sth
~ e-m fyrir þrifum
be a millstone round sby's neck
~ fyrir dyrum
be imminent, be coming up
~ gegn e-u
be opposed to sth
þetta stendur heima
this is correct
~ hjá
be passive
~ í e-u
be busy with sth
~ í e-m
put up a good fight against sby
maturinn stóð í honum
the food stuck in his throat
~ í ströngu
have problems, have difficulties to deal with
~ í björtu báli
be in flames
~ í skilum
pay on time, hand sth in on time
~ með e-m
stand by sby, be on sby's side
~ með blóma
þetta stendur þér nærri
it is your business, that's your affair
~ saman
stand together
e-ð stendur til
sth is brewing
hvað stendur til?
what's cooking?
það stendur til að rífa húsið
the house is going to be torn down
betur en efni stóðu til
better than could be expected
e-ð stendur til bóta
sth is going to be improved
það stóð til
that was the plan
~ undir kostnaði
foot the bill
~ upp
rise to one's feet, stand up
~ uppi í hárinu á e-m
stand up to sby
~ uppi sem sigurvegari
emerge the victor
~ út
stick out
~ við
stay, stop
~ við loforð
keep a promise
~ við samning
honor/(UK) honour a contract
~ yfir e-m
guard sby, keep watch over sby

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