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Recent Changes to the Wisconsin Electronic Reader

Major Additions | Corrections and Revisions

Major Additions

December 3, 1998:

Details, details...

October 24, 2017: January 11, 2013: December 6, 2006:
  • Corrected erroneous dates (David H. and Paul K. both pointed these out) and various other transcription errors in the Wau-Bun Appendix
  • Adjusted two main background images to better handle larger display sizes and higher resolutions
  • Updated names and links on the Feedback page to reflect current evolution of the UW Digital Library
  • Updated obsolete links on the Contents, About, and Splash pages
  • Updated obsolete links on this page and on The Great Peshtigo Fire pages to the Wisconsin Historical Society's new edition of that work.
February 7, 2003:
  • Corrected an erroneous date in the Cordelia Harvey bio. (Thanks to Joann D. for spotting this)
December 19, 2001:
  • Corrected some faulty links on the Feedback page. (Thanks to Ted C. of the Photoart House)
September 27, 2001: August 22, 2001: January 7, 2000:
  • Updated email address for feedback
December 3, 1998:
  • Corrected some faulty links in the Railroad Gallery. (Thanks to John W. for spotting these)
  • Corrected an image caption that mistakenly had Lucius Fairchild in the 1st Wisconsin Infantry instead of the 2nd. (Thanks to James J.)
  • Enhanced navigation options for the Galleries list
  • Repaired the color of the section link for John Muir's The Ploughboy. (Did I say these were details?)