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(lumbering icon)1925

Jim Falls
In the late fall, after helping to pole up that first keel boat load of supplies, I hired out to cook in a logging camp up near Jim Falls. The timber belonged to a man by the name of Dave Hendricks, but I worked for a Peter Legault and another Frenchman, by the name of Bounin. This Peter Legault was the uncle of that other Peter Legault of whom so many amusing stories are told. Like many others of the Canadian French, including myself, this young Peter Legault could not read or write, but he made up for this lack by the use of drawings or pictures. It is said that on one occasion when in charge of a log drive which was being held up by low water, he made the situation known to his employers by sending a picture of a "peavey" stuck up in a log. The story about him most frequently told was that, when foreman in a logging camp, when ordering supplies he wished to include a grindstone, and drew a circle on paper to denote same. When the supplies arrived he found a cheese, but no grindstone, at which he exclaimed, "I no order cheese, I order grindstone. Oh, I forgot de hole!"