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(lumbering icon)1925

H. S. Allen
The supplies in the keel boat were for H. S. Allen at Chippewa Falls, about seventy miles up from Reads Landing. On the north side of the river, where the principal part of the city now stands, there was only a small sawmill with a few scattering dwelling houses. On the south side there was quite a settlement, called French Town. Our pilot, La Batte, lived there, and it was there that I made my home for many years. There were many interesting families there--all either French or of French and Indian blood. Of the latter class was the Demarie family. Louisan [Louis] Demarie was a fur trader, who with his wife and family had come up the Chippewa River in 1832. He was a big, powerful man, good-natured but absolutely fearless. For many years Mrs. Demarie was noted in that entire section as a skilful nurse. Their oldest daughter, Mary, married H. S. Allen, who was at the time the leading lumberman on the Chippewa. A number of other of those early residents of French Town became prominent in the lumbering industry in the valley. A few years after my arrival there I married for my first wife a girl by the name of Blanchand--French with some Chippewa blood. She died some years later.

Mrs. H. S. Allen

H.S. Allen homestead

Old Chippewa Falls