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(madison icon)1902

The development along the lines of engineering also calls for special mention. Every resource has been strained to meet the demand made upon it in the present material development of the Nation. The number of students in the College of Engineering in 1892 was 173; today there are nearly 600. Under the guidance of Dean Johnson, lately deceased, the College has become known in every part of the Union; and in its beautiful new home, under the ever-living inspiration of its beloved dean, it will, through its students, and the researches of its faculty, go steadily forward to the solution of the great problems that lie at the base of our material civilization.

Engineering Building 1900

Although the College of Agriculture will be fully treated in this volume by its accomplished director, Professor Wm. A. Henry, a mention of its development here as part of the development of the entire University seems necessary. From the founding of the Experimental Station in 1884, the progress of the college has been triumphal. Through its researches on the farm and in laboratory, and through the Farmers' Institutes and Agricultural Bulletins, it brings the wealth of modern science to the farmer's door, and pours it down before him.

UW Agriculture Buildings w/ plat of Oats 1900