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(madison icon)1902

The purely student activities have been uniformly prosperous. All athletic sports on the lakes and on the land have been conducted widely and prudently. The great Armory and Gymnasium has been the center of physical health and development. The Military Department, shunned in the days after the war, has become a prime favorite, a source of valuable knowledge and fine discipline.

On the Lakes
Luigi Lomia, Prof. Military Science and Tactics 1885

College journalism, represented by the Cardinal, the Sphinx, the Badger, the Alumni Magazine; the literary societies, seven in number--two dating back to the birth of the University--meeting with their old-time regularity, animated by the same spirit of investigation and the same old rivalry: all these are a means to the making of men. The dramatic clubs organized in recent years--the Haresfoot, the Red Domino, and the Edwin Booth, bespeak a hearty interest in the emotional as well as the intellectual; in the artistic and esthetic as well as the practical.


Pavely posing with young woman

Pavely posing