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- - - Title: Kanetzke Wedding Photographs, 1957
Quantity: 0.2 cubic feet (28 photographs in 1 archives box)
Call Number: PH 3957
Abstract: Photographs made at the wedding of Henry W. Kanetzke and Anna Mary (Anastasio) Kanetzke, Racine, Wisconsin, November 23, 1957. Included are images of the bride and groom, family members, the wedding ceremony, and cutting the wedding cake, in addition to musical performances by organist Howard Kanetzke and vocalist Joyce Kanetzke. The wedding took place in the home of Basil Barnhard.
Kappa Delta Pi. Beta Omicron Chapter (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) Title: Kappa Delta Pi, Beta Omicron Chapter Records, 1929-1982
Quantity: 1 cubic ft. (3 boxes) 1 scrapbook
Call Number: UWM Archival Collection 112
Abstract: Records of the UWM chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national honorary society in education. The collection contains a constitution and by-laws, annual reports, correspondence, minutes, initiation and chapter activity materials, membership cards and lists, scrapbooks, financial records, and other miscellaneous materials.
Kappa Epsilon Title: Kappa Epsilon Records, 1921-1999
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (4 record center cartons) and 58 photographs
Call Number: M2003-155
Abstract: Records of Kappa Epsilon (KE), a professional pharmacy fraternity, founded by Zada M. Cooper on May 13, 1921 in Iowa City, Iowa, with the intent of promoting pharmacy as a career for women. Kappa Epsilon supports scholastic and professional development of its members through awards, scholarships, and fellowships, and with the establishment of the Kappa Epsilon Foundation in 1992. Collegiate and alumni chapters are active nationwide. The collection documents the fraternity's advocacy activities on behalf of women in the pharmaceutical profession.
Buzzard, Karen Title: Karen Buzzard Media Market Research, 1976-1982, 2003-2009
Quantity: 24.8 cubic feet (24 records center cartons and 2 archives boxes)
Call Number: M2013-071
Abstract: Research of Karen Buzzard, Professor and Director, School of Art and Media Studies, Fairleigh Dickinson University, consisting of media market data and reports throughout the United States from Arbitron, Media Statistics Inc., and Nielsen. The bulk of the material comes from Media Statistics Inc. during the period from 1976 to 1982 and includes public ascertainment surveys concerning demographics, people's attitudes towards where they live, radio audience surveys and reports, and diaries measuring household VCR and cable television use. The Nielsen material is from 2003 to 2009 and consists of reports about television viewing habits. The Arbitron materials consist of one 2005 report from Springfield, Missouri.
Meyer, Karl Ernest, 1928- Title: Karl E. Meyer Papers, 1951-1979
Quantity: 3.6. c.f. (9 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 885
Abstract: Papers of Karl E. Meyer, a newspaper journalist and editorial writer, primarily documenting his tenure as head of the London bureau of the Washington Post, 1965-1969. Papers include articles filed with the Post about British politics and life and correspondence to and from Ben Bradlee, Robert Estabrook, Philip Foisie, and other members of the Post editorial staff; freelance articles and correspondence with the New Statesman, The Progressive, and other periodicals; drafts and reviews for published books by Meyer; a dissertation on Joseph R. McCarthy; and general professional correspondence. In addition there are notes and memoranda on Cuba and trips to Africa and Czechoslovakia; and a small amount of biographical material.
Katanyan Bank (La Crosse, Wis.). Title: Katanyan Bank Bank Notes
Physical Description: 0.2 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 004
Abstract: Bank notes, 1857-1861, of the Katanyan Bank, La Crosse, Wisconsin's first bank. The bank was owned by La Crosse resident Wilson Colwell. When Colwell was killed in a Civil War battle in the fall of 1862, the bank crashed. There are no other records with this collection other than the ephemeral bank notes.
Katharine Martindale Family Title: Katharine Martindale Family Papers, 1699-1977
Quantity: 20.4 cubic feet (51 archives boxes)
Call Number: La Crosse Mss BD
Abstract: Papers collected and generated by Katharine Martindale (1890-1977), the last member of a family which settled in La Crosse, Wisconsin in the 1850s. After graduation from Smith College in 1912 Miss Martindale taught home economics for several years before returning permanently to La Crosse and carrying on the family insurance business. She spent the later years of her life researching and collecting family history and working to preserve the family home at 10th and Cass Streets (now listed in the National Register of Historic Places). The collection includes not only her own papers and those of her immediate family, but also those of her grandparents, great-parents, Vermont ancestors and others. The papers consist primarily of correspondence; business and financial papers; eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century estate settlements; legal documents; detailed eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Vermont farm records; and papers related to the Martindale home. Most of the correspondence is among family members and reveals the details of their daily lives: births, courtships, travels, college life, illnesses, deaths, family business matters, personal problems, and accounts of mundane activities such as washing, sewing, cooking, plowing, gardening, etc. The majority of the business and financial papers are the extensive records (circa 1850-1950) for the family's insurance firm, but there are also records from real estate, lumbering, and merchandising concerns. Further papers of interest are the school papers for various family members and eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Congregational Church records from Tinmouth, Wallingford, and Benson, Vermont, as well as La Crosse.
Kelly, Kathleen Title: Kathleen Kelly Papers, 1971-1978
Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (1 record center carton), 7 photographs, and 4 posters (1 oversize folder)
Call Number: M2010-067
Abstract: Papers, 1971-1978, consisting of materials related to the United States National Student Association (USNSA) during Kathleen Kelly's directorship and various social action campaigns including Vietnam War protests, the New American Movement, and the Stevens Court Tenants Alliance. The materials include correspondence, pamphlets, educational materials, memoranda, agendas, meeting notes, and financial materials. The USNSA-related materials also include copies of the newsletter and magazine, as well as booklets pertaining to various social action issues. Also included are documents regarding Kelly's 1977 trip to the USSR obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and Kelly's final project for graduation from the University Without Walls. Additionally, the collection contains four posters related to international events the USNSA participated in and seven photographs taken during Kelly's trip to the USSR.
Nichols, Kathleen;
Constans, Barbara
Title: Kathleen Nichols and Barbara Constans Papers, 1975-1979
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)
Call Number: Mss 72
Abstract: Papers compiled by Nichols and Constans concerning gay rights and gay activism in Madison, Wisconsin and nationally. Included are partial records of the Madison Committee for Gay Rights, for which Nichols served as coordinator, such as correspondence, statements and platform proposals; a questionnaire, responses, and list of endorsed candidates for a local 1978 election; and a few financial records of the associated Gay Activists Alliance. Both Nichols and Constans were on the staff of MCGR's newsletter, “The Gay Endeavor,” which published only one issue. There are partial records present from both the national and local committees which promoted the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, October 14, 1979. Other local gay rights organizations are also represented by fragmentary files of newsletters, leaflets, and press releases; these include Gay Renaissance of Madison and Lesbian Communication Collective (publisher of “We Got It” newsletter). Newsclippings are primarily from Madison newspapers, and concern local human and gay rights activities, as well as threats to gay rights and homosexuals.
Clarenbach, Kathryn F. Title: Kathryn F. Clarenbach Papers
Extent: : 112 boxes (80.6 c.f.) 37 audio cassettes 26 reel-to-reel tapes
Accession: : 96/10
Morrison, Kathryn, 1942- Title: Kathryn Morrison Papers, 1974-1990
Quantity: 8.4 cubic feet (23 archives boxes) and 34 photographs (1 folder), and 7 audio recordings
Call Number: Platteville Mss BE; PH Platteville Mss BE; Audio 1657A
Abstract: Papers of Kathryn Morrison, the first woman elected to the Wisconsin State Senate, a Democrat who represented the 17th District (Richland, Grant, Iowa, Lafayette, and Green counties) from 1974 to 1978. The papers primarily document the 1977 and 1978 Legislature, and they consist of constituent correspondence, memoranda, clippings, extensive newsletters and weekly newspaper columns, photographs, draft legislation, and information circulated by state government agencies, other legislators, and advocacy groups. Best documented is Morrison's interest in divorce reform, the economic viability of family farms, medical malpractice, mining taxes, transportation and railroad abandonment, and controversial improvements to Highways 18-151. Also included are files on her role as a member of the Joint Finance Committee on the 1977-1978 state budget and particularly on appropriations for the Department of Health and Social Services.
Ghelfi family Ghelfi, Kathy Title: Kathy Ghelfi Family Scrapbook
Quantity: 0.02 cubic foot (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 171
Abstract: Photocopy of a scrapbook kept by members of the Kathy Ghelfi family, 1912-1935. In particular, the scrapbook contains numerous articles concerning football activities at Logan High School in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Kouzmanoff, Kathy Title: Kathy Kouzmanoff Papers, 1985-2001
Quantity: 0.8 c.f. (3 archives boxes), 10 tape recordings, and 7 videocassettes
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 196; Tape 1388A; VHA 520-526
Abstract: Papers of Kouzmanoff, a former nun, adult educator, and psychotherapist primarily relating to her role in the establishment and operation of the Mind's Eye Institute (MEI) in Brookfield, Wisconsin and brief papers of her husband John Kouzmanoff (1930-1995). The Mind's Eye Institute was a non-profit membership organization formed in 1988 and disbanded in 1999 that attempted to enhance inner personal development through Jungian psychoanalysis and techniques of the “New Age” philosophy. The records documenting MEI include articles of incorporation, minutes and other policy records, newsletters, brochures and other publicity materials, and video and sound recordings of special group programs. Scattered papers including photocopied scrapbooks, writings, additional sound recordings, and biographical materials contain information on Kouzmanoff's own life and ideas as well as her role in MEI. Political and civil rights activist John Kouzmanoff is documented by a 1985 reminiscence of participation in several Chicago civil rights marches with Martin Luther King, Jr., and a file of mailings and papers collected as a result of his role as a Jesse Jackson delegate to the 1988 National Democratic Party Convention. Several photographs of the Kouzmanoffs have been filed in the Visual Materials Name File in Madison.
Kaukauna Women's Club (Kaukauna, Wis.) Title: Kaukauna Women's Club Records, 1894-1977
Quantity: 3.6 c.f. (9 archives boxes)
Call Number: Green Bay Mss 72
Abstract: Records of the Kaukauna affiliate of the Wisconsin Federation of Women's Clubs, including minutes, yearbooks, financial records, scrapbooks, and publications which document their community health projects, promotion of a public library, and other activities; and records of its predecessor, the Mutual Improvement and Literary Society of South Kaukauna.
Kayra Title: Kayra Records, 1987-2005
Extent: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes), 401 photographs (1 archives box), 3 videotapes, and 1 cassette tape
Call Number: M2008-010
Abstract: Records of a Madison (Wisconsin) social club for widows and widowers, documenting the activities of the group, including its 25th reunion celebration in 1992. Interviews with founders Irene Hendrickson, Megan Thorstad, and George Lundun are included on videotape and cassette (Hendrickson).
Idzikowski, Kazimiera, 1911- Title: Kazimiera Idzikowski Family Papers, 1903-1978
Quantity: 0.1 c.f (1 folder)
Call Number: Milwaukee SC 116
Abstract: Family papers and photographs of Kazimiera (Kay) Idzikowski including passports and naturalization certificates, genealogical notes, a 1933 photo of the United Polish National Choirs concert, and other family photographs.

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