Textile Workers Union of America Oral History Project: Lawrence M. Rogin Interview, 1978


Born in New Jersey in 1909 of Russian immigrant parents, Lawrence Rogin has been involved with labor education most of his adult life. He taught at Brookwood, was Education Director for the American Federation of Hosiery Workers (AFHW), the Textile Workers Union of America, and the AFL-CIO, and was an education consultant for the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). He was also on the faculty of the Institute of Industrial and Labor Relations (University of Michigan and Wayne State University) for three years. He is currently on the staff of the George Meany Labor Studies Center. Politically Rogin has travelled the route from Communist sympathizer to Socialist Party to Democratic Party. He still describes himself as a Social-Democrat. (For a fuller biography, see Who's Who in Labor, 1st edition, 1976, p. 502.