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Micro 92
Part 1 (Micro 92, Audio 435A/1-10): Original Collection, 1964-1967
Physical Description: 15 reels of microfilm (35 mm) and 10 tape recordings 
Scope and Content Note

The Records of the Child Development Group of Mississippi have been organized into four microfilmed parts: Part I, Field Operations; Part II, Teacher Development Program; Part III, Central Office; and Part IV, Community Programs Division; plus a group of copied tape recordings.

Field Operations

This series contains documents collected from the various centers for child development all over the state. They are grouped together by areas and there are papers concerning those general areas. The materials cover the years 1965 and 1966.

In general the collection contains reports and correspondence of certain workers and staff members, information on and questionnaires filled out by the staff concerning the nature of their work and the organization of their particular centers. There are initial and final preparedness reports concerning the number of children involved and the number of staff to be engaged. Also included is information on the children, in particular the income of their families. There are also letters from the parents of the children involved at the centers. There are minutes and resolutions of the community meetings held at the center. Finally, there are letters and reports from the area offices to the centers.

Teacher Development Program

This series of documents is material from the Teacher Development Program for the years of 1965 and 1966. The program was concerned with gathering information on the children in the Head Start Program and providing personnel to teach in the various centers. The documents are grouped according to the areas as outlined by the C.D.G.M. and by subject, such as observations of students, and “involvement of white children.”

More specifically, the collection contains information on the recruiting of teachers, their background and experience with children and instructional concerning methods of teaching. There are different form sheets for the teachers to fill in concerning their observations of the child's health and attitude. The collection contains detailed lesson plans, criticism by teachers of their training program and observations on the general course of the Head Start Program from parents as well as teachers. There is also abundant material on the attempts of the centers to involve White People and the number of Whites who participated either as students or teachers.

Central Office

This series of documents is from the headquarters of the C.D.G.M. and contains materials from the office of the director. The papers are from the years 1965 and 1966.

This particular series contains similar kinds of information found in other series in the collection. There is information on teacher training, reports about the general condition and progress of the centers and proposals for new centers. But unlike the other series, there is detailed information on the budget with first, second and third drafts. There are guideline materials from the Office of Economic opportunity in Washington. The series contains detailed minutes of the central staff meetings. There are numerous press releases and newspaper articles concerning the different centers throughout the State.

Community Programs Division

The Community Programs Division of the Child Development Group of Mississippi provides professional services and trained personnel for community development. The services included are medical and dental examinations as well as written guides dealing with the formation of cooperatives and local credit unions. Through its Community Program Workers the Division helps the poor build movements toward self-community development and inter-community cooperation.

The Papers of Marvin Hoffman, Director of the Community Programs Division, include Division correspondence and memoranda, 1965-1967, correspondence dealing with groups outside of Mississippi who are concerned in some way with the progress of the Child Development Group of Mississippi, reports concerning the Division's various programs, such as Head Start, and guides used to train personnel.

In addition to the manuscript materials loaned by the Child Development Group of Mississippi for microfilming, the agency loaned many tape recordings. These were played, and many selections were made for copying. There are no introductions on the tapes, and there was little identification. “Staff Meetings” were evidently not meetings attended by various members of the staff, but the term was used to describe the period when the supervising teacher visited a center, observed the children, and then talked with the trainees and teachers. ATG (Area Teachers Group?) workshops and evaluation sessions were meetings attended by trainees, teachers, resource teachers, and instructional staff members.

Reel 1-8
Part I, Field Operations
Reel 8-12
Part II, Teacher Development Program
Reel 12-14
Part III, Central Office
Reel 15
Part IV, Community Programs Divisions
Tape Recordings
Audio   435A/1
Interviews conducted at the day care center in Indianola by Lovar Earl Cusic, 1966 September 29
Scope and Content Note: Concerning the operation of the center and its value in the eyes of the teachers.
Audio   435A/1 (continued)
ACT Board; Instruction by Mrs. S.J. Kilmer, 1966 July 14
Audio   435A/2
Evaluation at Mileston, preceded by class demonstation, Earl Cusic, interviewer, 1966 September 23
Audio   435A/2 (continued)
Evaluation at Rose Hill, Earl Cusic, 1966 September 17
Audio   435A/3
Evaluation at Rose Hill (continued)
Audio   435A/3 (continued)
Evaluation at Mt. Moriah, Leola Downs, interviewer, 1966 September 23
Note: Following the end of the Mt. Moriah recording, the end of the meeting recorded on 435A/4 is recorded.
Audio   435A/4
Meeting with PRVO [Martin Luther King present?], 1966 September 27
Audio   435A/3 (continued)
PRVO meeting (continued)
Audio   435A/5
ATG workshop to discuss teachers' problems; songs; , 1966 September 7
Audio   435A/5 (continued)
Area staff meeting in Quitman, Mississippi, undated
Scope and Content Note: Discussion of organization and problems in the areas; and of the responsibilities of the community in the operation of centers.
Audio   435A/5 (continued)
ATG workshop, 1966 August 31
Audio   435A/6
ATG workshop and community-wide meeting, teachers and citizens, 1966 September 14
Scope and Content Note: Discussion of the Headstart program, and evaluation of its worth. Discussions of case histories, and treatment of children.
Audio   435A/6 (continued)
ATG workshop, 1966 August 31, Relation of Area Administrator to ATG, renamed the Area Director
Scope and Content Note: Discussion of Grievance Committee and problems.
Audio   435A/6 (continued)
ATG Workshop meeting at Tickfor, Evaluation, 1966 September 21
Audio   435A/7
Staff meeting in Area 13 with Jesse Paris and Colman Miller, 1966 September 23
Audio   435A/7 (continued)
Staff meeting with an 0E0 representative (Mr. Collins?), 1966 September 21
Audio   435A/8
Staff meeting conducted at Utica Center by Earl Cusic, 1966 July 22
Audio   435A/8 (continued)
Staff meeting conducted at Jackson Park Center by Earl Cusic, 1966 July 28
Scope and Content Note: Includes conversations between Mr. Cusic and several children.
Audio   435A/8 (continued)
Staff meeting at Landon Center, undated
Scope and Content Note: Discussion with teachers and kitchen help concerning the children. Children can be heard in the background. Testimonials as to the worth of CDGM, by parents and teachers.
Audio   435A/8 (continued)
Staff meeting in Area 4, place unknown, undated, Mrs. Ayers
Scope and Content Note: Includes discussion as to contrasts between schools run by CDGM and public schools. Discussion of methods and materials at CDGM schools. Report by one teacher who was sent to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to receive further training.
Audio   435A/9
Staff meeting at Philadelphia, Mississippi, Area J, Mrs. Blackstom, undated
Audio   435A/9 (continued)
Staff meeting at West Point, Mississippi, Area J, Mrs. Blackstom, undated
Scope and Content Note: Begins with teacher trying to teach songs to the children. Followed by discussion with teachers, led by Mrs. Blackstom.
Audio   435A/10
Staff meeting at West Point (continued)
Scope and Content Note: Includes instructions and discussions on classroom methods and materials.
Part 2 (M2002-116, Audio 435A/37-40): Additions, 1964-1969
Physical Description: 7.0 cubic feet (7 records center cartons) and 4 cassette tapes 
Scope and Content Note: Additions, 1964-1969, consisting of central office files and records relating to the Teacher Development Program. The central office files consist principally of the files of John Mudd, the Executive Director, and include handwritten notes from meetings, minutes, correspondence, program proposals, financial files, memos, reports, and statistics on the state of Mississippi. Also included are reports and newspaper clippings relating to federal funding issues, the Office of Economic Opportunity, the civil rights movement, and a few other Mississippi social activist organizations. The teacher development files include resource manuals for curriculum and classroom activities. Sound recordings include interviews with local residents discussing their backgrounds, education, racism and civil rights activism, work, and social conditions.
Box   1
Folder   1-3
Teacher Development Program Manuals, 1965
Central Office Files
Box   1
Folder   4-12
Handwritten notes, 1965-1967
Box   2
Folder   1-10
Handwritten notes (continued), 1967
Box   3
Folder   1-5
Newsletters and publications, 1966-1967
Box   3
Folder   6-20
State of Mississippi information and statistics, 1964-1968
Box   3
Folder   21-39
Administrative records, 1965-1968
Box   3
Folder   40-52
Meeting minutes and notes, 1964-1968
Box   4
Folder   1-3
Interviews, 1967
Box   4
Folder   4-41
Program proposals, 1964-1969
Box   5
Folder   1-25
Grants, audits, and financial information, 1965-1967
Box   5
Folder   26-51
Correspondence, 1966-1969
Box   5
Folder   52-54
Reports and evaluations, 1964-1968
Box   6
Folder   1-52
Reports and evaluations, 1964-1968 (continued)
Box   7
Folder   1-19
Memos and interoffice correspondence, 1966-1968
Box   7
Folder   20-51
Articles and published resources, 1965-1968
Audio   435A/37-38
Desiree Sims interview, 1965 March 12
Audio   435A/39
Mr. Nelson, sharecropper with Hayes Plantation, interview, 1965 March 12
Audio   435A/40
Mrs. McDonald interview, 1965 March 20
Scope and Content Note: On the weaponization of debt.
Part 3 (M2008-075, Audio 435A/11-36): Additions, 1962-1968
Physical Description: 2.0 cubic feet (2 records center cartons) and 26 compact discs 
Scope and Content Note: Additions, 1962-1968 (bulk 1965-1968) consisting of the community programs division records principally relating to Marvin Hoffman's work as associate director and include correspondence, board meeting minutes, employee records, annual proposals, press releases and newspaper clippings. Also included are files on the Office of Economic Opportunity, Teacher Development Program, Civil Rights Movement and other Mississippi social activist organizations. The compact discs include 15 audio diaries of Marvin Hoffman consisting of his thoughts on Project Head Start and the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi as well as 11 other compact discs including interviews, discussion sessions, and a recording from the Head Start center.
Community programs records
Box   1
Folder   1-3
Community Programs Division Staff Data, 1967
Box   1
Folder   4-5
Decentralization, 1967
Box   1
Folder   6
Board Meetings, 1967
Box   1
Folder   7
Statewide Meeting, 1966
Box   1
Folder   8
Community Programs Committee, 1967
Box   1
Folder   9
Reports and Records, 1967
Box   1
Folder   10
Area Council Guidelines, 1967
Box   1
Folder   11
Employee Unions, 1962
Box   1
Folder   12-19
Correspondence, 1966-1967
Box   1
Folder   20
Public Relations, 1967
Box   1
Folder   21
Press Releases, 1967
Box   1
Folder   22
Newsletters, 1966-1967
Box   1
Folder   23
Contact with Government Agencies, 1967
Box   1
Folder   24
Field Advisor, 1965-1967
Box   1
Folder   25-50
Community Program Workers, 1967
Box   1
Folder   51-53
Social Services Program, 1967
Box   1
Folder   54
Public Health, 1967
Box   1
Folder   55-58
Dental Services, 1967
Box   1
Folder   59-68
Medical Services, 1967
Box   1
Folder   69-72
Nutrition Services, 1967
Box   1
Folder   73
Information on Mentally Retarded Children, 1967
County Analyzes, 1967
Box   1
Folder   74
Box   1
Folder   75
Box   1
Folder   76
Box   1
Folder   77
Box   1
Folder   78
Box   1
Folder   79
Box   1
Folder   80
Box   1
Folder   81
Box   1
Folder   82
Washington and Sharkey
Box   1
Folder   83-85
Program Training Manuals, 1967
Box   1
Folder   86-89
Teacher Development Program, 1967-1968
Box   1
Folder   90
Training Proposal, 1967
Box   1
Folder   91-96
Community Development Group of Mississippi Proposals, 1966-1968
Proposals for Implementing Programs, 1967
Box   2
Folder   1
Box   2
Folder   2
Box   2
Folder   3
Box   2
Folder   4
Southern Consumers' Training Program, 1967
Box   2
Folder   5
Southern Consumers' CO-OP, 1967
Box   2
Folder   6-9
Office of Economic Opportunity, 1966-1967
Box   2
Folder   10-11
Friends of Children of Mississippi, 1967
Box   2
Folder   12
Mississippi Action for Progress, 1967
Box   2
Folder   13
Mississippi Action for Community Education, 1965
Box   2
Folder   14
Anemia Research, 1967
Box   2
Folder   15
Farmers Home Administration, 1967
Box   2
Folder   16
Food Stamps, 1967
Box   2
Folder   17
Lowndes County Health Survey, 1966
Box   2
Folder   18
Britton Testimony, 1967
Box   2
Folder   19
Citizens' Crusade Against Poverty, 1967
Box   2
Folder   20
Kenneth Dean, Senate Hunger Testimony, 1967
Box   2
Folder   21
Stennis Hunger Bill, 1967
Box   2
Folder   22
Mississippi Children and Politics, 1962
Box   2
Folder   23
Mississippi Welfare Rights Handbook, 1967
Box   2
Folder   24
Illegitimate Proceedings in Mississippi, 1965
Box   2
Folder   25-26
Mississippi Political and Population Statistics, 1966-1967
Box   2
Folder   27-28
U.S. Office of Manpower, 1965-1967
Box   2
Folder   29
Housing Legislation, 1966
Box   2
Folder   30
School Desegregation, 1965
Box   2
Folder   31
Tougaloo College, 1964-1968
Box   2
Folder   32
Mississippi Church Ministries, 1965
Box   2
Folder   33
Mississippi State Hospital, 1965
Box   2
Folder   34
Black Power, 1967
Box   2
Folder   35
Mississippi State Sovereignty Committee, 1964-1967
Box   2
Folder   36
Black Power, 1967
Box   2
Folder   37-38
Mississippi Political and Social Action Groups, 1967
Box   2
Folder   39-47
Newspaper clippings, 1965-1967
Box   2
Folder   48-49
Magazine articles, 1965-1967
Audio Recordings
Audio   435A/11-25
Marvin Hoffman's audio diaries, 1965-1966
Audio   435A/26
Hartman Turnbow Interview
Audio   435A/27-28
Friday night discussion, 1965 May 7
Audio   435A/29-30
Wednesday night discussion, 1965 May 26
Audio   435A/31-32
Head Start Center visit, 1965 October 22
Audio   435A/33-34
Mississippi college students, 1966 March 5
Audio   435A/35-36
Civil rights tapes
Part 4 (M2014-043): Additions, 1965-1967, 2012-2013
Physical Description: 0.2 cubic feet (1 archives box) 
Scope and Content Note: Addition, 1965-1967, 2012-2013, consisting of Polly Hoben Greenberg's notes and recollection of the Civil Rights Movement and Crystal Sander's doctoral dissertation about the Child Development Group of Mississippi. Also included in Sander's dissertation are notes and annotations written by Greenberg.
Box   1
Polly Hoben Greenberg notes
Box   1
Crystal Sander doctoral dissertation