Henry Demarest Lloyd Papers, 1840-1937

Container Title
PH Green Bay Mss 134
Series: Photographs
Note: The images are labelled with the folder number and the letter, e.g. image 2c.
Folder   1
Images   a
Andreas Baetz and wife
Folder   2
Images   a-d
Arthur Baetz
Folder   3
Images   a-c
Arthur and Ella Baetz
Folder   4
Images   a-c
Augusta Baetz
Folder   25
Images   a-ee
Arthur and Ella Baetz family
Folder   5
Images   a-l
Ella Estey Baetz
Folder   6
Images   a-e
Arthur Byron Baetz at Northland College
Folder   7
Images   a-n
Arthur Byron Baetz, Jr. and family
Arthur Byron Baetz, Stout Typographical Society field trip
Folder   8
Images   a-f
Folder   9
Images   a-f
Folder   10
Images   a-i
Bernice Baetz Bixler and family
Folder   11
Images   a-e
Bernice Baetz Bixler's daughters (Lynn, M. Hegar, and Bonnie)
Folder   12
Images   a-l
Emerson Baetz and family
Folder   13
Images   a-p
Gertrude Baetz
Folder   14
Images   a-q
Margaret Baetz and family
Folder   15
Images   a-c
Margaret's hospital photos
Folder   16
Images   a-d
Baetz home fire, Jan. 10, 1948
Folder   17
Images   a-g
Baetz family relatives
Folder   26
Images   a-h
Estey family
Folder   18
Images   a-e
Dr. Gallup family
Folder   27
Images   a-j
World War II South Pacific
Folder   19
Images   a-f
Folder   20
Images   a-k
Folder   21
Images   a-e
Identified people
Folder   22
Images   a-e
Children and other group scenes
Folder   23
Images   a-i
Unidentified people - Wisconsin photos
Folder   24
Images   a-aa
Unidentified people - Groups