Sawyer County (Wis.). Department of Public Welfare: Aid to Dependent Children Case Files, 1933-1941

Administrative/Restriction Information

Access Restrictions

This series contains information which is confidential under S.49.83(1), Wis. Stats. However, access to these records is possible under certain circumstances. Records more than 75 years old are open for research. Access to records less than 75 years old may be granted under the following conditions: 1) Prospective users submit to the Archives a written request describing the project to be undertaken, the records to be used, and the proposed product of their research; requests for information about specific individuals or cases will not be permitted; 2) Prospective users sign a written agreement that there shall be no disclosure, either directly or deductively, of personally identifiable information taken from these files; and 3) Photocopying of material by the researcher is prohibited.