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From the WISCONSIN DAILY STATE JOURNAL, April 26 ,1865 .

Cordelia Harvey
Vicksburg, Miss., April 16, 1865.
Hon. J. T. Lewis,
     Madison, Wis.:
Dear Sir:

Andersonville Prison

Enclosed I send you a complete report of all the names of Wisconsin soldiers who have died at Andersonville, Ga., giving the number of grave, date of death, and disease. Also the names of those now in paroled camp near this city. Could you hear them relate the horrors through which they have passed, you would wonder that a man was left to tell the tale. Many are entirely broken in health and spirits, but generally they are improving rapidly.

The Sanitary Commissions, through their agents, have scattered northern bounty, and never was it more needed. They go from tent to tent, from man to man and give him all he needs. Large quantities of vegetables, potatoes, onions, and sour-krout are daily distributed. Every delicacy for the sick is found in hospital. Oh, how we love to do for them, they have suffered so much.

They were all anxious to get pen, ink and paper. Among the thousands we find no man unable to write, except some from Tennessee. This contrast between Northern and Southern soldiers is very striking.

When our men were paroled, a rebel officer was stationed to write their names, while they made their mark. As one after another came up and wrote their own names, the officer said, "Why, d--n it, can they all write?" I wonder if he thought this had anything to do with our intelligent patriotism and final success.

Volumes could be filled with thrilling incidents as related by those who were eye witnesses, but I have not heart to report them, or time to write them.

Say to the friends that everything that is needed for the comfort of those prisoners has been and is being sent by the U.S. and Western Commission. I have all that I can do, and all the goods that I can distribute.

I do hope that our people will take an interest in the great Northwestern Fair, coming off in Chicago in May. This will finish up our work nobly.

Two hospital boats are now at the wharf to take the sick North.

Yours, respectfully,
     C. A. P. Harvey,
          State Agent.


Vicksburg Levee