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Cordelia Harvey

Governor Salomon

Cape Girardeau     
Sep. 29, 1862
Gov. Salomon:

The 1st Wis. Cav. are here & not over one hundred & fifty men able to do duty, & they look like the ghosts of their former selves.

1st Wisc. Cavalry Vets Milwaukee 1880

More than one hundred men are in the Hospital closely packed in small badly ventilated rooms. They are sick and dying of almost every disease that flesh is heir to.

Their only nurses are the convalescent patients, who go pale & tottering through the rooms - do all they can, but some get sick again. This regiment has only one Surgeon. The first Ass't has gone home, the second is here sick.

In Camp there are one hundred & seventy sick. The surgeon says not very sick, only chronic Dysentery & Diarreoa.

Major Torry has just returned from Helena with a part of the regiment.

Potato Point, Appleton, Wisc

Twenty five sick ones were sent to St Louis because they could not be got into the Hospital here. Nineteen were crowded in. Three died coming up the river - their names were Wm. Spenser Co. G. Appleton. -- Rollo Co. B. & Charles Kilts Co. K. Eagle, Wis. One died yesterday. I have not been able to get his name. Just before they started Ira Adams Co. K. & -- Scofield Co. I. died. Others are dead and dying whose names I have not been able to learn.

Yesterday I went up to Camp with the Surgeon and there on the grass & about one tent lay more than one hundred men waiting for him.

I spoke to Major Torry who only keeps up by his iron will & Quinine. He will die unless he comes home. He told me he would not leave his men yet, but must bye & bye. He is growing weaker every day.

I had been talking but a few moments when the surgeon came up & said Major have you a horse to sell? I said Doct how are the poor men? & he replied oh there is another Doct taking care of them. This "other Doct" was a Lieut. in one of the Companies & knows very little about medicine I am told by one of the Capts.

The boys expect so much from the state now I am here to tell you about it & I believe they will not be disappointed.

The sick men cry like children some of them are only boys, & say oh my Mother! My Mother! Can't I go home Mrs Harvey? Some try to look brave, but the lip quivers. One strong large framed man said to me "Your husband has gone I wish we were all with him." I have passed through scenes that I trust will give me strength for future action. I am very well & am glad I came. Will you send us four strong men for nurses & one or two good Doctors?

Eagle, Wisc

Telegraph Battery-Wagon

We have no Hospital stores here. I have telegraphed to St. Louis for some & expect to get them. If our people send any thing, let them send it to St. Louis, Care of James E. Yeatman Pres. of Western Sanitary Commission for 1st Wis. Cav. Cape Girardeau, & we shall get it sooner than we should if sent directly here.

When the history of this regiment is known the English language will fail to express the indignation of the people over the destruction of some of the noblest men that ever our state sent into the service. Not destroyed for their Countries good but sacrificed to the caprices, whims & wickedness of a Madman.

Yours very truly
     Mrs. L. P. Harvey

Evening. The name of the man that died yesterday was Russell W. Becker of Co. K. One dying to-day - Geo. T. Warr Co. I. Menomonee Falls Waukesha Co.

Sep. 30th I wrote you first to send Doctors & nurses, but I have now to take a good number of the sick away from here & I saw Dr. Young last evening, & he said he thought he should be able to prescribe for the sick to-day. You will therefore do what you think best, knowing the circumstances.

You will excuse this scrawl. It is written, talking to soldiers, & with a hand trembling from fatigue, but I am very well, & believe I am doing a little good.

     Mrs. L. P. H.