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In the case of Class A, reference books, there is a departure from the general method of classification according to authors, the works in that division being arranged according to contents and titles, and the majority of them appearing twice.

No. of Book.
AIR.   Flammarion, C.   The atmosphere.49
ALMANAC, American.   Spofford. A. R.   American almanac and treasury of facts, statistical, financial and political. 1880.94
ANTIQUITIES.   Anthon, C.   A dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities.16
ARCHITECTURE.   Ferguson, Jas.   History of architecture in all countries.102-103
ARCTIC regions.   Hartwig, Dr. G.   The polar and tropical worlds.51
ATLAS.   Black, A. and C.   General atlas of the world. 1873.77
--- Bryce, Jas.   Student's atlas of physical geography.83
--- Lyman, A. S.   Historical chart.75
--- Key to above.76
--- Mitchell, S. A.   New general atlas of the world. 1883.98
--- Walker, F. A.   Statistical atlas of the United States. 1874.78
--- Walling H. F.   Atlas of the state of Wisconsin.79
AUTHORS.   Allibone, S. A.   A critical dictionary of English literature and British and American authors.95-97
BIOGRAPHY.   Thomas, J.   Lippincott's universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology.4
CATALOGUE of the Milwaukee public library. 1881.93
--- Hewins, C. M.   Books for the young.110
CYCLOPEDIA Britannica.   Encyclopedia. 1875-1883.52-67
--- Chambers, W. and R.   Encyclopedia. 1872.5-14
--- Duyckinck, E. A. and G. L.   Cyclopedia of American literature.42-43
--- Kiddle, H., and Schem, A. J.   The cyclopedia of education.81
--- Lossing, B. J.   Harper's popular cyclopedia of United States history.85-86
--- Schermerhorn, J. W. and Company.   The American educational cyclopedia.108
DICTIONARIES.   Allibone, S. A.   A critical dictionary of English literature and British and American authors.95-97
--- Anthon, C.   A classical dictionary.17
--- A dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities.16
--- Brande, W. T.   A dictionary of science, literature and art.18
--- Brewer E. C.   Dictionary of phrase and fable.24
--- Grieb, C. F.   Dictionary of the English and German languages.40-41
--- Johnson, S.   A dictionary of the English language.16
--- Liddell and Scott.   Abridged Greek-English lexicon.9
--- Masson, G.   A compendious French-English and English-French dictionary.28
--- Neuman and Baretti.   Dictionary of the Spanish and English languages.20-21
--- Souls, R.   A dictionary of English synonymes.82
--- Thomas, J.   Lippincott's universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology.4
--- Ure, A.   A dictionary of arts, manufactures and mines.22-23
--- Webster, N.   An American dictionary of the English language.1
--- White, J. T.   A complete Latin-English and English-Latin dictionary.25
--- Worcester J. E.   A dictionary of the English language.2
DIRECTORY.   Steiger, E.   Educational directory. [1878.]106
EDUCATION.   Barnard, H.   National education Systems, institutions and statistics of public instruction in different countries.100-101
--- Kiddie, H. and Schem, A. J.   The cyclopaedia of education.81
--- Year-book of education. [1878.]107
--- Smith, W. B.   Educational year book. [1873.]109
--- Steiger, E.   Educational Directory. [1878.]106
ETHNOGRAPHY.   Brown, R.   The races of mankind.44-45
GAZETTEER.   Thomas, J. and Baldwin, T.   Lippincott's complete pronouncing gazetteer of the world. 1874.3
GEOGRAPHY. Brun, M. Malte.   A system of universal geography.30-32
--- Johnson, K.   A physical, historical, political and descriptive geography.105
--- Thomas, J. and Baldwin, T.   Lippincott's complete pronouncing gazetteer of the world. 1874.3
GOVERNMENT and politics.   Martin, F.   The statesman's yearbook. 1876.29
--- Spofford, A. R.   American almanac and treasury of facts, statistical, financial, and political. 1880.94
HANDBOOK.   Brewer, E. C.   The reader's handbook.80
HISTORY.   Bryant, W. C. and Gay, S. H.   A popular history of the United States.36-39
--- Ferguson J.   History of architecture in all countries.102-103
--- Lossing, B. J.   Harper's popular cyclopedia of United States History.85-86
--- Pictorial field-book of the revolution.34-35
--- Pictorial field-book of the war of 1812.33
--- Western historical company. History of Milwaukee, Wis.99
--- Young, A. W.   The American statesman. A political history of the United States.19
LAWS of Wisconsin, the.   1879, 1880, 1881, 1882.89-92
LITERATURE.   Duyckinck, E. A. and G. L.   Cyclopedia of American Literature.42-43
MILWAUKEE common council.   Proceedings for the year 1882.88
MYTHOLOGY, Anthon, C.   A classical dictionary.17
--- Thomas, J.   Lippincott's universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology.4
NATURAL history.   Wood, J. G.   Illustrated natural history.46-48
PHRASE and fable.   Brewer, E. G.   Dictionary of phrase and fable.24
PHYSICAL geography.   Bryce, J.   Student's atlas of physical geography.83
QUOTATIONS, Bartlett, J.   Familiar quotations.27
SCHOOL law.   Burke. F.   A treatise on the law of public schools.104
--- Whitford, W. C., compiler. Laws of Wisconsin relating to common schools, including free high schools, normal schools and the university.87
SYNONYMES.   Crabb G.   English synonymes explained.84
--- Soule, R.   A dictionary of English synonymes.82
TROPICAL regions.   Hartwig, Dr. G.   The polar and tropical worlds.51
UNIVERSE, the.   Pouchet, F. A.50
YEAR-BOOK.   Kiddle, H. and Schem, A. J.   Year-book of education. [1878.]107
--- Martin, Fred.   The statesman's year-book. [1876.]29
--- Smith, W. B.   The educational yearbook. [1873.]109

Composition, Criticism, Grammar and Orthoepy.
No. of Book.
ABBOTT, E. A. and Seeley, J. R.   English lessons for English people.1
ALFORD, H.   A plea for the queen's English.2
AYRES, A.   The orthoepist.3
--- The verbalist.4
CAMPBELL, L. J.   Handbook of English synonyms.5
FALLOWS, S.   A complete handbook of synonyms and antonyms.6
FOWLER, W. C.   English grammar.7
HELFENSTEIN, J.   A comparative grammar of the Teutonic languages.8
HODGSON, W. B.   Errors in the use of English.9
KAIME, H. H., Lord.   Elements of criticism.10-11
MOON, G. W.   The Dean's English. 12
MORRIS, R.   Elementary lessons in historical English grammar. 13
--- English grammar. 14
--- Historical outlines of English accidence. 15
PEABODY, A. P.   Conversation, its faults and its graces. 16
ROGET, P. M.   Thesaurus of English words and phrases. 19
TANCOCK, O. W.   The English grammar and reading book. 18
TRENCH, R. C.   On the study of words. 19
VERE, S. De.   Americanisms. 20
WHITE, R. G.   Every-day English. 21
--- Words and their uses, past and present. 22
WILSON, J.   A treatise on English punctuation. 23

History, Philosophy, and Study of Language and Literature.
No. of Book.
CARPENTER, S. H.   English of the XIVth century. 24
CRAIK, G. L.   A compendious history of English literature and of the English language. 25-26
GILMAN, A.   First steps in English literature. 27
GOSTWICK, G. and Harrison, R.   Outlines of German literature. 28
MARCEL, M.   Language as a means of mental culture and international communication. 29-30
--- The study of languages brought back to its true principles. 31
MARSH, G. P.   Origin and history of the English language and of the early literature it embodies. 32
SHAW, T. B.   A complete manual of English literature. 33
SHEPHERD, H. E.   A history of the English language from the Teutonic invasion of Britain to the close of the Georgian era. 34
TAYLOR, B.   Studies in German literature. 35
TAYLOR, I.   Words and places. 36
WHITNEY, W. D.   Language and the study of language. 37
--- Life and growth of language. 38

No. of Book.
CORSON, H.   A handbook of Anglo-Saxon and early English. 39
LANGLEY, W.   The vision of William concerning Piers the plowman. 40
MATTHEWS, J. B., compiler.   Poems of American patriotism. 41
MORRIS, R. and Skeat, W. W.   Specimens of early English. 42
POMEROY, M. S.   Songs of the heart. 43
POTTER, H. L. D.   A manual of reading. 44
SCOONES, W. B.   Four centuries of English letters. 45
SHAKESPEARE, W.   The merchant of Venice. 46
--- The tempest. 47
--- The tragedy of King Richard II. 48

Adventure and Exploration.
No. of Book.
BUTTERFIELD, C. W.   History of the discovery of the Northwest by John Nicolet in 1634, with a sketch of his life. 1
FROST, T.   Half-hours with the early explorers. 2
HIGGINSON, T. W.   A book of American explorers. 45
JONES, C. H.   A history of exploration and adventure as given in the leading authorities from Herodotus to Livingstone. 3
VERNE. J.   Famous travels and travelers. 4
--- The great navigators of the eighteenth century. 5

Geography and Travel.
No. of Book.
ATKINSON, F. W.   Oriental and western Siberia. 6
--- Travels in the regions of the upper and lower Amoor and the Russian acquisitions on the confines of India and China. 7
BROWN, R.   The countries of tile world. 8-13
BUTTERWORTH, H.   Zigzag journeys in Europe. 14
--- Zigzag journeys in classic lands. 15
--- Zigzag journeys in the Occident. 16
--- Zigzag Journeys in the Orient. 17
DARWIN, Sir Charles.   What Mr. Darwin saw in his voyage around the world in the ship Beagle. 18
FIELD, H. M.   From the lakes of Killarney to the Golden Horn. 19
--- From Egypt to Japan. 20
GROVE, G.   Geography. History primer. 21
HALE, E. E. and S. A.   A family flight through France, Germany, Norway and Switzerland. 22
HALL, M. L.   Our world. No. II. 23
INGERSOLL, E.   Knocking 'round the Rockies. 24
KNOX, T. W.   The boy travelers in the Far East. Japan and China. 25
--- The same. Siam and Java. 26
--- The same. Ceylon and India. 27
--- The same. Egypt and the Holy Land. 28
The young Nimrods in North America. 29
McCABE, J. D.   Our young folks abroad. 30
MYERS, P. V. N.   Remains of lost empires. 31
NEVIUS, J. L.   China and the Chinese. 32
NORDHOFF, C.   Northern California, Oregon and the Sandwich Islands. 33
ORTON, J.   The Andes and the Amazon. 34
TAYLOR, B.   Egypt and Iceland in the year 1874. 35
--- editor.   Illustrated library of travel, exploration and adventure. Japan in our day. 36
--- The same. Siam, the land of the white elephant, as it was and is. 46
--- The same. The lake region of central Africa. 37
--- The same. Travels in Arabia. 38
--- The same. Travels in South Africa. 39
--- The same. Wild men and wild beasts, or, scenes in camp and jungle.40
--- The same. Wonders of the Yellowstone. 47
THOMSON, J.   The straits of Malacca, lndo-China and China. 41
VAMBERY, A.   Travels in central Asia.42
WALLACE, A. R.   The Malay archipelago.43
WILSON, A.   The abode of snow.44

No. of Book.
ALDEN, J.   The science of government in connection with American institutions. 1
ANDREWS, I. W.   Manual of the constitution of the United States. 2
ARNOLD, T.   Introductory lessons on modern history. 3
BANCROFT, G.   History of the United States of America from the discovery of the continent. 4-9
BONNER, J.   A child's history of the United States. 10-12
BUCK, J. S.   Pioneer history of Milwaukee. 13-14
BULFINCH, T.   The age of chivalry. 15
BUTLER, A. B., editor.   Centennial records of the women of Wisconsin. 16
BUTTERWORTH, H.   Young folks' history of Boston. 17
COFFIN, C. C.   Building the nation. 18
--- Old times in the colonies. 19
--- The boys of '76. 20
COX, G. W.   A general history of Greece from the earliest period to the death of Alexander the Great, with a sketch of the subsequent history to the present time. 21
DOYLE, J. A.   History of the united States. Freeman's historical course for schools. 22
DRAKE, S. A.   Nooks and corners of the New England coast. 23
DRAPER, J. W.   History of the intellectual development of Europe. 24-25
EATON, D. B.   Civil service in Great Britain. A history of abuses and reforms and their bearing upon American politics. 26
FAWCETT, M. G.   Tales in political economy. 27
FOSTER, J. W.   Prehistoric races of the United States. 28
FREEMAN, E. A.   Comparative politics. 29
GIBBON, E.   The history of the decline and fall of the Roman empire, abridged. 30
GREEN, J. R.   A short history of the English people. 31
--- History of the English people. 32-35
GROTE, G.   History of Greece. 36-47
HALLAM, H.   The constitutional history of England from the accession of Henry VII. to the death of George II. 48
--- View of the state of Europe during the middle ages. 49
HARPER and brothers, publishers.   A history of France from the earliest times to to the establishment of the second empire in 1852. 50
HOLST, H. von.   Constitutional and political history of the United States. 51-53
HUME, D.   A history of England from the earliest times to the revolution in 1688. 83
JOHNSTON, A.   History of American politics. 54
KINGSLEY, C.   The heroes, or Greek fairy tales for my children. 55
LIDDELL, H. G.   A history of Rome from the earliest times to the establishment of the empire. 56
LIEBER, F.   On civil liberty and self-government. 57
LODGE, H. C.   A short history of the English colonies in America. 58
LOSSING, B. J.   The story of the United States navy (for boys). 59
MERIVALE, C.   A general history of Rome from the foundation of the city to the fall of Augustus. B.C 753-A.D 476. 60
MILL, J. S.   Considerations On a representative government. 84
MOMMSEN, T.   The history of Rome. 85-88
MURRAY, A. S.   Manual of mythology. 89
NORDHOFF, C.   Politics for Young Americans. 61
OBER, F. A.   Young folks' history of Mexico. 62
PARKMAN, F.   France and England in North America. 63-67
--- The conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian war after the conquest of Canada. 68-69
--- The Oregon trail. Sketches of prairie and Rocky mountain life. 70
RANDALL, T. E.   History of the Chippewa valley. 71
SCOTT, E. G.   The development of constitutional liberty in the English colonies of America. 72
SMITH, P.   The ancient history of the East from the earliest times to the conquest by Alexander the Great. 73
SMITH, W.   A history of Greece from the earliest times to the Roman conquest. 74
STERNE, S.   Constitutional history and political development of the United States. 75
STICKNEY, A.   A true republic. 76
STRICKLAND, A.   Lives of the queens of England from the Norman conquest. 77
TOCQUEVILLE, A. De.   American institutions and their influence. 78
TROTTER, L. J.   History of India. 79
TUTTLE, C. R.   An illustrated history of the state of Wisconsin. 80
WINSOR, J.   The reader's handbook of the American revolution. 81
WOOLSEY, T. D. and others.   The first century of the republic. 82

No. of Book.
ABBOTT, J.   Science for the young. 1-4
AGASSIZ, L.   Methods of study in natural history. 5
APPLETON, D. and company, publishers.   A world of wonders; or, marvels in animate and inanimate nature. 6
ARNOTT, N.   Elements of physics; or, natural philosophy. 7
BAIN, A.   Logic, deductive and inductive. 8
--- Mental science, a compendium of psychology and the history of philosophy. 9
--- Moral science, a compendium of ethics. 10
--- The emotions and the will. 11
--- The senses and the intellect. 12
BAIRD, S. F.   Annual record of science and industry for 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874. 13-16
BARTLETT, W. H. C.   Elements of natural philosophy. 17-18
--- Spherical astronomy. 19
BASTIAN, H. C.   The brain as an organ of mind. 20
BECKER, H.   Scientific London. 21
BLASIUS, N. V.   Storms: their nature, classification and laws. 22
BRACE, C. I.   The races of the old world: a manual of ethnology. 23
BROWN, R.   Science for all. 24-28
BUCKLEY, A. B.   A short history of natural science and of the progress of discovery from the time of the Greeks to the present day. 29
--- Life and her children. Glimpses of animal life from the amoeba to the insects. 30
--- The fairy land of science. 31
--- The winners in life's race, or, the great back-boned family. 32
CARPENTER, W. B.   The principles of mental physiology, with their applications to the training and discipline of the mind and the study of its morbid conditions. 33
CHADBOURNE, P. A.   Lectures on natural history. 34
CHAPMAN and Hall, publishers.   Handbook of the special loan collection of scientific apparatus of the South Kensington museum. 35
COOKE, J. P.   The new chemistry. International scientific series. 36
DANA, J. D.   Manual of geology. 37
D'ANVERS, N.   Forms of land and water. Science ladder No. 1. 38
--- Vegetable life. Science ladder No. 3. 39
DAVIES, C.   Nature and utility of mathematics. 40
DESCHANEL, A. P.   Elementary treatise on natural philosophy. 41-44
DONNELLY, J.   Ragnarok the age of fire and gravel. 45
DORNER, C.   Treasury of general knowledge for school and home. 46-47
DRAPER, J. W.   Human physiology, statical and dynamical. 48
FIGUIER, L.   The human race. 49
--- The vegetable world; being a history of plants, with their structure and peculiar properties. 50
GEIKIE, A.   Geology. Science primer. 51
--- Physical geography. Science primer. 52
GIBERNE, A.   Sun, moon and stars. 53
GRAY, A.   How plants grow. 54
--- Introduction to structural and systematic botany, and vegetable physiology. 55
GUILLEMIN, A.   The heavens. 56
HAECKEL, E.   The history of creation. 57-58
HOOKER, W.   The child's book of nature. 59
HUXLEY, T. H.   Introductory. Science primer. 60
JEVONS, W. S.   Elementary lessons in logic, deductive and inductive. 95
JUDD, J. W.   Volcanoes: what they are and what they teach. International Scientific series. 61
LINDSAY, W. L.   Mind in the lower animals in health and disease. 62-63
LYELL, Sir Chas.   The student's elements of geology. 64
MARSH, G. P.   Man and nature: or, physical geography as modified by human action. 65
MAYER, A. M.   Sound: a series of simple, entertaining and inexpensive experiments in the phenomena of sound, for the use of students of every age. 96
--- and Barnard, C., Light: a series of simple, etc. 66
MILL, J. S.   A system of logic, ratiocinative and inductive. 67
NICOLS, A.   Chapters from the physical history of ths earth. 68
PICKERING, E. C.   Elements of physical manipulations. 69
PLATO.   The republic of Plato. 70
PORTER, N.   The elements of intellectual science, abridged from the "Human Intellect". 71
--- The human intellect, with an introduction upon psychology and the soul. 72
QUATREFAGAS, A. De.   Natural history of man. 73
RAY, I.   Mental Hygiene. 74
RECLUS, E.   The earth: a descriptive history of the life of the globe. 75
--- The history of a mountain. 76
--- The ocean atmosphere and life. 77
RIBOT, T.   Diseases of memory: an essay in the positive psychology. 78
--- Heredity a physiological study of its phenomena, laws, and consequences. 79
ROBINSON, H. N.   A treatise on astronomy; descriptive, theoretical and physical. 80
ROSCOE, H. E.   Chemistry. Science primer. 81
SEGUIN, E.   Idiocy; and its treatment by the physiological method. 97
SIDGWICK, H.   The methods of ethics. 82
SPENCER, H.   The study of sociology. International scientific series. 83
STEVENSON, S. H.   Boys and girls in biology; or, simple studies of the lower forms of life. 84
STEWART, B.   Physics. Science primer. 85
--- The conservation of energy. International scientific series. 86
SULLY, J.   Illusions: a psychological study. International scientific series. 87
TENNEY, S. A.   Manual of zoology. 88
TODHUNTER, I.   Natural philosophy for beginners. 89-90
TWINING, J.   Technical training. 91
TYNDALL, J.   The forms of water in clouds and rivers, ice and glaciers. International scientific series. 92
WELLS, D. A.   The science of common things. 93
WAGNER, R.   Handbook of chemical technology. 94

General Topics, History and Lectures.
No. of Book.
ADAMS, F.   The free school system of the United States. 1
AMES, A.   Sex in industry a plea for the working girl. 2
ARNOLD, M. A.   Frensch Eton; or middle class education and the state. 3
--- Higher schools and universities in Germany. 4
ASCHAM, R.   The Scholemaster. 5
BARNARD, H.   Normal schools and the institutions, agencies and means designed for the professional education of teachers. 6
--- editor.   German pedagogy Education, the school and the teacher in German literature. From Barnard's American Journal of Education. 7
--- Memoirs of eminent teachers and educators in Germany with contributions to the history of education from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century. From the American Journal of Education. 8
--- The life, educational principles and methods of J. H. Peztalozzi; with biographical sketches of several of his assistants and disciples. From the American Journal of Education. 9
BATES, S. P.   Lectures on mental and moral culture. 10
BIBLE in the public schools, the.   Arguments in the case of John D. Minor, et, al. versus the board of education of the city of Cincinnati, et. al. 11
BINNER, P.   History of the education of the deaf and dumb. 12
BLAKE, S. J.   A visit to some American schools and colleges. 13
BRACKETT, A. C., editor.   The education of American girls considered in a series of essays. 14
BULOW, B. von.   Reminiscenses of Friederich Froebel. 15
CLARKE, E. H.   Sex in education; or, a fair chance for the girls. 145
--- The building of a brain. 16
COMFORT, G. F.   and A. M. Woman's education and woman's health. 17
COOKE, J. P.   Scientific culture and other essays. 18
DICKENS, C.   Child pictures. 19
--- Schools and schoolmasters. From his writings. 20
DONALDSON, J.   Lectures on the history of education in Prussia and England, and on kindred topics. 21
DUFFEY, E. B.   No sex in education. 22
EDUCATIONAL aphorisms and suggestions, ancient and modern.   From Barnard's American journal of education. 23
EVERETT, E.   Importance of practical education and practical knowledge. 24
FARRAR, F. W.   Essays on a liberal education. 25
FITCH, J. G.   Lectures on teaching. 26
HAILMANN, W. N.   Twelve lectures on the history of pedagogy. 27
HILL, T.   The true order of studies. 28
KRUSI, H.   Petalozzi, his life, work and influence. 29
LATHAM, H.   On the action of examinations, considered as a means of selection. 30
LAURIE, S. S.   The training of teachers, and other educational papers. 31
LECTURES read before the American institute of instruction at Providence, R. I., July 7, 1875, with the journal of proceedings. 32
MAHAFFY, J. P.   Old Greek education. 33
MANN, H.   Lectures and annual reports of education. 34
--- Lectures and annual reports on education. 35
MANN, M.   Life of Horace Mann. 36
MANSFIELD, E. D.   American education, its principles and elements. 37
NATIONAL educational association, the.   Addresses and journal of proceedings for the years 1872, 1873, 1874, 1875. [2 copies]. 38-42
NATIONAL teachers' monthly, the.   Vol. I. 1874-5. 43
NORTHROP, B. G.   Education abroad, and other papers. 44
ORTON, J., editor.   The liberal education of women: the demand and the method. Current thoughts in America and England. 45
PHILOBIBLIUS.   History and progress of education. 46
PORTER, N.   The American colleges and the American public; with afterthoughts on college and school education. 47
QUAIN, R.   On some defects in general education. 48
QUICK, R. H.   Essays on educational reformers. 49
RANDALL, S. S.   First principles of popular education and public instruction. 50
RICHTER, J. P. F.   Levana, or, the doctrine of education. 51
RIGO, J. H.   National education in its social conditions and aspects, and public elementary school education, English and foreign. 52
ROUSSEAU, J.   Emilius and Sophie; or, a new system of education. 53-56
SEGUIN, E.   Report on education. 57
SPEAR, S. T.   Religion and the state; or, the bible and the public schools. 58
SPENCER, H.   Education, intellectual, moral and physical. 59
SWETT, J.   History of the public school system of California. 60
TEN BROOK, A.   American state universities, their origin and progress; a history of congressional university land grants, a particular account of the rise and development of the university of Michigan, and hints toward the future of the American university system. 61
THRING, E.   Education and school. 62
WISCONSIN journal of education, the.   For the years 1872, 1873, 1874, 1875. 63-66

The Kindergarten.
No. of Book.
BERNARD, H., editor.   Papers on Froebel's kindergarten, with suggestions on principles and methods of child culture in different countries. 67
BUELOW, B. von M.   The new education by work, according to Froebel's method. 68
DOUAI, A.   The kindergarten. 69
HAILMANN, W. N.   Kindergarten culture in the family and kindergarten. 70
--- Primary helps, being No. 1 of a new series of kindergarten manuals [2 copies]. 71-72
HUBBARD, C. B.   Merry songs and games for the kindergarten. 73
KRAUS, J. and Boelte, M. K.   The Kindergarten guide, 1881. 74
--- The same, 1877. [4 vols]. 75-78
KRIEGE, M. H., translator.   The child, its nature and relations. 79
LAURIE, T.   Kindergarten action-songs and marches, for infant schools, with music in the sol-fa notation. 80
MANN, Mrs H. and Peabody, E. P.   Moral culture of infancy and kindergarten guide. 81
SHIREFF, E.   Essays and lectures on the kindergarten. 82
VAGO, A. L. and Pitman, B.   Instructions in the art of modeling in clay, with an appendix on modeling foliage, etc. 83
WIEBE, E.   The paradise of childhood, a practical guide to kindergartners. 84

Manuals, Methods and Systems.
No. of Book.
ABBOTT, J.   Gentle measures in the management and training of the young. 85
--- The teacher. Moral influences employed in the management and instruction of the young. 86
BAIN, A.   Education as a science. International scientific series [2 copies]. 87-88
BALDWIN, J.   The art of school management. 89
BLAKISTON, J. R.   The teacher. Hints on school management. 90
BROWNING, C.   Introduction to the history of educational theories. 91
BURTON, W.   The culture of the observing faculties in the family and the school. 92
CALDERWOOD, H.   On teaching: its ends and means. 93
CALKINS, N. A.   Manual of object teaching, with illustrative lessons in methods and the science of education. [7 copies ]. 94-100
--- Primary object lessons for a graduated course of development. 101
CURRIE, J.   The principles and practice of common school education. [2 copies ]. 102-103
--- The principles and practice of early and infant school education. 104
ELDREDGE and brothers, publishers.   Cultivation of the senses. 105
--- Cultivation of the memory. 106
--- On class teaching. 107
--- On discipline. 108
--- On the use of words. 109
FEARON, M. A.   School inspection. 110
GILL, J.   Systems of education. 111
GRUBE'S method.   Two essays on elementary instruction in arithmetic. 112
GUTHRIE, F.   The first book of knowledge. 113
HAILMANN, W. N.   Outlines of a system of object teaching, prepared for teachers and parents. 114
JEWELL, F. S.   School government. 115
JOHONNOT, J.   Principles and practice of teaching. 116
LEITCH, J.   Practical educationists and their systems of teaching. 117
LILIENTHAL, M. E. and Allyn, R.   Things taught. 118
MAYHEW, I.   The means and ends of universal education. 119
MAYO, C.   Lessons on objects. 120
NORTHEND, C.   The teacher and the parent. 121
--- The teacher's assistant; or, hints and methods in school discipline and instruction. 122
OGDEN, J.   The art of teaching. [2 copies]. 123-124
--- The science of education [2 copies]. 125-126
--- The science of education and art of teaching. 127
PAGE, D. P.   Theory and practice of teaching. 128
PARKER, F. W.   Notes of talks on teaching. [2 copies]. 129-130
PAYNE, J.   Lectures on the science and art of education. 131
--- The science and art of education. 132
PAYNE, W. H.   Chapters on school supervision. 133
PEABODY, E. P.   Record of Mr. Alcott's school, exemplifying the principles and methods of moral culture. 134
PHELPS, W. F.   The teacher's handbook for the institute and the class room. 135
ROBINSON, R.   Teacher's manual of method and organization, adapted to the primary schools of Great Britain, Ireland and the colonies. 136
ROSENKRANZ, K.   Pedagogies as a system. 137
SHELDON, E. A.   A manual of elementary instruction. 138
STONE, I.   The elementary and complete examiner. 139
SWETT, J.   Methods of teaching. 140
WALKER, J.   The handy book of object lessons, from a teacher's note book. 141
WELCH, A. S.   Object lessons, prepared for teachers of primary schools and primary classes. 142
WICKERSHAM, J. P.   Methods of instruction. 143
--- School economy. 144

No. of Book.
DEUTSCHER Katalog.   Milwaukeer oeffentliche Bibliothek. 1
DIEHL, P.   Schatzkästlein fuer die Jugend. Aus Johann Peter Hebels sämmtlichen Erzählungen ausgewählt und mit einer biographischen Einleitung versehen. 2
DITTES, F.   Geschichte der Erziehung und des Unterrichtes. 3
DÜMLING, H.   Illustrirtes Thierleben fuer Schule und Haus, mit besonderer Beruecksichtigung der amerikanischen Thiere. Die Vögel. 4
HARKORT, H. K.   Kinder-und Puppentheater. Dramatisirte Märchen nach Grimm u. a. 5
HEYSE, J. C. A.   Ausfuehrliches Lehrbuch der deutschen Sprache [2 vols.]. 6-7
--- Deutsche Schulgrammatik oder kurzgefasstes Lehrbuch der deutschen Sprache mit Beispielen und Uebungsaufgaben. 8
HIRT, F.   und Sohn. Herausg. Hirts Theater fuer die Jugend. 9
JAEGER, V. A.   Der Anschauungs-Unterricht fuer die zwei ersten Schuljahre. 10
KEHR, C.   Die Praxis der Volksschule. 11
--- und Schlimbach, G.   Der deutsche Sprachunterricht im ersten Schuljahre nach seiner historischen Entwickelung, theoretischen Begruendung und praktischen Gestaltung. 12
--- Der deutsche Sprachunterricht im ersten Schuljahre nach seiner historischen Entwickelung und in theoretisch-praktischer Darstellung. 13
KELLER, F. E.   Geschichte des preussischen Volksschulwesens. 14
KELLNER, L.   Aphorismen Zur Pädagogik der Schule und des Hauses [2 exemplare]. 15-16
--- Praktischer Lehrgang fuer den deutschen Sprachunterricht. Ein Hand- u. Huelfsbuch fuer Lehrer an Seminaren, Buergerschulen und Volksschulen. 17
--- Volksschulkunde. 30
MICHELSEN, K.   Kathechismus der deutschen Sprachlehre. 18
NIESMANN, F.   Dr. Vogel's analytisch-synthetische Lesemethode, oder der vereinigte Anschauungs-Lese-und Schreibunterricht, angelehnt an Normalwörter mit Bildern. 19
OTTO, F., Herausg.   Deutsche Dichter Denker und Wissensfuersten im XVIII und XIX Jahrhundert. 20
SCHLEICHER, A.   Die deutsche Sprache. 21
SEYDLITZ, E. von.   Schul-Geographie. 22
VILMAR, A. F. C.   Geschichte der deutschen Nationalliteratur. 23
WIEDEMANN, F.   Der Lehrer der Kleinen. Ein praktischer Rathgeber fuer junge Elementarlehrer. 24
--- Präparationen fuer den Anschauungs-Unterricht. 25
--- Sprachbilder nach bestimmten Sprachregeln. 26
--- 200 Präparationen fur den naturkundlichen Anschauungs-Unterricht. 27
WOLFF, G. L. B.   Hausschatz deutscher Prosa. 28
--- Poetischer Hausschatz des deutschen Volkes. 29

No. of Book.
ARISTOTLE.   Politics and economics. 1
BACON, F.   The advancement of learning. 2
BARTHOLOMEW, W. N.   Teacher's manual to accompany Bartholomew's national system of industrial drawing. 3
BEARD, D. C.   What to do and how to do it; the American boy's handy book. 4
BERNERS, J.   First lessons in health. 5
BLACKIE, J. S.   On self-culture, intellectual, physical and moral. 6
BLAIKIE, W.   How to get strong and how to stay so. 7
BROWNE, S. H.   Manual of commerce. 8
BRYANT, J. C.   New counting-house bookkeeping. 9
CHENEY and Clapp, publishers.   Good behavior. 10
CHOMET, Dr. H.   The influence of music upon health and disease. 11
CICERO.   Three books of offices and other moral works. 12
CLARKE, F. W.   Weights, measures and money. 13
CLARKE, J. F.   Self-culture, physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual. 14
CLAXTON, E, and company, publishers.   American oratory; or, selections from the speeches of eminent Americans. 15
COLIN, A.   The universal metric system. 16
CONWELL, R. H.   The life, travels and literary career of Bayard Taylor. 17
CORFIELD, W. H.   Health. 18
D'ANVERS, N.   Elementary history of art. 19
DIAZ, A. M.   The schoolmaster's trunk, containing papers on home life in Tweenit. 20
DUC, V. C.   Learning to draw; or, the story of a young designer. 21
EGGERS, H. and Hanstein, H.   Elements of geometrical drawing, an introduction to mechanical drawing. 22
EGGLESTON, G. C.   How to educate yourself with or without masters. Putnam's handy book series. 23
FOTHERGILL, J. M.   The maintenance of health. 24
HARSHA, D. A.   The most eminent orators and statesmen of ancient and modern times. 25
HARTLEY, W. N.   Air and its relations to life. 26
HIGGINSON, T. W.   Atlantic essays. 27
HINTON, J.   Physiology for practical use. 28
HUTTELL, J. S.   A brief history of culture. 29
HUGHES, T.   Tom Brown's school days. 30
--- Tom Brown at Oxford. 31
HURST, J. F.   Life and literature in the fatherland. 32
HUXLEY, T. H.   Lay sermons, addresses and reviews. 33
JEVONS, W. S.   Money and the mechanism of exchange. International scientific series. 34
KINGSLEY, C.   Health and education. 35
LAMSON, M. S.   Life and education of Laura Dewey L. Bridgman, the deaf, dumb and blind girl. 36
LANGE, J.   Modern art education, its practical and aesthetic character educationally considered. 37
LEEDS, W. A.   Treatise on ventilation. 38
LEWIS, D.   New gymnastics for men, women and children. 39
MACLAREN, A.   System of physical education, theoretical and practical. 40
MAYER, C.   Mercantile manual: a compendium of the history and methods of trade. 41
OSWALD, F. L.   Physical education; or, the health laws. 42
PLUMPTRE, C. J.   King's college lectures on elocution. 43
POTTER, S. O. L.   Speech and its defects, considered physiologically, pathologically, historically and remedially. 44
PRATT, D. J.   The regents' questions. 1866 to 1876. 45
PUTNAM, J. P.   The metric system of weights and measures. 46
RIBOT, T.   Diseases of memory. 47
RICE, I. L.   What is music?. 48
RICHARDSON, B. W.   Diseases of modern life. 49
--- Learning and health. 50
SCUDDER, H. E.  American men of letters Noah Webster. 51
SMILES, S.  Character. 52
--- Duty, with illus. of courage, patience and endurance. 53
--- Self-help, with illustrations of character, conduct and perseverance. 54
--- Thrift. 55
SMITH, E.   Health. 56
SMITH, W.   Art education, scholastic and industrial. 57
STETSON, C. B.   Technical education, what it is, and what American public schools should teach. [2 copies]. 58-59
STEWART, B. and Ward, A. W.   Essays and addresses by professors and lecturers of the Owens college, Manchester. 60
TAYLOR, S.   Science of music; or, physical basis of musical harmony. 61
WALKER, W.   Handbook of drawing. 62
WARNER, C. D. and others.   Hints for home reading. 63
WATTS, I.   Improvement of the mind. 64
WEIGALL, C. H.   The art of figure drawing. 65
WILSON, G.   Handbook of hygiene and sanitary science. 66
YOUMANS, E. L.   The culture demanded by modern life. 67

A Classified Catalogue of the Books Belonging to the Milwaukee Public School Teachers' Library. Milwaukee: Godfrey & Crandall, 1884.
From the Pamphlet Collection of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin: Pam 93-586