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Catalogue of the Milwaukee Public School Teachers' Library


A catalogue, or rather, list of books in the teachers' library was issued in 1879, since which time valuable additions have been made, whose number and nature are, naturally, unknown to the majority of the teaching corps. The necessity of a new catalogue and, incidentally, a better classification, was; therefore, so apparent that the School Board, at its meeting held December 4, 1883, authorized the Superintendent of Schools to expend, with the approval of a committee of the Board, a certain sum for the purpose of such a publication. A more elaborate document, probably not necessary in view of the peculiar character of the library, would have required more time than has been at command. It is hoped that this catalogue will be useful, in placing the contents of the library at the command of its users.


  1. The privileges of the library are free to the pupils of the Normal Department and all teachers employed in the public schools of Milwaukee.
  2. Teachers may draw from the library one volume, or two volumes, if connected and belonging to one set.
  3. No book shall be detained longer than three weeks, and if detained longer, ten cents must be paid for every week's detention.
  4. Books classified as books of reference may be freely consulted at all times, but cannot be taken from the library, except by special permission of the Superintendent of Schools.
  5. Periodicals cannot be taken from the library until the period for which they are issued has expired.
  6. Teachers will be responsible for loss or injury of any book drawn from the library, the damage to be assessed by the Superintendent of Schools.
  7. No teacher shall be allowed the privileges of the library while indebted for a fine, or loss or injury of books.
  8. All money received from fines and damages shall be applied to the purchase of new books.
  9. The library will be open for distributing and receiving hooks Saturdays from 9 A. M. till 12 M., and on school days from 4:30 to 5:30 P. M.


The attention of teachers is called to the regulation prescribing a fine for the retention of books beyond a specified time.

The Superintendent will not, in case of a question arising, acknowledge the return of books claimed to have been made in the absence of both himself and his clerk.

Teachers will, in giving the number of a book, also designate the class to which it belongs, as A, B, C, etc.