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Monona Lake Assembly 1882



Which cannot be named in a Programme, are as follows:

Rev. H. G. Sedgwick, with his large Equatorial Telescope, will be present during the Assembly, and accommodate all who wish to study the heavens. Season Ticket holders will be charged nothing for an observation.

The Microscope Tent will be a pleasant resort for others.

The Sunday School Supply Tent will enable all to know the latest and best appliances for work.

Copies of the Cantata Choruses, to be used at the Assembly, will be furnished free to competent singers who expect to join the Assembly Chores, and who apply at once. Persons accepted by the lenders of sub-choruses, or by the Director, or his Assistant, as having sufficient musical skill for the work, and who agree to be present at the rehearsals and public musical exercises of the Assembly, will be entitled to Season Tickets free. These Chorus Tickets are not transferable; and three unexcused absences from chorus-work will forfeit the ticket. It is requested that the names of all who expect to join the Assembly Chorus, with the statement of the part they sing, be reported to Rev. E. L. Eaton, as soon as possible.

It is proper to state that Gov. Colquitt, on account of his official duties is not able to make a positive engagement to be here, but hopes and expects to address the Assembly, August 2 and 4.


The fee for a single admission will be 25 cents. Should the holder of a single admission ticket remain on the grounds longer than the day on which he purchased his ticket, he will be required to pay 25 cents for each day he is on the grounds.

Season tickets not transferable, will be sold for $1.50. Stockholders' tickets to the holders of full paid stock only, will be $1 and will be transferable to any member of his own immediate family. Only one member of the family can be on the grounds at the same time on a Stockholder's ticket. Each stockholder will have the privilege of purchasing as many tickets for one dollar each as he has shares of full paid stock, subject to the condition above stated.

Children under 14, coming with their parents, or with their teachers on children's days will be admitted free.

The grounds will not be open for admission on Sunday. Those holding Season tickets wishing to attend the Sunday service must be in camp by Saturday evening.

While a full and complete programme for instruction and entertainment has been provided, it is expected that those who attend will take ample time for rest and recreation. They can select from the programme the exercises they will attend. Abundant provision will be made for those who wish to enjoy boating, fishing, bathing, &c.


Those who wish to board on the grounds can be supplied with good meals at 25 cents each. A lunch counter or restaurant will furnish such articles as may be wanted by those who do not wish a regular meal.

Ice, Bread, Milk, Cakes, Pies, &c., will be on the grounds, for sale each morning except Sunday.

Persons coming with teams can procure hay and oats on the grounds.

Prices for all articles sold, and for all services rendered, for bathing, rent of boats, steamboat fares, &c., will be regulated by the officers of the Assembly, so that no one need fear being imposed upon by unreasonable charges.

Reduced rates can be had at the city hotels and boarding houses by those who wish to lodge or take part of their meals in the city.

To those who wish to board themselves, the nearness of the city markets and stores will afford every facility.

Those who bring their own tents and bedding, and cooking implements, will find the expense of living very small.

Those who are familiar with the cost of admission, tents, meals, etc., at other similar gatherings, will notice that prices here, for everything, have been placed at the lowest possible point, and much below the prices generally charged at other places.


Tents can be rented on the following terms:
9x9Wall Tent, for the Season, $4.00
10x12 5.00
12x12 6.00
12x14 7.00
20x13Family Tent, 5 rooms, 12.00
Various Sizes, Family Tent, 3 rooms, 8.00

The above prices are without floors; the price of floors for small tents, $1.00; for larger ones, $1.50 and $2.00; upholstered cots, 75c. each.

Persons wishing to purchase tents will be supplied at Chicago wholesale prices.

Camping ground will be set apart for the use of those who wish to bring their own tents. Persons desiring other locations than those set apart, can have them at reasonable prices.

Persons wishing to camp on the grounds will bring their own bedding. Persons wishing to lodge on the grounds will be furnished with the shelter of a tent, and the use of an upholstered cot, they furnishing their own bedding for 25 cents per night.

Persons wishing to secure tents, cots or other accomodations will notify DR. A. N. HOLLISTER, Madison, before the 20th of July. A deposit of 50 per cent. of the rent of the tent and cots will be required at the time the application is made.

To persons not accustomed to camping out, it is suggested that the most of the following named articles will be found useful.

Camp kettle and cover, Candle sticks,
Dish-towels, Matches and box,
Portable table, Blacking brush,
Salt and pepper box, Spider,
Bread box, Cots or bed ticks,
Butcher knife, Camp stools or chairs,
Milk pan, Wooden or tin pails,
Bathing suits, Coffee or tea pot,
Washbasin, Clothes line,
Knives, forks and spoons, Dish pan,
Portable oil stove, Half gallon jug--empty!
Tin plates and cups,
Packing chest, 15 inches wide, which can be used as a seat.

The railroads will transmit free, tents and camp equipage for all who wish to bring such things with them.


All the principal Railroads in the State will sell tickets to and from the Assembly grounds at Excursion rates, one and one-fifth fare for the round trip.

The most of the roads will issue round trip tickets. Should any road require full fare to the grounds, a certificate of the Assembly Secretary will enable the person paying full fare to procure a return ticket for one-fifth fare.

All persons can ascertain at the ticket office in their respective towns, the kind of ticket it will be necessary to purchase.

Tickets will be good to go to the Assembly from July 24th to August 4th, and good to return until August 5th.

All persons wishing to be on the grounds previous to July 24th will pay full fare in going and will be furnished with a certificate by the Assembly Secretary that will enable them to purchase a return ticket at one-fifth regular fare, and those wishing to remain on the grounds after the close of the exercises can have their tickets extended by notifying the Secretary at least three days before the close of the Assembly.

Persons going by the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul road can be landed on a platform within 80 rods, and persons going by the Chicago and Northwestern road, on a platform a trifle farther from the grounds.

Those who prefer, can be left in the city or at the steamboat landing, from either road, when a ten minutes ride on a lake steamer will bring them to the grounds.

There are sixty-two trains carrying passengers going in and out of Madison every 24 hours.

Programme of the Third Annual Encampment of the Monona Lake Assembly. Chicago: Fairbanks, Palmer & Co., 1882.
From the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Pamphlet Collection: Pam 56-5421