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The Wisconsin Idea

by Charles McCarthy

"If I show a certain spirit now and then which may seem to cloud my judgment as to certain matters herein contained, I crave the reader's pardon on the score that I, a wandering student, seeking knowledge, came knocking at the gates of the great University of Wisconsin, and it took me in, filled me with inspiration, and when I left its doors the kindly people of the state stretched out welcoming hands and gave me a man's work to do."

On-line Contents:
CHAPTER I The Reason for It
CHAPTER III The Regulation of Business affected by a Public Interest
CHAPTER IV Electoral and Governmental Changes
CHAPTER V Educational Legislation
CHAPTER VI Labor, Health, and Public Welfare
CHAPTER VII Administration
CHAPTER VIII The Legislature
CHAPTER IX The Law and Economic Progress
CHAPTER X Conclusion
APPENDIX Bibliography
Initiative and Referendum Resolution
Men serving both University and State for 1910-11
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