Greyscale lithograph of lake, larger version.

Sorø Academy. Lithograph from a painting (oil on oak) by H. G. S. Harder (1792-1873). To the left of the school building is the church built by Bishop Absalon ca. 1180. Both Absalon and Ludvig Holberg are buried there. (See Lars Kelstrup, Sorø Akademi: Bygningernes Historie, 4th ed. [Sorø Lokalhistoriske Selskab, 1997], pp. 8-9).

Jónas wrote Páll Melsteð on 5 July 1844 (after returning to Copenhagen):

Sorø is a low-lying town and the air is foggy and unwholesome, but the country round about is lovely. The atmosphere of the place is typically small-market-townish, and I don't think scholarship can make real strides anywhere except in great cities — or maybe among individuals working by themselves in rural seclusion. (2E213)

In Sorø Jónas lived with Steenstrup on the second floor of Storgade 20. (For information about this building and a photograph of its façade see 51TMm23.)

Source: Vestsjællandes Kunstmuseum, Sorø

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