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East Street in Copenhagen, 1861. East Street (Østergade) is the name of the upper part of Ströget (what Icelanders call "Strikið," "The Strip"). Ströget is the main shopping street of Copenhagen, extending from Rådhus Platsen to Kongens Nytorv. Along this street was located, in Jónas's day, the shop of the tobacconist Groot (or is it Groth?). The building with the triangular pediment, halfway down the left side of the street, was for a time the home of Þorleifur Guðmundsson Repp, an acquaintance of Jónas and the Fjölnismenn (ÁÍK93).

Source: Illustreret Tidende, II (1861), no. 84, p. 252.

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