Bruce Barton Papers, 1881-1967

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Size: 36 x 48-inches
Box   6
American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, Connecticut, 1956
Note: “Moveable Bridge” (pencil drawing, signed by Rouben Ter-Arutunian)
“Preliminary Layout” (pencil drawing)
“Light Plot-Fronts” (pencil drawing)
“Basic Set for Drama Season, Floor Plans” (blueline)
“Revised Basic Set Plan” (pencil drawing by Rouben Ter-Arutunian)
Box   6
American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, Connecticut, 1957
Note: “Cyclorama Layout” (2 versions of pencil sketch, signed by Rouben Ter-Arutunian)
Unlabelled pencil sketch of light plot
“Side Cyc Masking—Elevations” (pencil drawing)
“Light Plot-Torm Ladder & Posts” (pencil drawing)
“Light Plot-Pipe Layout” (pencil drawing)
“Light Plot-Fronts” (pencil drawing)
“Machine & Track-Plan & Elevation” (pencil drawing)
“Hanging Section” (pencil drawing)
“Cyclorama-Elevations & Plan” (pencil drawing)
Box   7
American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, Connecticut, 1958
Note: “Light Plot-Ladders & Torms” (pencil drawing)
“Light Plot-Fronts & Pipes” (pencil drawing)
“Revised Hanging Section” (pencil drawing)
Box   7
American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, Connecticut, 1959
Note: “Light Plot-Ladders & Torms” (pencil drawing)
“Light Plot-Fronts & Pipes” (pencil drawing)
Box   8
Lunt-Fontanne Theater, New York City: plans, 1957 October
Note: “Plan of Loge” (blueline)
“Plan of Orchestra” (blueline)
“Mezzanine Fascia & Proscenium Opening Detail” (blueline)
“Plan of Mezzanine (Balcony)” (blueline)
Los Angeles Light Civic Opera Company
Box   9
The King and I, 1958 March
Note: “Light Plot” (pencil drawing)
Pilgrimage Bowl Theatre
Box   9
King Lear, undated
Note: General plan of Pilgrimage Bowl (ink drawing)
“Pilgrimage Bowl Light Plot, Lear” (pencil drawing)
Box   9
New York City Light Opera Company, unidentified production
Note: Light plot (transposed from NYC Opera Company, 1954 April), with variations for productions of Werther and Showboat (blueline)
Cambridge Drama Festival, 1960
Box   10
Henry IV, Parts One & Two (Phoenix Theatre)
Note: “Henry IV Part One, ground Plan” (blueline)
“Henry IV Part One, section” (blueline)
“Henry IV Part One, permanent stage structure: drapes, banners, traps” (blueline)
“Stage Layout” (blueline)
“Henry IV Parts 1 & 2, Light Plot” (pencil drawing)
Box   11
Ballets USA (Jerome Robbins), Anta Theatre, 1961 September

See also Box 1, Folders 2-11.

“Light Plot” (blueline annotated in ballpoint)

Box   11
New York City Ballet, Saratoga Springs, 1966 July
Note: “Electric and Line Layout” (blueline)
Various plays, 1966
Box   12
Hello Dolly, 1966 August
Note: “Light Plot A” (blueline)
“Light Plot B” (blueline)
Box   12
Luv, 1966 September
Note: “Bus & Truck Light Plot A” (blueline)
“Bus & Truck Light Plot B” (blueline)
Box   12
Illya, Darling, 1966 December
Note: “Star Drop” (blueline)
“Light Plot A” (blueline)
“Light Plot B, Fronts & Torms” (blueline)
“Light Plot C, Miscellaneous Details” (blueline)
Box   13
Various plays, 1967-1969
Box   13
Ithaca Festival Theatre: proposal, 1967 January
Note: “Proposed Catwalk Positions” (2 different bluelines)
Metropolitan Opera at the Lincoln Center
Box   13
Romeo and Juliet, 1967 August
Note: “Light Plot” (redline reproduction with pencil emendations)
David Merrick and Gower Champion
Box   13
The Happy Times, 1967 October
Note: “1, Lighting Section” (blueline)
“2, Light Plot” (blueline)
“3, Light Plot-Torms, Shadow Towers” (blueline)
“5, Light Plot-Fronts” (blueline)
Saint Subber
Box   13
Weekend, 1968 January
Note: “Light Plot A” (blueline)
“Light Plot B, torms and fronts” (blueline)
Alexander H. Cohan
Box   13
Dear World, 1968 October
Note: “Light Plot A” (blueline with ballpoint emendations)
“Light Plot B, fronts, torms, ladders” (blueline)
Box   13
School of Speech, Northwestern University: Thrust theatre plans, 1969 November
Note: “5 foot level” (blueline)
“15 foot level” (blueline)
Box   14
Juilliard School of Music, Drama Workshop: Theatre production service plans, 1966-1969
Note: Plan of grid lights (blueline)
“Rigging Plan” (blueline)
“Ground Plan” (blueline)
“Stage Grid Plan” (blueline)
“Stage Left and Right Elevation, Stage Rear Elevation, Chamber Music Hall Grid Plan” (blueline)
“Layout of Stage Equipment” (3 bluelines with different pencil emendations)
“Portable Platforms” (blueline)
“Forestage Shapes” (blueline)
Box   14
Cadets Activity Center, West Point Academy: plans, 1969

See also Box 1, Folder 13.

“Floor Details” (blueline)

Box   14
Note: Stage floor plan (pencil drawing)
Line plot and sections (blueline)
Note: See also Box, 1, Folder 15-16.
Box   15
New York and Boston productions, 1966
Note: “Footlights Detail” (blueline)
“Dis. Foots” (blueline)
“Apron Lamps Detail” (blueline)
“Section, Broadhurst Theatre” (blueline)
“Light Plot A” (blueline)
“Light Plot B, N.Y. Fronts” (blueline)
“Light Plot C, Torms & Scenic” (blueline)
“Light Plot D, Fronts, Boston” (blueline)
Box   15
National Company after Chicago, 1969
Note: “Light Plot” (pencil drawing and emended blueline)
Box   15
Second National Company, 1969
Note: “Light Plot” (pencil drawing and emended blueline)
Box   15
Theatre Now Inc., 1969
Note: “1, Plan” (blueline)
“2, Section” (blueline)
“3, Curtains & Maskings” (blueline)
“4, Stair-R.R. Carriage, Side Walls & Tabs—Stool” (blueline)
“5, Cliff's Room, Sign-Mirror” (blueline)
“6, Schneider's Room, Moneyprops—Bandwagon” (blueline)
“7, Schultz” (blueline)
“8, Kit Kat Klub Drop & Stage” (blueline)
“9, S.L. & S.R. KKK Units” (blueline)
“1, Basic Plan” (blueline)
“2, Cliff's Plan” (blueline)
“3, Kit Kat Klub-Plan” (blueline)
“4, Schneider's Plan” (blueline)
“5, Schultz-Plan” (blueline)
Fiddler on the Roof
Note: See also Box 1, Folders 17-23.
Box   16
Unidentified production
Note: Light plot (pencil sketch).
Box   16
National Company, 1966
Note: “3, Light Plot” (blueline)
Box   16
Theatre Now Inc., 1968 (Boris Aronson set designs)
Note: “1, Tradition” (blueline)
“2, Matchmaker” (blueline)
“3, If I Were a Rich Man” (blueline)
“4, Sabbath” (blueline)
“5, Inn” (blueline)
“6, Barn Scene” (blueline)
“7, Bed Room” (blueline)
“8, Tailor Shop” (blueline)
“9, Act II, Scene 1” (blueline)
“10, Station—Chava” (blueline)
“11, Finale” (blueline)
“1, Ground Plan” (blueline)
“2, Section” (blueline)
“3, Show Portal—Moon” (blueline)
“4, Town Appliqué—Drops—Masking—Tracks” (blueline)
“5, Tevye's House” (blueline)
“6, Inn—Tailor's Shop” (blueline)
“7, Barn—Pump—Cheese Trough—Bed—R.R. Station—Motel's & Tevy's Wagons—Fences” (blueline)
Box   16
Second Touring Company, 1968
Note: “Light Plot 1” (blueline with ink emendations)
Box   16
Second National Company, 1968
Note: “Light Plot” (pencil drawing and 2 bluelines with different ink emendations)
Box   16
Second National Company, Los Angeles and Berkeley, 1969
Note: “Ground Plan” (blueline)
“Light Plot” (blueline)
Box   16
Merriweather Post Pavilion of Music, Columbia, Maryland, 1970
Note: Printed stage plan and section
Untitled plan (blueline)
Box   16
Broadway Theatre, New York City, 1970 November
Note: “Light Plot” (pencil drawing).
Box   16
Las Vegas production, 1972
Note: Untitled light plot (blueline).