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The first home of the department of agriculture was the janitor's room, formerly occupied by "Patrick" in Main Hall. In 1883, after much hesitation, we were granted two rooms on the third floor of the old South Dormitory. It had taken three years for the Agricultural Department to find a place where it could put a desk and chair. Having once secured an abiding place, the department gradually spread until it occupied the whole building. In 1893 the legislature gave money for one wing of the Horticultural Building, Senator Bashford helping us greatly in the movement. Two years later the other half was provided for; In 1897 a substantial increase was voted to the College of Agriculture by the legislature, W. A. Jones, of Mineral Point, now Indian Commissioner, leading in the movement. Out of this increased appropriation the new dairy barn and stock-judging building, and the horse barn, were built, and the Hill Farm purchased. The latter is a most excellent quarter section of land on the Sauk road about two and one-half miles from the University. Two years later the legislature gave $35,000 for the heating plant and enlarging the dairy building. The legislature of 1901 gave $150,000 for the agricultural building now in process of construction beyond the Washburn Observatory. The coming legislature will be asked for the means with which to furnish and equip this building. When completed the College of Agriculture will be possessed of over $300,000 worth of buildings devoted exclusively to research and instruction in agriculture. Practically all of this increment in buildings has come to us in the last twelve years.

The last catalogue shows a total of 446 agricultural students, of which number 130 were in the Dairy Course, 294 in the Short Course and 22 in the Long Course. The Long Course, which ranks with the General Science Course of the University, has now begun to grow in numbers. The registration this year is 30.


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