First English edition of the Nuremberg chronicle: being the Liber chronicarum of Dr. Hartmann Schedel…

Simon, the blessed child of Trent, was murdered by the Jews on the 21st day of March, A.D. 1475, during the week of the holy martyrs, and became a martyr to Christ. When the Jews residing in this city were about to celebrate Easter (the Passover) according to their customs, but lacked Christian blood with which to prepare their unleavened bread, they took this child, which they had stolen, to the house of Samuel the Jew, in this manner: On the third day before Easter, at the time of vespers, this child, in the absence of its parents, sat before the door of its father's house. Tobias, a Jewish traitor, betook himself to the child, which was only 30 months old. He talked to the child in endearing terms, and soon carried it off to the house of Samuel. At nightfall Samuel, Tobias, Vital, Moses, Israel and Meyer, before the synagogue, were elated about the spilling of Christian blood. And now they bared the child, and placed a pacifier about its neck so that it might not be heard crying; and they extended its arms. To begin with they cut off its genitals, and then cut a piece out of its right cheek. They stabbed it all over with sharp pointed pins, while one held the child’s hands and another its feet. And now having gruesomely collected the blood, they began to sing a hymn of praise, and to speak to the child in sweet and in threatening words. Behold, you Jesus, who were hanged—thus our forefathers once did to you; and thus all Christians, in heaven and on earth and sea shall be mutilated. At that moment the innocent little martyr passed away. The Jews hurried to their evening meal, and ate of unleavened bread made with the blood, in scorn of Christ our Saviour. They threw the corpse into the river flowing by their house, and celebrated their Passover with joy. The distressed parents sought their child, and three days later they found it in the river. When this became known to John of Salis, noble burgher of Brixen, doctor of the imperial law and then the highest governor, he ordered the Jews to be seized and tortured; and they stated how they committed the deed. Whereupon they were extirpated by deserving punishment. And when the body was buried by order of John Hinderbach, the bishop there, the body soon began to manifest miracles; and people flocked to the grave of this holy child from all Christian regions; and thereby the city was prospered and increased in no small measure. The burghers there erected a beautiful church to the child.

A like crime was committed by the Jews five years later in the village of Mota, situated in Forli, where they murdered a child. Wherefore three of the evil-doers were brought to Venice as prisoners, and, after cruel tortures, were burned.

The Turks invaded lower Moesia, but were defeated in a great battle. Thereafter the Genoese captured the great city of Capha , which was still in the possession of the Turks; but because of treachery and surrender on the part of a Genoese citizen, the city again passed into the power of the Turks.