First English edition of the Nuremberg chronicle: being the Liber chronicarum of Dr. Hartmann Schedel…
FOLIO LXXXIX verso and XC recto

This woodcut covers the major portions of Folios LXXXIX verso and XC recto, and is one of the best woodcuts of its kind in the Chronicle. It may be analyzed as follows:

  1. Antipater and his wife Cypros (Crispis), from whom emanate two main branches of descent.
  2. The first or left main branch bears four of the five children of Antipater, namely: Pheroras (Feroas), Joseph (Josypus), Phasael (Phaselus), and Salome (Saloma), the only daughter. Antipater and these four children are confined to that portion of the woodcut which occupies Folio LXXXIX verso. And now we are to account for Antipater's second son, Herod the Great.
  3. The second or right hand branch proceeds to Herod the Great (Herodes Ascolonita), who with drawn sword appears in medieval armor at the top of Folio XC recto, in the company of four of his five wives, namely Doris (Dosis), the first Mariamne (Mariane, granddaughter of Hyrcanus II); Malthace (Mathata), and Cleopatra. The second Mariamne (daughter of Simon the high priest) is not shown.
  4. From each of the four wives of Herod shown in the woodcut issue proceeds as follows:
    1. From Doris (Dosis), a branch to her son Antipater.
    2. From Mariamne (Mariane), second wife of Herod, a branch proceeds to her her sons Alexander and Aristobulus (who is shown with his wife); but her two daughters Salampsio and Cypros are omitted. From this Aristobulus and wife a branch proceeds to their son Herod Agrippa (and his wife) and Herodias, wife of Philip. From Herod Agrippa and wife proceeds one son, Agrippa (II). In this branch Aristobulus (who married the princess of Emesa), and Herod, king of Chalcis (both children of Herod the Great by the first Mariamne), are not shown.
    3. The second Mariamne, Herod's third wife, is not shown, as already stated, nor is her son Herod Philip, who married Herodias.
    4. From Malthace (Mathata) a branch proceeds to Archelaus. Herod Antipas and Olympias, the remaining children of this marriage, are not shown on this branch.
    5. From Cleopatra, last wife of Herod the Great, a branch proceeds bearing her son Philip (Philippus), and Herod Antipas, the latter of whom should have been credited to Herod's fourth wife, Malthace.