First English edition of the Nuremberg chronicle: being the Liber chronicarum of Dr. Hartmann Schedel…

The Lord also caused to be made a candlestick of pure gold. The shaft or stem was fastened to a base of iron, and was ornamented with golden rods or pipes joined together; and where the heads of the rods came together, there were two knops or cups in the form of a nut; and out of the knops came bent flowers like lilies; and in the same field between the knops and the lilies was a circular knop; and likewise on the shaft or stem there were five rods, joined together in like manner, resulting in four grooves. And each had two knops, joined together, and the knops were beside each other; and so the lilies. But the standard went straight up, and it had three feet. And up above were six rods coming out of the stem, three to one side and three to the other, bent upward, one over the other, and reaching to the height of the stem. And on the stem or standard were four knops, resembling a nut, which some call little apples; that is, two knops were set, one against the other, and together they formed a little apple. Rabbi Solomon writes that these knops were elongated, and so constituted that the rods went through them, and that the purpose of the knops and the lilies was merely to ornament the candlestick. And this candlestick was (as Josephus says) made of seventy parts, assembled as a standard; and it was always made with seven heads of equal height.