First English edition of the Nuremberg chronicle: being the Liber chronicarum of Dr. Hartmann Schedel…

Saruch, the son of Regau, was born in the 2905th year of the world, lived 230 years, and died.

Nachor, the first son of Saruch, was born in the 3035 year of the world, lived 148 years, and died.

Thare, the son of Nachor, was born in the 3114th year of the world, lived 205 years, and had three sons, Abraham, Nachor, and Haran. Haran, the third son of Thare, had a son and two daughters: Sarah, Abraham’s wife; Melcha, Nachor’s wife; and Lot, who had two sons: Moab, the first son, and father of the Moabites; and Ammon, the second son, father of the Amonites.

After Haran bore Lot, his son, and Sarah and Melcha, his daughters, he died among the Chaldeans, in the Chaldean city of Ur; and his brothers took his daughters as wives: Nachor took Melcha; and Abraham took Sarah. Now Thare despised the land of the Chaldeans because of its idolatry (for they worshipped fire) and also because of mourning for his son Haran. Therefore he migrated with his people to Haran, a city in Mesopotamia. And there he finally died at the age of 205 years; for now the term of life among the people began to decline, and gradually decreased to the time of Moses.

Sodom and Gomorrah and other cities (as the Scriptures state) were fired by the Lord in his wrath against their shameful and unbridled sins. Lot and his two daughters and his wife alone were saved. The conduct of these cities toward all persons who came to them was disgraceful. So God decided to destroy this entire region. Abraham was now ninety-nine years old, and he had accepted circumcision; and the birth of Isaac had been foretold to him. At this same time Lot, while standing at the city gate of Sodom, saw two angels approach in the persons of two young men. And he took them into his house for lodging. And as they went in, the people of Sodom surrounded the house of Lot, and demanded the young men, that they might abuse them. And although Lot offered them his daughter, they were not satisfied. As they were about to break down the door, the angels led Lot back into his house; and they blinded all the Sodomites so that they could not find the door; and they predicted the overthrow of the city. And although Lot made this known to the husbands of his daughters, they disregarded the warning. The angels led Lot, his wife, and his two daughters from the city, with the injunction that they stay in the mountains and do not look back. But Lot’s wife disregarded the injunction of the angels and saw the catastrophe that befell the city; whereupon she was changed into a sea of salt, called the Dead Sea. And up in the mountains the daughters of Lot caused their father to become drunk, and they had intercourse with him. The larger bore him a son, Moab, and the smaller one a son, Ammon; and from these came the Moabites and the Ammonites, the same two people who lived in the valley of Syria.[Genesis 19:1-38.]


5-1/16” x 8-7/8”

This illustration concludes the Second Age of the World. One of the angels who had been the guest of Lot at Sodom is leading the old man by the hand and pointing to the distant mountains. Lot’s two daughters follow closely behind, but his wife has tarried, and contrary to injunction, has turned about to witness the catastrophe. And here just outside the city gate she has been changed to a pillar of salt. Her body has become a well-rounded cone, while her head and even her headdress remain unchanged. Within the walls fire and brimstone are raining down upon the city as from a bursting sun. Medieval steeples are falling from their foundations, and the city is in flames.