First English edition of the Nuremberg chronicle: being the Liber chronicarum of Dr. Hartmann Schedel…
FOLIO XX verso and XXI recto

This section of the genealogy, beginning with Saruch (Serug), son of Regau (Reu; whom we left at Folio XVI verso), spreads itself over two pages, beginning at the left of Folio XXI recto and proceeding right and left over this and the opposite page (Folio XX verso). It contains seventeen single portraits and eight double ones of husbands and wives. Outside of two minor connecting ornaments only three woodblocks were used to represent this total of thirty-three portraits: One comprehending Saruch, Nachor (Nahor), and Thare (Terah) and his spouse; the second, consisting of the descendants of Haran, the first son of Thare, being eight portraits, including two spouses; and a third, which includes the descendants of Nachor, the second son of Thare, consisting of twenty-one portraits, including spouses.

The Chronicle illustration agrees with the Chronicle text, but both vary from the account given in Genesis as far as the heirs of Nachor are concerned:

1. Huz1. Hus (Huz)
2. Buz2. Bus (Buz)
3. Kemuel3. Batuel (Bethuel)
4. Chesed4. Camuel (Kemuel)
5. Hazo5. Caseth (Chesed)
6. Pildash6. Aran
7. Jidlaph7. Pheldash (Pildash)
8. Bethuel8. Bela

Compare and observe:

  1. That Camuel (Kemuel) appears in Genesis as the third son; in the Chronicle as the fourth.
  2. That Batuel (Bethuel) according to Genesis is the eight and last son of Nachor (Nahor); but he is the third according to the Chronicle in one passage, and the eighth according to another.
  3. Hazo and Jidlaph, mentioned in Genesis, do not appear in the Chronicle; while Aran and Bela, who are mentioned in the Chronicle, do not appear in Genesis.