First English edition of the Nuremberg chronicle: being the Liber chronicarum of Dr. Hartmann Schedel…
FOLIO XX verso

Nahor, the second son of Terah, and Melcha his wife, begot eight sons in all. Of these the last was Bethuel, who begot Rebecca, a daughter, and Laban, a son. Hus was the first son of Nahor, and Job was the son of Jus. The second son of Nahor was Bus, and Bus had two sons: the first, Beor; the second, Balaam. Bethuel, the third[Should be the eighth.] son of Nahor, had one son and one daughter.[Laban and Rebecca.] Laban had two daughters, whom he gave as wives to Jacob, the son of his sister, Rebecca, after fourteen years service. Leah, the first daughter of Rebecca,[Should read, “the first daughter of Laban.”] and who had running eyes, begot six sons and one daughter.

Laban was Rebecca’s brother, with whom Jacob served for these two daughters, Leah and Rachel. The second daughter, Rachel, Jacob’s wife, who had been barren, begot two sons, but died in childbirth, and was buried at Bethel. Rebecca was the first wife of Isaac. With her consent she was brought by Eliezer, Abraham’s servant, from Haran, Mesopotamia, to Isaac in the land of Canaan. From this arises the custom of asking brides for their consent. Camuel was the fourth son of Nahor; Caseth, the fifth; Aran, the sixth; Pheldas, the seventh; Bela, the eighth.[This does not agree with Genesis 22:20-23, where the descendants of Nahor are given thus: Huz, Buz, Kemuel (Camuel), Chesed (Caseth), Hazo, Pildash (Pheldas), Jidlaph, and Bethuel.]