First English edition of the Nuremberg chronicle: being the Liber chronicarum of Dr. Hartmann Schedel…
FOLIO X verso

Mahalaleel, the son of Cainan, and whose name means the "planting of God," is in the Christian lineage. He was born in the seventy-fifth year of his father and in the seven hundred ninety-fifth year of the world; and he died at the age of 895 years. Augustine states that before the Flood many persons reached the age of 900 years, but none that of 1000. This longevity was the miraculous work of God, having for his purpose the multiplication of the human race and to allow ample time for the development of the arts. This was natural too, for people then possessed better constitutions and greater strength. Some had larger bones than we now have; and, as Pliny states, the greater the duration of the world, the smaller the creatures which nature brings forth. As the Scriptures state, the size of the giants is not incredible. Pliny states that he saw a wisdom tooth which would make a thousand of our own. Augustine adds that those who say that in these long lives ten years are to be taken as one, and ninety as nine, are not to be believed. According to Pliny there are people in our own day who live two hundred years.

Jared, son of Mahalaleel (Malaleel), and whose name signifies descent, or strength-giver, or one who induces sleep, was according to the Book of Creation, born in the 65th year of his father, and in the 460th year of the world (according to the Hebrew), but in the 976th year according to the seventy interpreters. And he lived 962 years. Augustine says many were born to Seth and Cain whom the Scriptures hurriedly passed over as they approached Noah, where both generations, and the realm of God and of the Devil are distinguished, and where Abraham received the solemn pledge that Christ, who is the beginning and the end, would be born. The Scriptures do not mention all who were born first; for although they say Cain knew his wife and Enoch was born, it is not to be concluded that Enoch was Cain's first born. And so with the others. In these times the children of Seth, who were very pious men and persevered in the commandments of their fathers in the simplicity of their hearts, suffered much at the hands of the evil children of Cain, who had succumbed to all the desires of the flesh.

Enoch, son of Jared, according to the Book of Creation, was born in the 162nd year of his father, and according to the Hebrews in the 622nd year of the world; but according to the seventy interpreters, in the 1122nd year thereof. He lived 365 years. Enoch, seventh from Adam, pleased God, and was drawn up into Paradise. He is called the Seventh Rest to which all will be drawn who are created in the 6th day of the Sixth Age of the World. His body and soul at rest, Enoch lives in Paradise with Elijah, and will do so until the time of the Antichrist, when they will come forth to defend the Faith, finally receiving the crown of martyrdom. The apostle Jude in his Epistle states that Enoch wrote certain things in the time of the accepted Faith that had been rejected by the fathers.

Methuselah (Methusalem), son of Enoch, was born in the 65th year of his father, and according to the seventy interpreters is the 1187th year of the world. He lived 968 years, and was the oldest among those mentioned in the Scriptures. He benefited from his years in various ways. According to the seventy, he lived fourteen years after the Flood; but one does not read that he was in Noah's ark. Jerome says he died in the year of the Flood, and was buried seven days before. Some say he was taken into Paradise with his father Enoch, and so escaped the Flood. Augustine, Rabanus, and Isidore say that it is doubtful that he lived fourteen years after the Flood, for only eight souls were saved.

Lamech, the son of Methusalem, according to the Book of Creation, was born in the 187th year of his father, and according to the seventy interpreters in the 1453rd year of the world. He lived 777 years. Then he was 172 years of age Noah was born to him, and he said, This Noah will comfort us in our labors upon the earth which the Lord has cursed. And in addition to Noah, Lamech bore other sons and daughters; and when he reached the age of 777 years he delivered his principality to Noah and died. At this time there were giants or heroes upon the earth, who were renowned and of unbelievable power and also knew how to battle.