First English edition of the Nuremberg chronicle: being the Liber chronicarum of Dr. Hartmann Schedel…
FOLIO VI verso

According to the Hebrew Scriptures the first age of the world, from Adam to the Flood, is a period of 1656 years; but according to the seventy interpreters, Isidore and others, whose views have been adopted in this book, this age has 2242 years.

The Highest Goodness wished to share its good with others, and therefore it created a rational being, which understood the Highest Good, loved it understandingly, possessed love, and so possessing it, was blissful. So God made the first human being and with the aid of the angels formed his body from the clay of the earth in the field of Damascus,[The city of Damascus lies in the northwest corner of the Guta, a fertile plain to the east of Hermon. To the east of the city this is known as el-Merj, the Ager Damascenus. The fertility of the Guta is very great. There are many fields of corn and maize; but groves of poplar and walnut, orchards of apricots, pomegranate, pistachio, and almond, with hedges of underwood, so abound that the distant view of the Guta is as of an almost unbroken sea of verdure. From this the white, smokeless city rises like an island, near the barren limestone hills on the north of it.] and animated it with the spirit of life which is. He created a soul and united it with the body which he had created. And man was made in the likeness of God in physical things, and in his image in qualities of benevolence; and into him the Lord God instilled a wonderful grace and mercy.

Now as God had created the various creatures from the earth and formed the fowl, he brought them forth for Adam to look upon. But for Adam no helpmate was found in his image. And the Lord sent a sleep upon Adam; and he took out one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof. Of the rib God made a woman, whom Adam saw, and said: This is now bone of my bone. She shall be called ISSA, which signifies that she is a woman, for she was taken from a man.[Genesis 2: 19-23.] And the Lord led Adam into Paradise. Of the rib of the sleeper he had made Eve and provided Adam a companion. But he did not make her from his head, for she was not to rule over him; nor from his feet, for she was not to be looked down upon; but he made her from Adam's side, as evidence of a tie of love. No one shall go forth to gather grace because of his noble station alone, nor because of his birth, but through virtue. For although man was created outside of Paradise, and woman in it, nevertheless Adam, who was created in the lower station, has been found to be better than Eve, who was created in Paradise. And so God, the highest artificer, did on the sixth day of the world, on the 25 day of March, after the creation of the animals of the earth and of all creeping things and fowl, finally create the first man out of a ball of red earth or clay in the field of Damascus, and him he gave dominion over all creatures.


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Adam has fallen into a sound sleep on a rugged hillside. Eve is emerging from his right side as a full and complete woman. The Creator half kneels over the pair at the left, and is raising Eve with one hand and blessing his new creation with the other. No rib is being removed, later to be metamorphosed into a woman. No other member of the animal kingdom is present. Although Schedel places the creation of Adam outside of Paradise, and that of Eve in it, this rugged setting is too severe either for the field of Damascus or for Paradise.