First English edition of the Nuremberg chronicle: being the Liber chronicarum of Dr. Hartmann Schedel…

BAVARIA is an extensive territory, bordering on Franconia on the north and Swabia to the weSt. It is bounded by the Italian mountains to the south, and by Austria and Bohemia on the eaSt. The Danube flows very nearly through the middle of the country. Some have said that the river Iser, and others that the river Inn, separates Austria from Bavaria. The Lech separates Swabia from Bavaria. This region was at one time occupied by the Noricii; for the region to the north of the Danube, between Rogensburg and Nuremberg, was called Noricum. Historians differ as to the origin of the name Bavaria and of the Bavarian people. Although Strabo describes this region as a wilderness, and it may have been such in his time, it is now well built up and adorned with many wealthy, excellent and renowned cities; nor do we know of any in all Europe which excel them in appearance. In this country are five episcopal cities, and among these is Salzburg, which is an archbishopric. Before our time, in Bavaria, Ludwig der Höckerige (Hunchback) began an evil war against Louis, his father, an honorable and distinguished old man, once a governor in France, and besieged him in a secure castle; but through divine vengeance he was seized with a fever, and died before he had overcome his father.