August William Derleth Papers, 1858, 1907-1978, 1992

Administrative/Restriction Information

Access Restrictions

Wis. Mss WO, Box 139B: Package 4-6 are restricted until July 4, 2031.

The final section of the "Sac Prairie Journal" dated August 5, 1968 to January 11, 1970 is only available in a redacted version; the original journal is closed to everyone until January 11, 2030.

Use Restrictions

Copyright to August Derleth's unpublished writings resides with his children, April Derleth and Walden Derleth. As of July 1996 they can be reached c/o Arkham House Publishing, P.O. Box 546, Sauk City, Wisconsin, 53583. Researchers who may need copyright permission for their use of material written by August Derleth should contact the above individuals.

Researchers should further be aware that April Derleth and Walden Derleth have registered copyright to the “Sac Prairie Journal” (Box 91, Folder 3 through Box 99, Folder 7) with the United States Copyright Office. Registration of copyright conveys certain additional rights to the copyright holder. For further information consult the reference archivist.

Acquisition Information

Presented by Bill Blackbeard, 1981; Gretchen Colehour, 1972; August Derleth, 1940-1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1970; August Derleth Estate, 1975, 1976; Mrs. G.O. Doak, 1976; Donald S. Fryer, 1964; James S. Mau, 1981; Edna Meudt, 1964; Barbara Pence, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1971; Felix Pollak, 1961; T.N. Savides, 1970; J. Vernon Shea, 1964, 1967; Mary Stiver, 1968, 1969; Donald Wandrei, 1978; Inez Weaver, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1969; and Leo Weissenborn, undated. Purchased from Lee G. Campbell, Santa Barbara, California, March 1983. Additions separated from the Jim Kirchstein collection. Accession Number: M81-100; M72-139; M65-23; M65-314; M67-152; M68-203; M70-117; M75-247; M76-488; M76-435; M76-531; M81-604; M64-354; M65-270; M66-383; M67-271; M68-34; M69-29; M71-195; 1170-360; M64-353; M67-299; M68-80; M69-336; M78-387; M64-375; M65-236; M67-76; M69-96; M60-25-1, 2, 3; M61-40; M62-20; M62-171; M62-218; M62-218-2; M63-103; M63-264; M64-271; M64-337; M64-329; M83-76; M2004-152

Processing Information

Original Collection reprocessed by Mark Beatty, Peter Lysy, and Joanne Hohler, completed 1982.