Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Waupaca County): Naturalization Records, 1853-1948

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Tape 1013A/U.S. Mss 193AF
Tape No.   68-69
Box/Folder   1/1
Appy, Gerard
Note: Activated University of Georgia ETV, then worked at ETS and NET.
Tape No.   1
Box/Folder   1/2
Arms, George
Note: Assistant manager at KUHT Houston, then managed KETC, St. Louis.
Tape No.   2-3
Box/Folder   1/3
Armsey, James
Note: Ford Foundation staff associate in charge of ETV grants in early 60's.
Tape No.   4
Box/Folder   1/4
Barthold, Roy
Note: First employee and ultimately the manager of Houston's KUHT.
Tape No.   70-71
Box/Folder   1/5
Blakely, Robert J.
Note: Staff representative for the Fund for Adult Education in early ETV days.
Tape No.   72
Box/Folder   1/6
Breitenfeld, Frederick, Jr.
Note: ETS-NAEB staff for key conferences in mid-60's, then built Maryland ETV.
Tape No.   5
Box/Folder   1/7
Broderick, Gertrude
Note: U.S. Office of Education staff member and early leader in educational radio & TV.
Tape No.   6
Box/Folder   1/8
Campbell, Elizabeth
Note: More than anyone else, the citizen who led the effort to build WETA-TV, Washington.
Tape No.   7-8
Box/Folder   1/9
Case, Everett
Note: Associate of Owen D. Young in the 20s; frequent board member & chairman, NET.
Tape No.   73
Box/Folder   1/10
Cauthen, Henry J., Jr.
Note: Guiding force in establishment and subsequent growth of South Carolina ETV.
Tape No.   9-10
Box/Folder   1/11
Christiansen, Kenneth
Note: Field rep in southern states for SREB, then program coordinator for Educational Television & Radio Center, then WUFT, Gainesville.
Tape No.   11
Box/Folder   1/12
Cohn, Marcus
Note: Communications attorney who helped NAEB in early formulations of petitions to FCC.
Tape No.   12
Box/Folder   1/13
Cousins, Norman
Note: Writer-lecturer-publisher, longtime member and once chairman of the board, NET.
Tape No.   74-75
Box/Folder   1/14
Crabbe, John C.
Note: Instigator of KVIE, Sacramento, and then its manager after a program stint at ETRC.
Tape No.   13-14
Box/Folder   1/15
Davis, David
Note: Participant in early commercial TV, then Michigan State and mainly WGBH-TV, Boston.
Tape No.   15-16
Box/Folder   1/16
Day, James
Note: Manager of San Francisco's KQED from its inception and largely responsible for its unusual quality and adventuresomeness.
Tape No.   17
Box/Folder   1/17
DuBridge, Lee
Note: Caltech president who marshalled forces in Los Angeles to activate KCET, also member of NET board and Carnegie Commission I.
Tape No.   18-19
Box/Folder   1/18
Engar, Keith
Note: Activator of KUED in Salt Lake City and first head of Educational Branch of FCC.
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Box/Folder   2/1
Fletcher, C. Scott
Note: Industrious and imaginative president of Fund for Adult Education during the 50's when it was primary incentive and source of support for new stations and ETRC; also strategist who developed agenda for financing conferences and subsequent national developments leading to Public Broadcasting Act of 1967.
Tape No.   76-77
Box/Folder   2/2
Frischknecht, Lee
Note: Staff member then manager of Michigan State's WKAR-TV, then station relations for NET.
Tape No.   78
Box/Folder   2/3
Gable, Martha
Note: Pioneer in school television in Philadelphia both before and after advent of WUHF-TV.
Tape No.   79-80
Box/Folder   2/4
Goldin, Hyman
Note: FCC Broadcast Bureau staff member who later was staff for Carnegie Commission study.
Tape No.   81-83
Box/Folder   2/5
Griffiths, G. H.
Note: Vice president of Fund for Adult Education and close associate of Fletcher in handling early ETV support grants to stations and ETRC.
Tape No.   20-21
Box/Folder   2/6
Gunn, Hartford N.
Note: Manager of WGBH from early days through major growth period, then first president of PBS.
Tape No.   22-23
Box/Folder   2/7
Harley, William
Note: Program-production head of WHA-TV who became NAEB president and led it throughout the major growth period of ETV.
Tape No.   24-25
Box/Folder   2/8
Hudson, Robert
Note: Early consultant to FAE, program executive of ETRC under Newburn and of NET under White.
Tape No.   26-27
Box/Folder   2/9
Hull, Richard
Note: Manager of WOI-TV, co-originator of JCET, often board chairman of NAEB; master strategist for ETV.
Tape No.   84-85
Box/Folder   2/1O
Hungerford, Arthur
Note: JCET field representative assisting stations; then head of New York's META prior to WNDT.
Tape No.   28-29
Box/Folder   2/11
Hunter, Armand
Note: Early public service TV programmer and university department head who then fought Michigan State's long battles with UHF.
Tape No.   3O-32
Box/Folder   2/12
Hurlbert, Raymond
Note: The school administrator who became head of Alabama's ETV network development and built the first state system in the nation.
Tape No.   33
Box/Folder   2/13
Hyde, Rosel H.
Note: Longtime member of the Federal Communications Commission who participated in virtually every development leading up to public TV.
Tape No.   34
Box/Folder   3/1
Killian, James R., Jr.
Note: MIT chancellor and chairman of the corporation, early trustee of WGBH, head of Carnegie Commission I, subsequent chairman CPB board.
Tape No.   86
Box/Folder   3/2
Loper, James L.
Note: Organizer of all elements of southern California education behind activation of KCET, then an executive and later president of that station.
Tape No.   35-36
Box/Folder   3/3
Macandrew, James
Note: Pioneer in school broadcasting by radio in New York City who became head of ETV for New York schools and also organized the Regents' Project and subsequent WNDT ITV service.
Tape No.   39-4O
Box/Folder   3/4
McBride, Jack
Note: Leader in developing Nebraska ETV network and flagship station KUON-TV; also frequent participant in national studies and consultant to many other states in developing their ETV stations and services.
Tape No.   41
Box/Folder   3/5
McCarter, William
Note: First program director WHYY, Philadelphia, development officer for NET, manager of WETA, Washington, and later of WTTW, Chicago.
Tape No.   42-44
Box/Folder   3/6
McCarty, Harold B.
Note: Pioneer in educational radio in Wisconsin, key witness in FCC hearings re reservation of TV channels for education, head of University of Wisconsin radio and television, WHA.
Tape No.   37
Box/Folder   3/7
Marks, Leonard
Note: Communications attorney, longtime friend of NAEB, backroom strategist in developing key legislation of assistance to ETV.
Tape No.   38
Box/Folder   3/8
Marquis, Chalmers
Note: Involved with production and development at Chicago's WTTW after years in commercial TV, then staff head of ETS and later executive vice president of NAEB.
Tape No.   45
Box/Folder   3/9
Minow, Newton
Note: FCC chairman during early 60s and strong supporter of ETV growth; later board member of NET and chairman of board of WTTW, Chicago.
Tape No.   87
Box/Folder   3/10
Neustadt, Stanley
Note: Administrative assistant to Frieda Hennock at FCC during her early days on the Commission; communications attorney for many ETV clients.
Tape No.   46-47
Box/Folder   3/11
Novik, Morris S.
Note: Head of WNYC, New York municipal broadcasting and broadcast counsel to national AFL-CIO; longtime proponent of the use of radio and television for educational purposes.
Tape No.   48-49
Box/Folder   3/12
Oberholtzer, Kenneth
Note: Superintendent of schools in Denver who almost single-handedly furnished the leadership to activate KRMA-TV, later served on NET board and instructional TV boards nationally.
Tape No.   5O-51
Box/Folder   3/13
Rice, Jonathan
Note: Partner of James Day in activating KQED in San Francisco; the program genius of the team.
Tape No.   92-93
Box/Folder   3/14
Robertson, James
Note: Supervised activation of WTTW, Chicago, and chief executive in activation of KCET, Los Angeles; Station Relations head and subsequently a vice president of NET; head of Wisconsin public TV and radio efforts, 1967-1970.
Tape No.   52-53
Box/Folder   3/15
Schooley, Frank
Note: Educational radio pioneer at University of Illinois who eventually headed WILL-TV and subsequently was appointed to CPB board.
Tape No.   54
Box/Folder   3/16
Sikes, Rhea
Note: Pioneer in use of TV for children, built the in-school service of WQED, Pittsburgh, and served as consultant to scores of other stations and school systems, and to CPB.
Tape No.   88-89
Box/Folder   3/17
Skornia, Harry J.
Note: Executive director of NAEB in radio days and early ETV period, subsequently university professor and observer of educational media.
Tape No.   55-56
Box/Folder   4/1
Steetle, Ralph
Note: Executive director of the Joint Council on Educational Television during late 50's and early 60's; a key influence in early ETV growth.
Tape No.   57-58
Box/Folder   4/2
Stone, Loren
Note: Manager of KCTS-TV, Seattle, from its inception until mid 60's; strong proponent of the educational capabilities of the medium; frequent member of national committees and boards.
Tape No.   90-91
Box/Folder   4/3
Taverner, Donald
Note: Manager of WQED, Pittsburgh, in its middle years, then manager of WETA Washington; led in the formation of Maine ETV Network earlier.
Tape No.   59
Box/Folder   4/4
Taylor, John W.
Note: Lifelong educational administrator who was executive director of Chicago's WTTW from its inception until the early 70's.
Tape No.   60-61
Box/Folder   4/5
Tyler, I. Keith
Note: Ohio State University researcher-professor who was first chairman of JCET and played key role in arranging testimony during FCC hearings on channel reservations, 1950-51.
Tape No.   62-63
Box/Folder   4/6
Wheatley, Parker
Note: First manager of WGBH-FM and of WGBH-TV and an early participant on NAEB policy-making with respect to educational radio and TV.
Tape No.   64-65
Box/Folder   4/7
White, John F.
Note: Best-known as manager of WQED, Pittsburgh, when it created early top-quality television productions, then as president of National Educational Television for ten years.
Tape No.   66-67
Box/Folder   4/8
Wittcoff, Raymond
Note: St. Louis businessman who saw possibilities in ETV, led in formation of KETC, served as chairman of National Citizens' Committee for Educational Television, also as board member of NET.