Harry Sosnik Papers, 1920-1966


Harry Sosnik was born in Chicago, July 13, 1906. He was educated at the American Conservatory of Music, where he studied piano with Kurt Waniek, harmony with Arthur Olaf Anderson, and composition with Leo Sowerby. He also studied composition at the Juilliard School of Music with Vittorio Giannini, and studied composition with Ernst Toch and Siegfried Landau. For many years he composed, arranged, and conducted scores, vocal and instrumental music, theme songs, and jingles for radio and for television shows, specials, and commercials. During his career he was musical director for Decca Records, and vice-president in charge of music for ABC. Sosnik also joined Ted Bates and Co., an advertising agency, as musical director, and in June 1963 he was placed in charge of all music used in commercials. He later was with Ambroad Music Services Corporation in New York.

For further information, see The ASCAP Biographical Dictionary of Composers, Authors and Publishers, 1980 edition.