American Federation of Labor Records, 1888-1955

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Audio recordings
"Truth is Stranger Than Fiction," and "One of Man's Most Treasured Possessions is History" 1979

30-second public service announcements for State Historical Society historic sites.

See public service announcements, correspondence, 1979.

Founders Day, address by Stephen Ambrose 1981 February 11
Note: Stephen Ambrose presents his address, "Eisenhower and the D-Day Decision," at the Historical Society's Founders Day event.
Generation to Generation tape slide show, 1979 May 4 and June 8
Note: Music and narrated slide show presentation mostly focusing on several elderly folks reminiscing about the past.
1940s slide show, George Talbot undated
Note: Narration of 1940s history for an unidentified slide show on the 1940s.
Old World Wisconsin, undated

Approximately 11-12 minute description of Old World Wisconsin, its history and relationship with immigration history, and the purpose of the site.

Includes descriptions of various buildings at the site. Possibly an early draft.

Old World Wisconsin, undated
Note: 11 minute explanation of the Old World Wisconsin historic site including its mission, purpose, and how the project was developed. Includes a descriptive tour through the site's buildings and furnishings.
Old World Wisconsin, 1975-1977

A short history of Wisconsin settlement and Old World Wisconsin's importance in re-creating the sights, sounds, and spirit of early American life. Contains versions II-IV dating from about 1975-1977.

See slide presentation in Box 7.

Old World Wisconsin Cross Country Skiing, radio spot, WQFM 1983 February 4-5
Note: Promotional spot, 30 seconds, for a cross country skiing event at Old World Wisconsin.
Old World Wisconsin slideshow, 1978-1979
Note: A look at immigration and integration of European settlers in Wisconsin as re-told through Irish, Russian, German and Norwegian immigrants. Includes an early re-edit from 1978 and a version from 1979.
Quest, Q-106/WHIT circa 1981-1982 March 13
Note: Quest radio program featuring Robert Thomasgaard, Gerry Ham, and George Cutlip. All three guests discuss the museum site approval for the Wolff Kubly building, the Historical Society's collections and sites, and recent controversy over spending/budgets.
Six Generations Here interviews, 1979 January 6
Note: Interviews with Sylvia, Bill and Shirley Goetsch and Mona Huhe.
Talbot-Treleven slide show, 1978 October 28 and 1983 May 19

Possibly taped oral history interviews of elderly folks reminiscing.

See slide show, Box 5, folder 16.

Talking About the Family Album, 1985 May 1
Note: Discussion by George Talbot on slide show, "Talking About the Family Album and Dating Photographs."
Wisconsin Historical Society Sites, promotional filmstrip
Part 1
Note: (W-105) An introduction of three sites operated by the Society including Vila Louis, Pendarvis and Stonefield village.
Part 2
Note: (W-110) An introduction to three sites operated by the Society including Old Wade House and Jung Carriage Museum, Circus World Museum and Old World Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Issues Forum, WHA Radio 1981 October 3
Note: Host Bruce Resnick discusses a recent Assembly Bill proposed by John Norquist and David Clarenbach, which outlined a proposal to transfer the Society's sites programs to the Department of Natural Resources and the rest of their functions to the University of Wisconsin's Board of Regents.
Wisconsin Tourism, 30 second spots 1992 March 30
Note: Circus World, Heritage Hall, Madeline Island, and Stonefield.