American Federation of Labor Records, 1888-1955

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More on the Organizers from the AFL-CIO Who Participated in the Burlington Drive
Scope and Content Note: Many of these organizers had been on the CIO staff before the merger. The CIO used to loan them out to member unions, but that policy stopped after the merger. Hence, people were available. AFL-CIO had a policy that it would offer no organizers if more than one member union was interested in the same company. The UTW was not interested, but it would not say so. TWUA, therefore, had to force a policy change through the AFL-CIO Executive Council before it could get the organizers. The AFL-CIO then assigned the organizers to the campaign without asking them their wishes in the matter. The AFL-CIO was really trying to get rid of these people. Only those who could not get other jobs actually joined the drive. Most were not very good.