American Federation of Labor Records, 1888-1955

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Scope and Content Note: Have a vice president (Bernard Woolis) and the Executive Vice President (Stephen Coyle) of the UFCW. Also, Vice President Irving Stern came from the ranks of the IFLWU. They will maintain a degree of autonomy. As a vice president of UFCW, Feinglass reported to no one, and no one questioned him about it. The membership of the Fur and Leather Department has declined considerably due to attrition. Eventually, the Shoe Department and the Fur and Leather Department will have to merge. The Fur and Leather Department contributes progressive thought within the UFCW. There are about 25,000 members in the Department, and about 10,000 - 12,000 of these are in fur. There has been some recent upward movement in the numbers of fur members and hopefully, the current organizing drive in New England amongst leather workers will be successful.