Harry and Roy Aitken Papers, 1909-1940

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SC 2944
Scope and Content Note:
  1. Personal recollections of the years in Germany immediately following WWII (Jonas Guttman spent a year in the hospital after his liberation); meeting his wife and deciding to emigrate to America, 1994 January 16 [corresponds to Audio 1433A/1]
  2. The Jewish Community in Radom, Poland before the war; the organization of the community regarding the economic difficulties in supporting the synagogue, 1994 May 1 [corresponds to Audio 1433A/2]
  3. Relationship with German workers and the various factory jobs that he had, 1994 May 1 [corresponds to Audio 1433A/3]
  4. Memories of the Jewish ghetto in Radom, Poland during WWII, including the Jewish organization within the community prior to the Nazi invasion, and the part that Jews played in the infrastructure of the ghettos, 1994 June 30 [corresponds to Audio 1433A/4]
  5. Place of religious education both before and during the German occupation of Poland, noting a decline in religious observance due to the restrictions of the German occupation; a brief history of Radom, focusing on the Jewish population, undated [no matching tape]
  6. The Judenrat and their living situation during the occupation in comparison to the average Jew and how the other Jews treated the former Judenrat after the war; briefly addresses the topic of the Jewish police; begins to describe the trip to the concentration camps and the conditions there, undated [transcription breaks off, no matching tape]
  7. Conditions in the work camps; Guttman's thoughts regarding Schindler, in response to the movie Schindler's List; records his feelings while in the camps and the feelings that others in the camp described to him, undated [partial transcription, no matching tape]