Hans v. Kaltenborn Papers, 1883-1964

Appendix A: Audio Recordings (Audio 221A, Audio 244A, Audio 324A, Audio 364A, Audio 770A)


Audio assigned call number Disc 50A is listed under Part 1. Audio 673A-675A and Audio 918A are user copies for Disc 50A.

Audio 221A
Call Number Description Date
221A/1 News broadcast 1953 May 16
221A/2 News broadcast 1953 June 6
221A/3 News broadcast 1953 June 13

Audio 244A
Call Number Description Date
244A/1 American friends of the Middle East, disc 1 of 2 1959 February 20
244A/2 American friends of the Middle East, disc 2 of 2 1959 February 20

Audio 324A
Call Number Description Date
324A/1 “What is happening in the Middle East?” 1959 May 18

Audio 364A
Call Number Description Date
364A/1 News broadcasts 1944, 1948, 1949
364A/2 H. v. Kaltenborn revisits his broadcasting career after 33 years 1955 January 13
364A/3 “Formosa and the Islands” 1955 February 12
364A/4 H. v. Kaltenborn's 33rd anniversary program 1955 April 2
364A/5 Interview on his career in broadcasting Note

See possible transcription in SC 1054.

1958 July
364A/6-7 “Voice of America” Note

See transcription in SC 1054.

1960 July
364A/8-14 New York World's Fair committee interviews in Europe 1960
364A/15 Interview with Kaltenborn in Europe regarding radio editorializing undated
364A/16 Exposition of the English speaking union undated

Audio 770A
Call Number Description Date Notes
770A/1 [Untitled] 1960 .
770A/2 [Untitled] 1954 May 8 See also Disc 50A/399.
770A/3 History knocks twice undated .
770A/4 Press Club lunch 1952 April 3 .