Gaylord Nelson Papers, 1954-2006 (bulk 1963-1980)

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Appendix D: Audio Recordings Chronological List (Audio 1173A)

Appendix D: Audio Recordings Chronological List (Audio 1173A)

Audio tapes are listed chronologically by date. When looking for speeches, campaign related material, or publicity material, see “Audio” listed under the appropriate series in the finding aid. Other audio is included in the Biographical material subseries.

Call Number Date Description
1173A/138 circa 1960 Faculty Conversations about Patriotism, Whitewater
1173A/113 circa 1960 Farmers for Kennedy & Johnson
1173A/107 circa 1960 Bong Air Base Controversy - Hearing in Racine
1173A/111 circa 1960 Around Wisconsin with Governor Nelson, part 1
Note: see 1173A/142 for full recording.
1173A/118 circa 1960 Governor Nelson, clip on bid for 2nd term as governor
1173A/117 circa 1960 Governor Nelson's Inaugural address, Madison, Wisconsin
1173A/120 circa 1960 Governor Nelson's Talk at United Nations Conference
1173A/129-137 1960 January 14 Governor Nelson - Address before the State Legislature; “Go Home” Speech (9 reels), Madison, Wisconsin
1173A/116 1960 February Governor Nelson's “Go Home” speech
1173A/108-109 1960 April 14 Civil Rights Conference
1173A/112 1960 May 3 Founders Day-San Jose State College, Address, San Jose, California
1173A/121-125 1960 February 26 and May 5 Governor Nelson's Dairy Farm Policy Committee Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin
1173A/126 1960 May 17 Governor Nelson's Address to Joint Legislature, Madison, Wisconsin
1173A/143 (Disc 239A/2) circa 1961 Civil War Roundtable with Adlai Stevenson
1173A/127-128 1961 January 18 Governor Nelson's Address to Joint Legislature, Madison, Wisconsin
1173A/139-140 1961 December 11 Governor Nelson Tax reform speech
1173A/110 1962 January 26 Democratic Political Conference speech
1173A/114-115 1962 February 17 Nelson Address to D.C. Chapter of ADA; Roosevelt Day Dinner (2 reels)
1173A/60 1963 May 8 Interview by Guy Nunn of UAW
1173A/78-79 1963 July 7, 1966 March 25 Milwaukee Reports-WISN
1173A/90 1964 Youth Wants to Know
1173A/105-106 1964 February 17 WSA Symposium, Importance of Dissent in a Free Society
1173A/73 1964 May 1 Council for a Livable World, Radio forum
1173A/71 1965 October 9 Apostle Island Interview, WIBA “Viewpoint”
1173A/76 circa 1966 Grassroots, WUWM Radio, Milwaukee
1173A/25-27 1968 Campaign spots with Edward Kennedy
1173A/37 1968 Campaign spots with Vince Lombardi
1173A/41-45, 1173A/47-53, 1173A/62 1968, 1972 Campaign spots on car registration, nuclear ban, auto prices, detergents, civil rights, defense, draft, dairy, environment, Darvon, FDA, the pill, war, economy, Vietnam, youth vote, 45-second spots
1173A/75 1968 March 10 Emanu-El B'ne Jeshurun, call for mutual cease fire in Vietnam
1173A/93 1969 April 17 Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology: Federal Government and the Scientist speech, Atlantic City
1173A/4 1969 October 21 Consumer speech, Wisconsin
1173A/99-100 1970 January 17 Symposium on Environmental Pollution: Crisis and Challenge, Lawrence University
1173A/24 1970 January 26 Menominee Legislative Dinner / Vietnam Discussion with College Students
1173A/46 1970 February 6 Radio clip - contamination in wildlife
1173A/22 1970 February 16 Nelson-Knoll Interview
1173A/141 1970 April Earth Day Speech at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WMVS-TV
1173A/101 1970 June 19 Westinghouse School for Environmental Management, environment speech, dubbed, Fort Collins, Colorado
1173A/104 1971 Iowa Press Association, “The Environment”
1173A/94 1971 February 18 Guilford College, Arts series address, Greensboro, North Carolina
1173A/88 1971 February 23 Presidential Classroom for Young Americans
1173A/3 1971 March 2 Coker College, Environmental speech, Hartsville, South Carolina
1173A/97 1971 March 3 Ashland College speech, Kentucky
1173A/98 1971 March 23 Free Library speech, Philadelphia
1173A/87 1971 April 20 Earth Day speech, Wisconsin State University-Stevens Point
1173A/8, 1173A/96 1971 August 25 Madison Rotary Club, Madison
1173A/91 1971 October 2 Dinner honoring State Senator Alfred E. Alquist, San Jose
1173A/95 1971 October 5 Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO, Ninth Constitutional Convention, Washington, D.C.
1173A/77 1972 March 18 Prescription Drugs: A Look at the Record
1173A/61 1972 May 8 History of Gaylord Nelson
1173A/69 1972 May 8 History of American Congress
1173A/5 1972 July 9 Democratic National Convention, Miami
1173A/89 1972 July 25 WITI-TV TV6 Report: Gaylord Nelson on war and economy
1173A/70 1972 August 15 ADA Roosevelt Day dinner
1173A/54 1972 December 21 ABC Radio: Issues and Answers
1173A/59 1973 March 5 National Farmers Organization, “Here's Allen,” Family Farm Act Anti-Trust Bill
1173A/19 1973 March 19 Wisconsin Livestock Breeders Annual Meeting
1173A/57 1973 March 21 Earth Week 1973 Interview
1173A/58 1973 March 21 Earth Week (copy of 1173A/57)
1173A/20 1973 May 11 Senator Nelson speaks at UW-Eau Claire
1173A/92 1973 June 1 Wisconsin Conservation Congress of Eau Claire
1173A/72 1973 October 18 Chippewa Valley School Press Association
1173A/18 1974 WFU (Wisconsin Farmers Union) Convention, La Crosse
1173A/40 circa 1974 Samuel Byck: Project Hope/Project Pandora Box
1173A/13 1974 January 15 Rotary Club, Environment and Energy, Food and Metal, Milwaukee (PR 74-3)
1173A/11-12 1974 February 24 Opportunities Industrialization Centers (OIC), Minneapolis
1173A/21 1974 March 9 Institute of Food Technologists-Wisconsin Section, Madison
1173A/74 1974 April 22 Earth Day speech, Burlington High School / NPR interview with Bruce Lloyd
1173A/16 1974 April 23 Wauwatosa Kiwanis Club luncheon
1173A/2 1974 May 4 American Federation of Government Employees, Madison
1173A/17 1974 May 4 Wisconsin Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons Annual Banquet, Fontana
1173A/10 1974 May 9 Fox Valley Academy of Medicine, Oshkosh
1173A/6-7 1974 June 14 Democratic State Convention (with Lucey), La Crosse
1173A/23 1974 September 14 Nelson Re-election dinner, Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee
1173A/63 1974 October 21 Campaign spots with Nelson
1173A/80-81 1975 June 11 National Town Meeting, environment speech
1173A/82-86 1980 September 26 Nelson-Kasten Debate, UW-Green Bay
1173A/28-36, 1173A/39 undated Wisconsin Heart Association, Heart Fund Ad (duplicates of same ad)
1173A/38 undated Untitled, 45-second spots
1173A/103 undated WSUS Stevens Point Urgent: for immediate action. Nelson on the Environment: Land, Air, and Water Pollution (copy of 1173A/9)
1173A/9 undated WSUS-Stevens Point program: “Urgent: For Immediate Action”
1173A/14 undated Tire conversations/environment speech
1173A/15 undated Town Mutual Insurance Company speech, Madison
1173A/102 undated American Advertising Federation speech, Washington, D.C.
1173A/1 undated AFSCME Convention-Council 40 speech, Madison
1173A/66-68 undated Untitled
1173A/64 undated Student Youth Volunteer Association, WSUS-Superior
1173A/55-56 undated Adlai E. Stevenson: Address to the Civil War Roundtable
1173A/65 undated Vietnam pacification, Howard Tuckner
1173A/119 undated Around Wisconsin with Governor Gaylord Nelson, part 2
Note: See 1173A/142 for whole recording.
1173A/142 (Disc 239A/1) undated Around Wisconsin with Governor Gaylord Nelson