Miriam Feingold Papers, 1960-1967


1941, May 31 Miriam (Mimi) Feingold was born into an Old Left family in New York City.
1960, Fall-1963, Spring Attended Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania; was a member of Swarthmore Political Action Club (SPAC).
1961, Summer Involved in the Congress of Racial Equality's (CORE) freedom rides in the South. Arrested and jailed in Jackson, Miss.
1962, Summer Member of the American Friends' Nashville community action project.
1962, Nov.-1963, July Active in integration efforts along Maryland's Eastern Shore.
1963, June Graduated from Swarthmore.
1963, Aug.-1964, Aug. Active in Louisiana voter registration and community organizing projects of CORE.
1964, Sept.-1965, June Attended University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School in history.
1965, Summer Worked in Louisiana CORE's voter registration program; started to collect documentation of the civil rights movement for the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (SHSW).
1965, Sept.-1966, June Received an MA in history at the U.W.-Madison.
1966, June-1967, Jan. Employed again by the SHSW in collecting records of civil rights activists.
1966, Oct. Married Carl Wittman, civil rights worker and member of SDS.
1967, Summer Participated in civil rights activities in Louisiana for CORE.
circa 1967-1968 Divorced Carl Wittman.
1973 Married Michael Stein.
1973- Working as an oral historian at the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.