John Schuchardt Papers, 1874-1945, 1978-1997

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Audio 1279A
Part 2 (Audio 1279A/30-99): Additions, 1960-1983
Physical Description: 70 audio recordings 
Scope and Content Note: Additions, 1960-1983, consisting of audio recordings of Fellner's research for a planned book on Edward Ben Elson, a Madison-area attorney. While researching Elson's life, Fellner taped numerous interviews with Elson's acquaintances, as well as his mother, wife, and ex-wife. There are also two tapes of Elson himself, one made during his unsuccessful bid for district attorney and the other containing an interview with him about his life. Also included are five unidentified micro cassettes and one audio recording relating to "Welcome to L.A.," by Alan Rudolph.
Audio   1279A/30
Aton, Bryon
Audio   1279A/31
Baumen, Mike
Audio   1279A/32
Bernstein, Nina
Audio   1279A/33
Audio   1279A/34
Bowman, Ken and De Pere
Audio   1279A/35
Burke, Dennis
Audio   1279A/36-37
Cullen, Lynn
Audio   1279A/38
Deleo, Mark and Shannon
Audio   1279A/39
Drinke, Paul
Audio   1279A/40
Dixon, Tom and Fox, Michael
Audio   1279A/41
Eich, Judge Bill
Audio   1279A/42
Elson, Ed
Audio   1279A/43
Elson, Julie
Audio   1279A/44-46
Elson, Myra
Audio   1279A/47
Elson, Patty
Audio   1279A/48
Felger, David and Zander, Tom
Audio   1279A/49
Frankel, Mark
Audio   1279A/50-51
Freeport, Buddy
Audio   1279A/52
Fox, Michael
Audio   1279A/53
Goldstein, Ted
Audio   1279A/54
Greenberg, Mel
Audio   1279A/55
Haslach, Hank and B.J.
Audio   1279A/56
Audio   1279A/57-58
Hur, Ken
Audio   1279A/59-60
Johnson, A.J.
Audio   1279A/61
Koehl, Matt
Audio   1279A/62
Audio   1279A/63
La Follette, Bronson
Audio   1279A/64
Lionello, Nick
Audio   1279A/65
McCarthy, Tom
Audio   1279A/66
McManus, Jack
Audio   1279A/67
Meyer, Frank and Reichenberger
Audio   1279A/68
Miller, Mike
Audio   1279A/69
Mowris, Gerry
Audio   1279A/70-71
Phillips, Hardie
Audio   1279A/72
Audio   1279A/73
Audio   1279A/74
Sheber, John
Audio   1279A/75
Smith, Linda
Audio   1279A/76
Smith, Michael
Audio   1279A/77-80
Snyder, Pam
Audio   1279A/81-82
Audio   1279A/83
Stucky, Jim
Audio   1279A/84
Thacker, Tom and Wilson, George
Audio   1279A/85
Toman, Neil
Audio   1279A/86-88
Varijian, Leon
Audio   1279A/89-90
Wege, Bill and Nancy
Audio   1279A/91
Audio   1279A/92-93
Zander, Tom
Audio   1279A/94-98
Audio   1279A/99
Rudolph, Alan - "Welcome to L.A."