Wisconsin Women during World War II Oral History Project Interviews, 1992-1994

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PH Mss 844A
Subseries: World War II era Photographs
Related Material: Other project images are in larger collections cataloged separately: the Juanita (Goold) Wilke Scrapbooks (M94-386); the Signe Skott Cooper Papers (M94-292); and the Dorothy (Roshak) Zmuda Papers (M92-232).
No.   1
Katherine (Klucarich) Romaine, Taunton, England, 1945 (Negative no. WHi(X3)49396)
No.   2
Lorraine Connie (Conley) Allord with brother-in-law Harold Allord [standing] and husband Lawrence Allord, Madison, Wisconsin, 1945 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48819)
No.   3
Jacqueline McArthur [second from left] with co-workers from supercharger plant, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1943 Spring (Negative no. WHi(X3)48820)
No.   4
The orthopedic ward at the Forty-fourth General Hospital, north of Townsville, Australia, circa 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48321)
Note: Lucille (LeBeau) Rabideaux was a nurse with the Forty-fourth General Hospital.
No.   5
The Forty-fourth General Hospital operating as an evacuation hospital at Dulag on Leyte, Philippines, 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48322)
No.   6
Lucille (LeBeau) Rabideaux, a Lakota Indian, and soldier Rabideaux (no relation), Leyte, Philippines (Negative no. WHi(X3)48250)
No.   7
Lucille (LeBeau) Rabideaux, a Lakota Indian, in uniform, 1943 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48252)
No.   8
Forty-fourth General Hospital and other personnel waiting at dockside to board the hospital ship Maetsuycker (Negative no. WHi(X3)48323)
No.   9
Women in bathing suits, Philippines, circa 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48251)
Note: Blevernicht, Sullivan, Killian, Lucille (LeBeau) Rabideaux, and Schumacker.
No.   10
Lucille (LeBeau) Rabideaux, a Lakota Indian, Philippines, circa 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48249)
No.   11
Capt. Birnbaun, Lucille (Lebeau) Rabideaux [age 28] and Alyce Rademacker, Camp Anza, Arlington, California, 1942 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48253)
No.   12
Gwendolyn (Dodge) Washinawatok [2nd from right], a Menominee Indian, with group of women in uniform, 1944 January (Negative no. WHi(X3)47184)
Note: Washinawatok was the first woman from the Menominee Tribe to enter the Navy.
No.   13
Ernestine (Quinney) Murphy [left], a Stockbridge-Munsee Indian, with her WAVES unit outside of a Marine base in North Carolina (Negative no. WHi(X3)47186)
No.   14
Ernestine (Quinney) Murphy, a Stockbridge-Munsee Indian, circa 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)47185)
No.   15
Dorothy (Doxtator) Keating [front row, last one on right], an Oneida Indian, with her WAVES unit, circa 1944-1945 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48261)
No.   16
Dorothy (Doxtator) Keating, an Oneida Indian, in her WAVES uniform, 1944-1945 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48262)
No.   17
Marge Miley, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1943 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48263)
No.   18
WACs Mary Trish and Geraldine (Sowle) Schlosser at Air Force base, Midland, Texas, 1943 Summer (Negative no. WHi(X3)48288)
No.   19
Geraldine (Sowle) Schlosser in WAC uniform, 1943 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48289)
No.   20
Grace (Peck) Bracker and her son, Stephen, Edgerton, Wisconsin, circa 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48296)
No.   21
Irene (Cavanaugh) Kruck (Negative no. WHi(X3)48297)
No.   22
Vivian (Tronson) Sekey, La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1941 September (Negative no. WHi(X3)48317)
No.   23
Jean (Hahn) Lechnir with her children, Nancy, Tom, and Pat, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, 1945 Easter (Negative no. WHi(X3)48318)
No.   24
Jean (Hahn) Lechnir and Ray Lechnir, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, 1944 November (Negative no. WHi(X3)48319)
No.   25
Eugenia “Gene” (Armhein) Gutkowski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48329)
No.   26
Anne (Aparatore) Dinsmore and her son, Phillip Shallat, Madison, Wisconsin, 1949 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48335)
No.   27
Rose and Sy Truckey [right] with unidentified couple, Racine, Wisconsin, circa 1941-1945 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48349)
No.   28
Rose Truckey [front row, second from right] with group of women, J.I. Case Company, Racine, Wisconsin, 1943 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48350)
No.   29
Frances (Brown) Reneau, an African American, and her son, Thomas, Beloit, Wisconsin, Mother's Day, 1945 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48351)
No.   30
Joyce (Hill) Westerman, South Bend Blue Sox, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, 1946 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48381)
No.   31
Joyce (Hill) Westerman, South Bend Blue Sox, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, 1946 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48384)
No.   32
Joyce (Hill) Westerman, Peoria Red Wings, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, 1947 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48385)
No.   33
Joyce (Hill) Westerman and Ray Westerman, Racine, Wisconsin, circa 1950 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48386)
No.   34
Joyce (Hill) Westerman, circa 1950 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48387)
No.   35
Anna May Hutchison, circa 1942 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48388)
No.   36
Anna May Hutchison, from the 1945 Racine Belles Yearbook (Negative no. WHi(X3)48390)
Note: The Belles played in the All-American Girls Baseball League.
No.   37
Annastasia Batikis, from the 1945 Racine Belles Yearbook (Negative no. WHi(X3)48389)
No.   38
Annastasia Batikis [right] and Florence Caynak at post office mailing letters to servicemen, Racine, Wisconsin, 1944 Winter (Negative no. WHi(X3)48504)
No.   39
Annastasia Batikis, Racine, Wisconsin, 1943 or 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48505)
No.   40
Rose (Gudynowski) Kaminski with daughter Darlene and mother Anna Sidoruck on Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1945 January 21 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48392)
No.   41
Rose (Gudynowski) Kaminski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1945 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48393)
No.   42
Rose (Gudynowski) Kaminski [seated, first from left] and female employees of the Harnischfeger Corporation at a Christmas party in the locker room, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, circa 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48394)
No.   43
Judy Geraldine (Schamens) Davenport at the Sparta Service Center with the director of the Center and a Japanese-American soldier from Fort McCoy, Sparta, Wisconsin, circa 1945 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48400)
No.   44
Judy Geraldine (Schamens) Davenport and her father, Everett Schamens, circa 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48473)
No.   45
Jane Heinemann playing the accordion at the 915th Aircraft Engineers Battalion Club, Guam, 1945 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48460)
No.   46
Mary Joan (Hammel) Pinard, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, 1942 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48461)
No.   47
Dorothy (Tuchman) Weingrod, Washington, D.C., 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48471)
No.   48
Group photo taken at the home of Dorothy (Tuchman) Weingrod, 2561 North 24th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1942 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48472)
Note: First row: 2nd Lt. George Resnick and Dorothy (Tuchman) Weingrod. Second row: Rosella (Litovchik) Elkind, Esther (Marcus) Weingrod and Herman Weingrod. Third row: Isador Tuchman [father of Dorothy (Tuchman) Weingrod].
No.   49
Margaret (Ebert) Kelk [center] with American troops and other recreation workers, New Caledonia, circa 1944 June-December (Negative no. WHi(X3)48519)
No.   50
Margaret (Ebert) Kelk, 25th Division, New Caledonia, circa 1944 June-December (Negative no. WHi(X3)48520)
No.   51
Loa (Hutchins) Fergot, Lakeland, Florida, 1943 Fall (Negative no. WHi(X3)48521)
No.   52
Loa (Hutchins) Fergot, Mary Williamson, Adele Robinson and Gloria Oleshansky (wives of United States Army Air Corps cadets), Lakeland, Florida, 1943 October (Negative no. WHi(X3)48522)
No.   53
Paul and Loa (Hutchins) Fergot, 1945 Summer (Negative no. WHi(X3)48523)
No.   54
Myrtle Koch, Doris Kuchenbecker, Janet Arndt, Shirley Christopher, May Jane Uvaas, Loa Hutchins [Fergot] and Lillian Hildebrand around the time of their graduation from Neenah High School, June, 1942 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48524)
No.   55
Lucy Veltri with her brother-in-law, Ernest Cannady (Negative no. WHi(X3)48320)
No.   56
Frieda Schurch in summer WAC uniform, Drew Field, Tampa, Florida, 1945 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48542)
No.   57
Dorothy (Hines) Mosher, Sweetwater, Texas, 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48611)
No.   58
Dorothy (Hines) Mosher climbing into an airplane, Sweetwater, Texas, 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48612)
No.   59
Dorothy (Hines) Mosher and Pat Hoskins, Sweetwater, Texas, 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48613)
No.   60
Dolores Hendersin, Luke Field, Arizona, 1943 (Neg. no. WHi(X3)48649)
No.   61
Emily Koplin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48503)
No.   62
Emily Koplin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1944 (Negative no. WHi(X3)48502)