Wisconsin Women during World War II Oral History Project Interviews, 1992-1994

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Physician Interviews
Box   5
Folder   34-36
Interviewer notes, 1967
Audio   1967A/1-2
Bachhuber, 1995
Audio   1967A/3
Collentine, A., 1995
Audio   1967A/4
Collentine, G., 1995
Audio   1967A/5
Columbia History Club Pittelkow, 1993
Audio   1967A/6
Coombs, Jan
Audio   1967A/7-9
Correll, Howard, 1994
Audio   1967A/10
Darin and Schroeder, 1990
Audio   1967A/11
Audio   1967A/12
Dissoriete, L., 1995
Audio   1967A/13
Doran, T.J., 1991
Audio   1967A/14
Doyle, Tom
Audio   1967A/15
Edwards, Gene, 1993
Audio   1967A/16-17
Fons, Jerome, 1992
Audio   1967A/18-19
Johnson, Fred
Audio   1967A/20
Audio   1967A/21
Audio   1967A/22
LaBotte, Ron
Audio   1967A/23
Lakissonive, Paul A., 1995
Audio   1967A/24-25
Luedtke, Kenneth, 1994
Audio   1967A/26
Nordby, E.J., 1993
Audio   1967A/27-29
Peterson, John, 1995
Audio   1967A/30-31
Stannard, 1996
Audio   1967A/32-33
Suycott, Leo, 1991
Audio   1967A/34
Tormey, T.W., 1993
Audio   1967A/35
Watson, Raymond, 1995
Audio   1967A/36-37
Weingarten, 1995
Audio   1967A/38
Weygandt, James, 1991
Audio   1967A/39-40
Williams, B.D., 1995
Audio   1967A/41-46
John Erbe's "Memories of Fifty-years of Medical Practice"